Spain: Imam On Trial for Threatening Non-Veiled Woman

From ANSAmed:
(ANSAmed) - MADRID, JANUARY 28 - Threats, intimidation and slander used against a Moroccan university professor residing in the small town of Cunit (Tarragona), "guilty" of not wearing a Muslim veil. On these charges, the preliminary investigations section of the Vendrell (Tarragona) court has ordered that the imam of the Cunit mosque, Mohamed Benbraim, stand trial. The public prosecutor has requested five years in prison for the imam and four for his second-in-command, the president of the Cunit Islamic Association, Abderraman El Osti, as well as two for the imam's wife and son, Zohra Ahmaddach and Haffsa Ben Brahim, accused of intimidation. According to judicial sources quoted today by the media, the individuals had made a normal life impossible for Fatima Ghailan, a 31-year-old Muslim born in Morocco but cultural mediation teacher in the Cunit Town Council, since she did not wear a Muslim veil and both she and her children were friends with Spanish inhabitants and not Muslim ones, in this way - according to the imam - cutting herself off from the Muslim community. Fatima suffered threats, pressure and intimidation to the point of having to ask for police protection. Due to the threats and defamatory campaign she suffered, Ghailan became deeply depressed and was assigned a police escort, which has since been withdrawn. While awaiting the trial, the woman avoids leaving her house alone.

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