Reports: Mentally Ill Man Shot Dead By ISIS, Woman Who Couldn't Pay Taxes Burned Alive

From the Daily Mail:
The Islamist group published photos showing a man being publicly whipped for drinking wine in Deir ezzor last week. 
An innocent man with severe mental disabilities was reportedly shot and left to die in the streets by ISIS police in Syria.

Whilst passing through a checkpoint, an ISIS police officer began to interrogate the mentally disabled man.

His rough treatment and apparent disregard for the man's health condition led to the IS militant being slapped on the face by the innocent man.

The brutal ISIS police officer pulled out his gun and shot the disabled man several times from close range.

Nearby residents were prevented from coming to the dying man's aid, forced to watch as he was left to bleed to death on his own.

ISIS's police force have a terrifying reputation for indiscriminate brutality, carrying out public executions, amputations and floggings in accordance with ISIS's radical interpretation of Shariah law.

Local Kurdish photojournalist Jack Shahine reported that a 55 year old woman was allegedly burnt to death for not paying her taxes.

The woman was allegedly named as Sanaa al-Shummari but her death has not been independently verified.

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