New Fatwa: Muslims Can Read 'Photo-Free' Sex Matter

A fatwa is a religious opinion concerning Islamic law that issued by an Islamic scholar.

From Emirates 24/7:
Muslims can read photo-free sexual stuff if the aim is to improve their knowledge about such issues, according to a new Islamic edict (fatwa) published in the Arabic language daily 'Al Khaleej' on Sunday.

The Fatwa Centre at the Abu Dhabi General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments was replying to a question by the public on whether a Muslim can view stuff dealing with sexual matters.

“There is no objection to viewing such material provided it does not contain pictures and the purpose of viewing it is to improve one’s scientific knowledge,” the Centre said in its fatwa, according to the paper.

“This is allowed as long as there is a need to view such stuff as is the case in specialised persons who need to read these issues including such fields as general medicine, venereal medicine, obstetrics and gynecology.”

According to the fatwa, those who will get married can also read sex stuff to educate themselves about a “successful marriage life” as long as they select the “right scientific books” that deal with such issues.

“Reading these materials is not allowed if it will result in evil things such as stirring one’s lust and corrupting his thoughts especially for bachelors or those who live away from their families as the ban will ensure protection for them.”

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