New Jersey Muslim Gets Life In Prison For Murder He Initially Blamed On “Islamophobia

From Jihad Watch:
Thank You @pamelageller and @jihadwatchRS, If you have any humanity, you might ponder over this! via @newyorkpost

The link went to a story about a murder in New Jersey. Why were Pamela Geller and I being blamed for a murder when we obviously had nothing to do with it or any other murder? The answer was obvious: Islamic supremacists never miss a chance to position Muslims as victims so as to deflect attention away from jihad terror and try to place Islam and the Muslim community beyond reasonable scrutiny. Not only did I receive Jawad Rasul’s Tweet, but also a well-placed source told me that Ibrahim Hooper, Honest Ibe himself, of Hamas-linked CAIR was “salivating and waiting to jump all over” the murder story. “They are waiting to blame you for everything.”

In CAIR’s world, as I noted here, my work exposing the activities of Islamic jihadists and the ways in which they use Islamic texts and teachings to justify violence and supremacism constitutes “hate” and “incitement to violence.” The goal of Hamas-linked CAIR and other Islamic supremacists is to demonize us and thereby shut us up, so that the jihad can proceed unchallenged. The unscrupulousness and mendacity of such charges only indict those who make them.

Anyway, in the New Jersey case, the Muslim who initially blamed the murder of his wife on “Islamophobia” has just been sentenced to life in prison.

“Man, 29, who arranged for his lover to shoot dead his wife in front of their toddler son is sentenced to life in prison – as judge says he is ‘beyond redemption,'” by Sophie Jane Evans,, May 22, 2015:
A 29-year-old man who arranged for his lover to shoot dead his wife in front of their toddler son has been sentenced to life in prison – with a judge deeming him ‘cold-blooded’ and ‘beyond redemption’.

Kashif Parvaiz, from New York City, was on a walk with his wife, Nazish Noorani, 27, and their two-year-old son in Boonton, New Jersey, in August 2011 when Noorani was fatally shot in the chest.

After the killing, Parvaiz – who sustained a wound to his leg – claimed his family had been targeted in an anti-Muslim attack. But his lies unraveled when his mistress admitted to her role in the crime.

Antoinette Stephen, from Billerica, Massachusetts, pleaded guilty to murder in May 2013. She then testified against her boyfriend, claiming the father-of-two had plotted with her to shoot dead Noorani.

In February, Parvaiz, whose other child was at home in Brooklyn at the time of the murder, was convicted of arranging for Stephen to kill his wife and injure him, making it look like a random attack.

And on Thursday, he was sentenced to life in prison for murder – plus seven years for child endangerment and three years for hindering apprehension – at Morris County Superior Court.

Judge Robert Gilson called Parvaiz ‘cold-blooded’ and ‘beyond redemption’ as he jailed him for at least 85 years, denying defense attorneys’ requests for him to sentence the killer to just 30 years.

Parvaiz reportedly showed no emotion as he was imprisoned for life. His defense team later told CBS News that he was planning to appeal his conviction and sentence for murder and his other crimes.

Earlier in the sentencing, Noorani’s tearful brother, Kaleem, had addressed Parvaiz, saying: ‘You are a failure as a husband, father, son, as a human being, and above all, you are an evil murderer.’

Meanwhile, prosecutor Matthew Troiano had deemed the killer a coward who had endangered his own son. ‘He put that little boy into direct harm’s way,’ he said, adding Parvaiz had not run to help his wife….

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