White House: Bibi's Election Undermines 'Democratic Ideals'

Yet Israel is a democracy while virtually every other country in the Middle East is not.

From the Weekly Standard:
In a comment unprompted by any question from the media, White House press secretary lashed into some of the rhetoric Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu used in his reelection campaign. The White House even suggested it had hurt Israel's democracy and America's relationship with its greatest ally in the Middle East.

"There’s one other thing that I anticipated might come up that I just did want to mention as it relates to the Israeli elections.  Specifically, there has been a lot of coverage in the media about some of the rhetoric that emerged yesterday that was propagated by the Likud Party to encourage turnout of their supporters that sought to, frankly, marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens.  The United States and this administration is deeply concerned by divisive rhetoric that seeks to marginalize Arab-Israeli citizens," White House press secretary Josh Earnest told the media aboard Air Force One today.

"It undermines the values and democratic ideals that have been important to our democracy and an important part of what binds the United States and Israel together.  We’ve talked a lot about how our shared values are an important part of what binds our two countries together, and rhetoric that seeks to marginalize one segment of their population is deeply concerning and it is divisive.  And I can tell you that these are views that the administration intends to communicate directly to the Israelis."

The press then wanted to know whether President Obama would bring up his concerns with Netanyahu.

Q    So will the President speak about that directly with Prime Minster Netanyahu when he speaks with him?

MR. EARNEST:  At this point I don’t want to preview any details about the call.  But I can tell you that these are -- that there is deep concern about this divisive rhetoric and we will share those deep concerns directly with the Israelis.

Q    Did Secretary Kerry bring that up when he spoke with the Prime Minster?

MR. EARNEST:  I don’t have a detailed readout of Secretary Kerry’s call.

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