Hamas Video: Israelis/Jews Drink Palestinians' Blood

Thanks to Jihad Watch for posting this first.

Yet western nations, including the U.S. and Great Britain, keep pressing Israelis to give up land for so-called peace. Giving away Gaza only meant more attacks against Israelis from Palestinian Arabs from Gaza. The outright distortions and blood libel presented by Islamic leadership in Gaza and the West Bank clearly illustrate while peace is not attainable.

From Y-Net News:
In the backdrop of reconciliation efforts between Hamas and Fatah, Hamas' television aired a cartoon titled "Special Mission" slandering the Palestinian Authority apparatuses, which, according to the clip, serve Israel and the settlers.

The video portrays a Palestinian officer carrying out orders of IDF troops while being humiliated by them, and assitsting settlers.

The eight-minute video takes place near the security coordination HQ. Palestinian officer Bahlul (clown) is shown to be asked by his Israeli counterpart: "What is your mission?" to which he replies: "To defend the rule of law." When the Israeli officer asks what that is, the Palestinian replies: "To defend settlers."

He also notes that settler provocations will not be disturbed or responded to by the Palestinians when asked how he would react in such a case. The video portrays Bahlul as saying that should he get an order from his Israeli colleague to arrest his family members he would do it.

He notes that he is willing to fight the resistance and even shine the shoes of the Israeli officer and as a bonus to kiss them as well. "I'll divorce my wife if you tell me to," he said.

The Palestinian officer is also seen trying to defend an Israeli settler who shot Palestinian children in Hebron. He shouts at the settler "you just killed my people, but I will respond with a commitment to peace."

At this point in the clip, Bahlul draws a dove and presents it to the settler who had went on a killing spree by his father's orders. According to the setller's father "the most delicious thing is to kill Palestinians and drink their blood."

In the video Bahlul is also seen beating a Palestinian boy since his Israeli counterpart told him that the child had hurled stones at soldiers.
Read it all and watch the video here.

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