Twins Commit Suicide Together to Avoid Forced Marriages

Even in moderate Muslim Turkey forced marriages occur. They may technically be against the law, but they occur too frequently. Unfortunately, two women seem to have decided that death was preferable to such an arranged marriage.

From Hurriyet Daily News:
Hediye and Kadriye Demirel, 21-year-old twin sisters, apparently jumped together from their brother’s seventh-floor apartment Sunday morning at 5:00 a.m.

Neighbors who realized what had happened called for an ambulance, but Hediye died at the scene and Kadriye lost her life after being rushed to the hospital.

Hediye Demirel was to marry the son of the sisters’ uncle Sunday evening at a ceremony to be held among family members. Though police are suspicious that young girl was being forced to marry her cousin, and are investigating that possibility, relatives claim that the cousins were in love with each other.

Another possibility being looked at is that Hediye was going to jump from the window and Kadriye fell while trying to save her twin.

Zinnur Demirel, the twins’ brother, and his wife, Helime Demirel, said they were asleep when the incident happened and there was no reason for the twins to commit suicide. The police are investigating all possibilities related to the incident.

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