Muslims Demand Apology For New Zealand PM's Stoning Joke, But Where Is The Indignation About The Real Thing?

From Jihad Watch:

If only they would express that same indignation about actual stonings that have taken place or are pending in the Islamic world. Like this one, where you can see the practice Muhammad participated in and endorsed on full display. Or the sentence hanging over the head of Sakineh Ashtiani in Iran. Or the fate endured by the young couple in Afghanistan just a few weeks ago.

Rather than directing their outrage where it belongs, standard procedure suggests two simultaneous, contradictory steps: They will insist stoning is not an issue for Islam because it is not in the Qur'an (click here for more on why that hasn't made a difference for the Muslims who have upheld the practice over the centuries). And yet: they will try to divert or end the discussion rather than repudiating the practice itself.

"Muslims demand apology for New Zealand minister's joke," from Agence France-Presse, September 25 (thanks to all who sent this in):

WELLINGTON -- New Zealand's Islamic community has written to Prime Minister John Key demanding an apology for a joke one of his ministers made about Muslims, the Dominion Post newspaper reported Saturday.
The president of the Federation of Islamic Associations New Zealand, Anwar Ghani, said Muslims were "very upset" about the remarks made in a speech by Building Minister Maurice Williamson.
"We brought it to the notice of the PM saying that what was said was highly inappropriate and the minister should be reprimanded and apologise," Ghani told the newspaper.

They doth protest too much. Perhaps some element of truth rubbed them the wrong way.

Williamson cracked a joke about Muslims and the practice of stoning while giving a speech at a building industry awards ceremony last month.
Ghani said he did not think comments centred on religious intolerance were commonplace in New Zealand, but this issue was "a big problem because it was uttered by someone who is regarded as being responsible and a public figure".
A spokesman for the prime minister confirmed the letter had arrived and was being considered.

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