Man Jailed By Dubai Court For Insulting Islam On Facebook

From The National (UAE)
A man who insulted Islam on Facebook after watching disturbing video footage from Iraq has been jailed for one year by the Dubai Criminal Court.

Prosecutors said that on July 6 last year, 41-year-old Indian SG insulted Islam and the Prophet Mohammed in a post on the social media site.

SG was reported to police by salesman SF after he received a WhatsApp message with a screen shot of the post.

“Once I saw the message, I reported it to police,” said SF, 24.

During interrogations, SG confessed to posting insults after watching the footage. No details were given on the content of the video.

Reports shown in court noted that SG’s mobile phone had the Facebook app which was logged into the same account where the insulting messages were posted.

SG was sentenced to a year in jail followed by deportation.

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