Terrorists Behead Woman In Front Of Boyfriend

This video is very graphic. Terrorists beheading an 18 year old girl in front of her boyfriend. Watch it if you have the stomach.

Warning: The video is EXTREMELY graphic and offensive.

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Scottish Infidel said...

The more I see these kind of things the more I feel the sooner every islamist is exterminated the better.

Where was this?

Kafir Harby said...

Allah, what fools and criminals have you recruited?

Women Against Shariah said...

Chechnya/Russia, per the video's description. Some would argue this is a mere ethnic squabble, but Chechnyan Muslims approach the conflict with a jihadist mindset that cannot be ignored.

dl said...

Where is George Bush, Patraeus and clan, when we need them?

Please, someone, tell us once again--lest we forget--Islam is a noble, peaceful, proud worthy religion.

One we need to support and advance. Spend our warriors and our children in the cause.

Indeed. Until we see, here in the US, a minaret or two for every steeple.

Anonymous said...

God is the Almighty creator. Allah is not God. Allah is Satan. The deciever. He created a religion that is nothing but satanic.

Anonymous said...

This is islam, still as barbaric as ever.this is what we will have to llok forward to,unless we make a stand and decapatate islam and its barbarians.

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