Is Sharia Banking Safe for Canada?

By Dan Verbin for ShalomLife:
With the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation releasing a report this week that may pave the way for widespread availability of Islamic financial instruments in Canada – including Sharia-compliant mortgages – an expert on Islamic banking is cautioning that Canadians should examine the implications of implementing the report’s recommendations.

Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld, a New York-based author who specializes in financial issues related to terrorism, told Shalom Life that Sharia-compliant mortgages often contain a myriad of hidden fees, inherent in the Islamic banking system. Since the Koran prohibits interest, Sharia-based banks create derivatives, which include fees that most borrowers are not told about upfront. Some of the fees go for zakat (the Third Pillar of Islam, between 2.5 per cent for individuals to 20 per cent “tax” for foreign business). Others have an imbedded “purification” process for “unislamic” cash flows. Both are sent to major depositories in the Middle East and Malaysia and then distributed to Islamic charities for the welfare of Muslims and the promotion of Islam.

“Where is the money being sent and how is it the money used?” Ehrenfeld asked.

For instance, Ehrenfeld explained that the Islamic version of the bond – called sukuk – has qualifications embedded in it to purify the portion of the fund that does not meet Islamic standards. In other words, the wealth created by the corporations that a Sharia-compliant fund may invest in inevitably contains some form of interest, which is against Islamic law. A corresponding per cent of the bond is therefore donated to charity. Clients are not told of the specific purifications – or the names of the charitable organizations on the receiving end the allotment – since the financial instruments are sent to central auditing houses to be purified.

The 88-page report, compiled by law firm Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP, concluded that Sharia financing would be compatible with Canadian banking regulations and accounting standards if implemented. It noted that Islamic banking measures are offered worldwide, though they generally account for only a small percentage of financial traffic in Muslim countries.

Ehrenfeld questioned whether the introduction of Sharia-compliant banking into Canada and Western countries – according to the Mail Online, assets held by Britain’s $18 billion Islamic banking system tower over Muslim states such as Pakistan, Turkey and Egypt – is not a backdoor method to gradually legitimize the introduction of wider Sharia law into liberal democracies.

“You agree to this, why don’t you agree to the rest? Sharia controls all aspects of life,” she said. “Why should anybody in the West have to abide by Islamic rules?”

She stressed that the most troubling aspect of Sharia banking is how little is actually known about what goes on internally and questioned why a system with so many pertinent questions left unanswered should be allowed to operate in Western countries....
Read it all here.

Somalia Islamist Group Bans Video Games

Islamists argue video games destroy a country's "social fabric" while they a recruit young children to commit acts of jihad by killing themselves. Makes sense?

From the Agence France Presse:
MOGADISHU — Somalia's Islamist insurgents on Thursday banned video games, one of the last forms of entertainment left for local youth, arguing they were destroying the country's social fabric.

The Hezb al-Islam group, currently engaged in a deadly insurgency against the internationally-backed federal government, made the announcement in a statement circulated in the areas it controls.

"Starting two days after this statement's date of issue, all video game playing centres in the areas under Hezb al-Islam control should be closed and playing video games will be prohibited," it said.

"Video games are designed in such a way that they destroy our social traditions and for that reason, anybody found ignoring this order will be punished and equipment will be confiscated," it said.

It was signed by Sheikh Mohamed Omar, head of propaganda for Hezb al-Islam, an insurgent group headed by influential cleric Sheikh Hassan Dahir Aweys and which controls densely-populated areas in and around Mogadishu.

Video games became particularly popular in areas on the outskirts of Mogadishu housing tens of thousands of families who fled the fighting in the capital since watching films on DVDs was also banned.

Children and teenagers would gather after school in small centres like cybercafes where PlayStations were wired up and a 30-minute game cost 5,000 Somali shillings (around 15 US cents).

"Hezb al-Islam officials ordered us to close our video game centres so today we're closed. We don't have a choice," said Ali Hidig, a game centre owner in Elashabiyaha, a village hosting refugees on the outskirts of Mogadishu.

"Young boys used to like coming here for entertainment after school but it looks like this is now a thing of the past," he told AFP.

The disappointment was deep among teenage boys in the area, where movies and sports are also banned.

"We used to watch movies. They were banned. Now the PlayStations we had fun with are also banned. This country is not for young people like me," said Abdirahman Hirsi, a 19-year-old from Lafole town.

"They have basically banned everything that is fun, so we feel increasingly bored," said another boy.

Abdi Moge, an older resident in the village, argued that there were few alternatives to occupy young people other than joining an armed group.

"Who knows what else the children are going to do now. It's not as if there was proper education for them. The more they are prevented from playing, the more likely they are to join the fighting," he said.

Hezb al-Islam and their insurgency comrades from the Al Qaeda-inspired Shebab group are implementing a very strict form of Sharia (Islamic law) in the areas they control.

The Hezb al-Islam statement did not make clear what forms of punishment would be reserved for diehard gamers caught flouting the ban.

However, in recent months across Somalia, people found dancing to traditional songs have been flogged, men guilty of trimming their beards arrested and youth playing football in shorts reprimanded by religious police units.

Satellite television is also banned in many areas and there are no cinemas left in central and southern Somalia, which are under Islamist control.

Rights groups have accused all sides involved of recruiting children in the fighting that has rocked the country since the 1991 ouster of former president Mohamed Siad Barre.

Bahrain Lawmakers Don't Plan to Close Loophole That Allows for Child Marriages

From Arabian Business:
Lawmakers in Bahrain have no plans to close a loophole that allows girls below the age of 15 to be married in the Gulf island state, despite legislation intended to ban the practice.

The government prompted a storm of controversy last year when it pushed through a law which set the minimum marriage age for girls at 15. Lawmakers from the largest opposition bloc in the Bahraini Parliament had opposed the legislation, saying it went against Islamic principles.

However, a clause in the legislation means that parents are still able to marry their daughters younger, with the consent of the courts.

“I think we have taken a very big step to remove [the decision] from the hands of the parents, and to have it so it must be approved by the judge,” HE Sheikh Khalid bin Ali Al Khalifa, Minister of Justice & Islamic Affairs, told Arabian Business in an interview.

“However there are no plans to push further at this stage,” he continued. “Pushing more I don’t think you will have anybody agree with you. It will be difficult to find a consensus among the community to say ‘yes, this is what we want’.”

Al Khalifa went on to say that “only in very rare circumstances” could marriage under the age of 15 “match with the 21st century”.

“How can a man and a woman have proper consent and agree to enter a relationship that will last forever and [bring with it] children and obligations, if they have not even finished their education?” he said.

“It is something abhorrent, and nobody that talked against [the law] would really like to see their daughters or sons getting married under 15.”

Muslim Terrorists Kill Two Indian Soldiers

From the Straits Times:
SRINAGAR (India) - SUSPECTED Muslim rebels ambushed army soldiers early Friday in the Indian-controlled portion of Kashmir, killing two troops, an official said.

Soldiers, acting on an intelligence tip, launched a search operation Thursday night in a village in the remote and mountainous Kishtwar region, about 170 kilometers southeast of Indian Kashmir's main city Srinagar, said Lt. Col. Biplab Nath, an Indian army spokesman.

As the soldiers entered the area early Friday militants opened fire, triggering a fierce gunbattle in which two soldiers were killed, Nath said.

The area was sealed off and troops were hunting down the attackers but rain was hampering the operation.

Violence has risen in Indian Kashmir recently after years of declining attacks. Anti-India sentiment runs deep in the disputed majority Muslim region, where more than a dozen rebel groups have fought for Kashmir's independence from India or its merger with neighboring Pakistan since 1989.

Jordan: 10 Year Sentence for Man Who Killed Sister in Honor-Killing

Some perpetrators of such crimes have received no jail sentences or are released from prison early. It remains to be seen if this monster will have the serve the full ten years, a sentence that is far too light for a heinous murder.

From the Agence France Presse:
AMMAN — A Jordanian court sentenced a 19-year-old man to 10 years in jail for stabbing his sister to death in order to "cleanse the family honour," a judicial official said on Friday.

The defendant turned himself in to police after killing his 22-year-old sister last year for many unexplained absences from home, said the official who requested anonymity.

"The court sentenced the defendant to 15 years in prison for premeditated murder, but reduced the sentence to 10 years after the family dropped any legal claims" against him, the source said.

"The defendant killed his sister with knife stabs on April 5, 2009 to cleanse the family honour, because of her many absences from home," the official said. "He then turned himself over to the police."

Murder is punishable by death in Jordan but in so-called "honour" cases a court sometimes commutes or reduces sentences, particularly if the victim's family urges leniency.

Between 15 and 20 women are murdered in honour killings each year in Jordan despite government efforts to fight such crimes.

In September last year, the US-based Human Rights Watch urged Jordan to reform its penal code, which it says condones the murder of women as "honour crimes."

The Jihadist Next Door

By Andrea Elliott of the New York Times:
ON A WARM, cloudy day in the fall of 1999, the town of Daphne, Ala., stirred to life. The high-school band came pounding down Main Street, past the post office and the library and Christ the King Church. Trumpeters in gold-tasseled coats tipped their horns to the sky, heralding the arrival of teenage demigods. The star quarterback and his teammates came first in the parade, followed by the homecoming queen and her court. Behind them, on a float bearing leaders of the student government, a giddy mop-haired kid tossed candy to the crowd.

Omar Hammami had every right to flash his magnetic smile. He had just been elected president of his sophomore class. He was dating a luminous blonde, one of the most sought-after girls in school. He was a star in the gifted-student program, with visions of becoming a surgeon. For a 15-year-old, he had remarkable charisma.

Despite the name he acquired from his father, an immigrant from Syria, Hammami was every bit as Alabaman as his mother, a warm, plain-spoken woman who sprinkles her conversation with blandishments like “sugar” and “darlin’.” Brought up a Southern Baptist, Omar went to Bible camp as a boy and sang “Away in a Manger” on Christmas Eve. As a teenager, his passions veered between Shakespeare and Kurt Cobain, soccer and Nintendo. In the thick of his adolescence, he was fearless, raucously funny, rebellious, contrarian. “It felt cool just to be with him,” his best friend at the time, Trey Gunter, said recently. “You knew he was going to be a leader.”

A decade later, Hammami has fulfilled that promise in the most unimaginable way. Some 8,500 miles from Alabama, on the eastern edge of Africa, he has become a key figure in one of the world’s most ruthless Islamist insurgencies. That guerrilla army, known as the Shabab, is fighting to overthrow the fragile American-backed Somali government. The rebels are known for beheading political enemies, chopping off the hands of thieves and stoning women accused of adultery. With help from Al Qaeda, they have managed to turn Somalia into an ever more popular destination for jihadis from around the world.

More than 20 of those fighters have come from the United States, many of them young Somali-Americans from a gritty part of Minneapolis. But it is Hammami who has put a contemporary face on the Shabab’s medieval tactics. In a recent propaganda video viewed by thousands on YouTube, he is shown leading a platoon of gun-toting rebels as a soundtrack of jihadi rap plays in the background.

He is identified by his nom de guerre, Abu Mansoor Al-Amriki, “the American,” and speaks to the camera with a cool, almost eerie confidence. “We’re waiting for the enemy to come,” Hammami whispers, a smile crossing his face. Later he vows, “We’re going to kill all of them.”

In the three years since Hammami made his way to Somalia, his ascent into the Shabab’s leadership has put him in a class of his own, according to United States law-enforcement and intelligence officials. While other American terror suspects have drawn greater publicity, Hammami exercises a more powerful role, commanding guerrilla forces in the field, organizing attacks and plotting strategy with Qaeda operatives, the officials said. He has also emerged as something of a jihadist icon, starring in a recruitment campaign that has helped draw hundreds of foreign fighters to Somalia. “To have an American citizen that has risen to this kind of a rank in a terrorist organization ­— we have not seen that before,” a senior American law-enforcement official said earlier this month.

Not long ago, the threat of American-bred terrorists seemed a distant one. Law-enforcement officials theorized that Muslims in the United States — by comparison with many of their European counterparts — were upwardly mobile, socially integrated and therefore less susceptible to radicalization. Perhaps the greatest proof of this came with the absence of domestic terrorist attacks following 9/11, a period that has brought Europe devastating homegrown hits in Madrid and London.

America is now at a watershed. In the last year, at least two dozen men in the United States have been charged with terrorism-related offenses. They include Najibullah Zazi, the Afghan immigrant driver in Denver who authorities say was conspiring to carry out a domestic attack; David Coleman Headley, a Pakistani-American from Chicago who is suspected of helping plan the 2008 attacks in Mumbai; and the five young men from Virginia who, authorities say, sought training in Pakistan to fight American soldiers in Afghanistan.

These cases have sent intelligence analysts scurrying for answers. The American suspects come from different backgrounds and socioeconomic strata, but they share much in common with Europe’s militants: they tend to be highly motivated, even gifted people who were reared in the West with one foot in the Muslim world. Others may see them as rigid or zealous, but they envision themselves as deeply principled, possessing what Robert Pape, a professor at the University of Chicago, calls “an altruism gone wildly wrong.” While their religious piety varies, they are most often bonded by a politically driven anger that has deepened as America’s war against terrorism endures its ninth year.

The presence of Western troops in Afghanistan and Iraq has brought those conflicts closer for many Muslims in America. Through satellite television and the Internet, the distance between here and there — between Fort Hood, Tex., and Yemen, between Daphne, Ala., and Somalia — has narrowed. For Omar Hammami, the war in Iraq provided a critical spark as he turned toward militancy.

In an e-mail message in December, Hammami responded to questions, submitted to him through an intermediary, about his personal evolution and political views. “We espouse the same creed and methodology of Al Qaeda,” he wrote. Of Osama bin Laden, he said, “All of us are ready and willing to obey his commands.” Did Hammami, like bin Laden, consider America a legitimate target for attack? “It’s quite obvious that I believe America is a target,” he wrote....
Read it all here.

Muslim Prof. Says Islam Calls for Death of Homosexuals

The following is an account of an event featuring a Muslim professor who admitted Islam prescribes death for homosexuals. The author is Devin Saucier, a junior at Vanderbilt University. From Western Youth:
I have often been puzzled about the unholy alliance between Muslims and leftists – how could the latter, who fervently support multiculturalism, gay marriage, and gender equality, ally with the former, who support religious and cultural supremacy, traditional marriage, and the oppression of women? I have concluded that leftists enter this alliance out of naïveté and ignorance, while Muslims quite sensibly enter it for political and social expediency. Leftists can't accept that a group might purposefully deceive them because, deep down, everybody loves each other…… right?

So when I saw that the Muslim Students Association (MSA) was hosting an event titled "Common Ground: Being Muslim in the Military" which was sponsored by the Project Dialogue committee, I knew it would be ripe grounds for me to expose the gullibility of leftists who grovel at the altars of tolerance and acceptance.

The event went as expected, with Vanderbilt Adjunct Professor Awadh A. Binhazim provided a thirty-minute, flowers-and-butterflies overview of Islam, and Captain Darryl Cox explaining how much intolerance and discrimination he experiences as a Muslim in the military, all the while remaining silent on the subject of the Fort Hood Massacre. His talk left you with the same New York Times taste in your mouth that Major Hasan was motivated not by Islamic laws and the Islamic religion (like this man admits), but because somebody told one-too-many Muslim jokes.

While all of this was true to form, the real action happened during the Q&A, when I asked Professor Binhazim if he accepts the Religion of Peace's stance on the punishment for homosexuality:

Me: Under Islamic law is it punishable by death if you are a homosexual?

Professor Binhazim: Yes. It is punishable by death.

Shocking, yes?

It shouldn't be.

The death penalty for homosexuality is common dogma throughout the Muslim world, and, as Professor Binhazim reluctantly admitted, it is Islamic law itself, which all Muslims must accept.

"God is very straightforward about this — not we Muslims, not subjective, the Sharia is very clear about it, the punishment for homosexuality, bestiality or anything like that is death. We don’t make any excuses about that, it’s not our law — it’s the Koran."

So spoke Sheikh Khalid Yasin in 2005. Sheikh Yasin is, according to Robert Spencer, "an American-born, England-based Islamic preacher who has been the Muslim Students Association spokesman at universities all over the country, including Penn State, Ohio State, the University of Minnesota, and St. Cloud University."

It is not as if these ideas occur in a void, either. Iranian gay and lesbian human rights group Homan has stated that since 1980, Iran alone has executed some 4,000 homosexuals. Homosexuality is also a capital offense in Saudi Arabia, Mauritania, Sudan, and Yemen. Robert Spencer has a comprehensive analysis of Islam's treatment of homosexuals here.

So why are leftists not in outrage over this? Why weren't there dozens of leftists asking the same question and exposing the same radical beliefs? As I said earlier, it is because they are blinded by their naïveté. They refuse to grasp the basic, irreconcilable civilizational differences. They assume, without reserve, that all cultures are compatible with our basic senses of justice and propriety and that surely no culture really holds that homosexuals should be put to death. In short, the political correctness of the left is a cult of ignorance.

Case in point: after the event, a rather flustered girl came up to me demanding to know why I asked that question –

Girl: Why would you ask some irrelevant question like that?

Me: I think my question was quite relevant, since there are a number of homosexuals in the military.

Girl: So?

Me: Well let me put it this way. If I was a homosexual in the military, I would want to know if the religion of the person fighting next to me demands my death. That would be significant to me.

Girl: (sarcastically) Well I learned in Sunday school that Christianity condemns homosexuality too!

Me: Yes, Christianity does consider homosexuality sinful, and Christians pray for homosexuals because of it, while Islamic law says they should be punished with death. See the difference?

Girl: Well no one really believes that anymore.

Me: Yes they do. Iran, for instance, has put 4,000 homosexuals to death since 1980.

Girl: I still don't see why you asked the question.

Me: Then you are hopeless.

She was so wrapped up in her liberal sensibilities that she wasn't able to see what happened right in front of her face! I can only hope I planted some seed of awareness in her and the other students attending.

As YWC continues to grow and our activists continue raising awareness of radical Islamic beliefs, hopefully those on both sides of the political spectrum can peel remove the blinders of political correctness and look at things as they truly are, and not as they imagine them to be.

Rape Victim Receives 101 Lashes for Becoming Pregnant

From the Telegraph (UK):
A 16-year-old girl who was raped in Bangladesh has been given 101 lashes for conceiving during the assault.

The girl's father was also fined and warned the family would be branded outcasts from their village if he did not pay.

According to human rights activists, the girl, who was quickly married after the attack, was divorced weeks later after medical tests revealed she was pregnant.

The girl was raped by a 20-year-old villager in Brahmanbaria district in April last year.

Bangladesh's Daily Star newspaper reported that she was so ashamed following the attack that she did not lodge a complaint.

Her rape emerged after her pregnancy test and Muslim elders in the village issued a fatwa insisting that the girl be kept in isolation until her family agreed to corporal punishment.

Her rapist was pardoned by the elders. She told the newspaper the rapist had "spoiled" her life.

"I want justice," she said.

Italy: Foreign Minister Rejects Oppressive Face Veil

From Adnkronos:
Florence, 27 Jan. (AKI) - Italy's foreign minister Franco Frattini on Wednesday voiced his opposition to the face veil. Women wearing the garment pose security issues and symbolise "a refusal to integrate" by Muslim immigrants in a host country, he said.

''Let's ask ourselves if covering one's face isn't the first sign of refusal to integrate and closing oneself off... from the host community and its traditions," Frattini said.

He was speaking at a conference of young publishers taking place in the Tuscan city of Florence, a day after France moved a step closer to banning the face veil.

A French parliamentary committee on Tuesday issued a report recommending a partial ban on the face veil in hospitals, schools, government offices and on public transport.

"It is the symbol of the repression of women, and... of extremist fundamentalism," said French parliament speaker Bernard Accoyer upon the presentation of the report.

France's parliamentary recommendation is expected to be followed by the drafting of a bill and a parliamentary debate on the issue of the face veil, which has sparked heated debate in many European countries.

"I would not legislate on the face veil but would tackle the issue through a wider process," Frattini said, noting that it raised also security problems.

''When someone enters a bank or a public office veiled from head to toe, it seems logical to me there is a security issue," he said.

Other Italian politicians have also criticised the face veil. Italy's equal opportunities minister Mara Carfagna said it "will never be welcome" in Italy.

"Wearing the face veil is like the Star of David for Jews," said Italy's far-right La Destra party leader Daniela Santanche, referring to the yellow star Jews were forced to wear by Nazis.

Spain: Imam On Trial for Threatening Non-Veiled Woman

From ANSAmed:
(ANSAmed) - MADRID, JANUARY 28 - Threats, intimidation and slander used against a Moroccan university professor residing in the small town of Cunit (Tarragona), "guilty" of not wearing a Muslim veil. On these charges, the preliminary investigations section of the Vendrell (Tarragona) court has ordered that the imam of the Cunit mosque, Mohamed Benbraim, stand trial. The public prosecutor has requested five years in prison for the imam and four for his second-in-command, the president of the Cunit Islamic Association, Abderraman El Osti, as well as two for the imam's wife and son, Zohra Ahmaddach and Haffsa Ben Brahim, accused of intimidation. According to judicial sources quoted today by the media, the individuals had made a normal life impossible for Fatima Ghailan, a 31-year-old Muslim born in Morocco but cultural mediation teacher in the Cunit Town Council, since she did not wear a Muslim veil and both she and her children were friends with Spanish inhabitants and not Muslim ones, in this way - according to the imam - cutting herself off from the Muslim community. Fatima suffered threats, pressure and intimidation to the point of having to ask for police protection. Due to the threats and defamatory campaign she suffered, Ghailan became deeply depressed and was assigned a police escort, which has since been withdrawn. While awaiting the trial, the woman avoids leaving her house alone.

Islamic Militants in Somalia Murder Christian Leader

From Compass Direct News:
NAIROBI, Kenya, January 26 (CDN) — Islamic extremists shot the leader of an underground church to death outside the capital city of Somalia this month and have threatened to kill his wife, his tearful widow told Compass.

Having learned that he had left Islam to become a Christian, Somali militants from the Islamic extremist al Shabaab murdered 41-year-old Mohammed Ahmed Ali at about noon on Jan. 1, Amina Ibrahim Hassan said.

He was killed sometime after leaving his home in Hodan, on the outskirts of Mogadishu, she said. She and other family members were not immediately aware that he had been killed.

“We waited for him that day, but he did not turn up,” said Hassan, who has since fled to Nairobi. “The following day, on Jan. 2, I was informed by the fellowship that my husband had been killed.”

Ali led an underground church. Christian sources said members of al Shabaab, said to have links with al Qaeda terrorists, had been monitoring Ali and his wife for indications that they had left Islam.

Ali had organized New Year’s Day festivities for Christians to take place in Medina, about 15 kilometers (nine miles) outside of Mogadishu. Al Shabaab extremists killed him after word of the planned party leaked to them, Hassan said.

Hassan, who worked for a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) before leaving the country, said she received threatening calls from members of al Shabaab on Jan. 3.

“We know who you are working for,” Hassan said one extremist told her. “We also know your home and that you are a follower of the Christians, and we are going to kill you the way we killed your husband.”

Aware of the Islamic extremist militia’s determination to carry out their threats, Hassan called a relative in Nairobi and informed him of the death of her husband and her intention to flee to Nairobi.

She set out for Kenya early the next morning by bus with her only child, 2-year-old son Abdi Asis Mohammed Ahmed. They reached Ifo, one of the Dadaab refugee camps on the Kenya side of the border, on Jan. 11. She stayed there for a few days before continuing on, arriving at Nairobi on Jan. 20.

“I am thankful that I was able to reach Kenya safely having lost everything – my husband and property,” Hassan said.

Al Shabaab extremists have been monitoring Somalis who work with NGOs for signs that they have embraced Christianity, Christian sources said.

Ali came to faith in Christ under the influence of his late uncle, Ali Mohammed Nur, who died in 2000 at the age of 70. Ali, who had worked as a taxi driver, completed secondary education and converted to Christianity the same year his uncle died in 2000. He was baptized in 2005.

Hassan said she converted to Christianity in 2005, was baptized in 2006 and married Ali in 2007. She worked for various NGOs in Somalia before fleeing the war-torn country.

In 2009 Islamic militants in Somalia sought out at least 15 Christians, including women and children, and killed them for their faith in a campaign to rid the country of all non-Muslims. On Nov. 14, Islamic extremists controlling part of Mogadishu executed a 23-year-old Christian they accused of trying to convert a 15-year-old Muslim to Christianity, according to Christian sources. Members of al Shabaab had taken Mumin Abdikarim Yusuf into custody on Oct. 28 after the 15-year-old boy reported him to the militants.

Before Yusuf was executed by two gunshots to the head, reports filtered in that he had been badly beaten and his fingers broken as the Islamists tried to extract incriminating evidence against him and information about other Christians. A source later learned that Yusuf’s body showed signs of torture; his front teeth were gone, and some of his fingers were broken, the source said.

On Oct. 19 in Galkayo, in Somalia’s autonomous Puntland region, three masked members of another militant Islamist group in Somalia killed a Somali woman who declined to wear a veil as prescribed by Muslim custom. Sources said members of the comparatively “moderate” Suna Waljameca group killed Amina Muse Ali, 45, in her home; she had said members of the group had long monitored her movements because they suspected she was a Christian.
Suna Waljameca is considered “moderate” in comparison with al Shabaab, which it has fought for control over areas of Somalia; it is one of several Islamic groups in the country championing adoption of a strict interpretation of sharia (Islamic law). Along with al Shabaab, another group vying for power is the Hisbul Islam political party.

Somali Christians are in danger from both extremist groups and Somali law. While proclaiming himself a moderate, President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has embraced a version of sharia that mandates the death penalty for those who leave Islam.

On Sept. 28, a leader of Islamic extremist al Shabaab militia in Lower Juba identified only as Sheikh Arbow shot to death 46-year-old Mariam Muhina Hussein in Marerey village after discovering she had six Bibles, according to Christian sources. On Sept. 15, al Shabaab militants shot 69-year-old Omar Khalafe at a checkpoint they controlled 10 kilometers (six miles) from Merca after discovering that he was transporting Bibles, sources said.

On Aug. 18 al Shabaab extremists shot and killed 41-year-old Ahmed Matan in Bulahawa, near the Somali border with Kenya, according to Christian sources. In Mahadday Weyne, 100 kilometers (62 miles) north of Mogadishu, al Shabaab Islamists on July 20 shot to death another convert from Islam, Mohammed Sheikh Abdiraman, sources said. On Feb. 21 al Shabaab militants beheaded two young boys in Somalia because their Christian father refused to divulge information about a church leader.

The extremists also reportedly beheaded seven Christians on July 10; Reuters reported that they were killed in Baidoa for being Christians and “spies.”

Islamists Burn Qur'ans to Spark Animosity, Fuel Anti-Western Propoganda

From CNN:
Kabul, Afghanistan (CNN) -- The Afghan government is blaming Pakistani intelligence agents and al Qaeda for burned Qurans found in Helmand Province last week, a spokesman for the provincial government said.

A sack of burned Qurans was discovered by troops with the NATO-led International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) and Afghan forces, said Daoud Ahmadi, the Helmand government spokesman, on Wednesday. The Quran is the holy book of Islam.

They were found in a home in the district of Garmsir on Friday along with some ammunition, Ahmadi said. The owner of the home said the Qurans' burning was caused by an airstrike, but there was no other damage from an airstrike in the area, he added.

The owner of the home -- whose son is a member of the Taliban -- has been arrested in connection with the discovery, Ahmadi said. Two others have also been arrested, he said, for allegedly distributing pages of the burned Quran to area villagers.

The Afghan government has concluded that the Qurans are part of a plot by the enemies of the country to stir up the populace, Ahmadi said. He said it shows that ISI -- or Pakistani intelligence agents -- smugglers and al Qaeda are using such tactics to plot against foreign forces and have local residents turn against them.

Earlier this month, a violent protest broke out in the Garmsir district after rumors circulated that ISAF soldiers desecrated a Quran during an operation against the Taliban.

During the January 12 protest, an insurgent sniper shot an Afghan official, an ISAF statement said, and ISAF service members then shot and killed the sniper.

ISAF denied that its troops had any part in destroying a Quran.

"While denying these allegations, we take them very seriously and support a combined investigation with local Afghan authorities," said Maj. Gen. Michael Regner, deputy chief of staff for operations for ISAF Joint Command. "ISAF is an international force that includes Muslim soldiers, and we deplore such an action under any circumstances."

A fatwa, or religious legal ruling, has been issued by a group of religious scholars against whoever was involved in burning the Qurans found last week. The scholars were consulted by the local government in Lashkar Gah.

Egyptian Christian Framed in Sexual Assault Case

From the Assyrian International News Agency:
(AINA) -- The drive-by shooting of Coptic Christians by extremist Muslims after celebrating the Orthodox Christmas Eve midnight Mass in the southern town of Nagaa Hammadi on January 6, causing the killing of 6 and wounding of 9, (AINA 1-7-2010) was condemned by public opinion worldwide.

To contain the damage of tarnishing the "image" of Egypt and to minimize the repercussions of the massacre, government spin doctors tried to condition public opinion into believing and accepting the scenario set out by State Security that the killing was "criminal and individual" rather than a "sectarian" affair.

Egypt's Interior Ministry said the Nag Hammadi attack was a retaliation for the sexual assault of a Muslim girl by the Christian man Girgis Baroumi Girgis in the town of Farshout last November. This alleged rape crime was used by security officials, politicians, and the media to justify attacks against Copts in Farshout last November and in Nag Hammadi .

Surprisingly, Prosecutor-general Adbel Meguid Mahmoud, also came out linking the killing to the rape.

Egyptian police arrested three suspects responsible for the Christmas Eve shootings, Mohamed el-Kamony, Korshy Aly and Hendawy Hassan, who are registered criminals. Habib el-Adly, Minister of Interior, said on January 24, in an interview on the Egyptian TV programme "City Talk" that el-Kamony is a hired killer, but "he got so upset about the rape and the videos of nude Muslim girls with Christian men, that it triggered the shooting urge in him."

Mustafaal-Sayyed, professor of political science at Cairo, University believes that the theory of a revenge killing does not hold because the three men charged with the killings are not relatives of the raped girl. "Why would they choose to shoot at Copts on their Christmas eve?" he asked.

Renowned activist Fathi Farid told Coptic News in an aired interview on January 19 the authorities are trying to make a scapegoat out of Baroumi to justify the violations against the Copts in Egypt. "If they can prove that Girgis is guilty then they can say that what happened on Christmas Eve is a reaction to what he did."

On November 18, 2009, the 21-year-old Girgis Baroumi Girgis, a poultry vendor from Kom al-Ahmar village, near Farshout, was accused by the 12-year-old Muslim girl Yusra Abdelwahab from the neighboring village of al-Shukeifi , of sexually assaulting her. Claims of the assault led to several days of unrest in the area caused by hundreds of Muslim protesters looting and burning Christian property. State Securiy also forced the eviction of 160 Christians from Baroumi's village (AINA 11-22-2009, 11-23-2009).

Girgis has been detained since last November but not charged and the forensic report of the assault was never published, which some observers say means no evidence could be found against him.

At very short notice Girgis Baroumi's trial began on January 17, at the Qena Criminal Court, nearly 600 kilometers (370 miles) south of Cairo. Shocked and crying incessantly during the whole session, Girgis kept on pleading "Sir, I need a lawyer." He denied committing the crime. His Muslim defense lawyer had to withdraw at the very last minute, and no other lawyer agreed to defend him, when the presiding judge asked the lawyers present. The case had to be postponed until January 19 to find a lawyer.

As a result, the Egyptian Organization for Anti- Discrimination and Defense of Children's Rights (EGHR) issued a statement that together with the American Coptic Friendship Association, it will be taking over the defense of Girgis Baroumi Girgis to counteract the "interference of State Security in the role of the judiciary and their efforts to influence it." It also condemned the biased media and the intervention of some security heads to pressure any lawyer considering defending Baroumi.

Two of the EGHR members, Ashraf Edward and Saeed Abdelmassih, volunteered to defend Baroumi and attended the court session on January 19.

Ashraf Edward said they traveled from Cairo "under great secrecy for safety reasons and because they feared that State Security might delay them from appearing in court."

"The Lawyers' Syndicate in Qena refused to assign a lawyer, and Coptic lawyers are under great pressure and are terrorized by the State Security," said Saeed Abdelmassih. "If Ashraf Edward had not volunteered to defend him, the situation would have been critical."

The judge adjourned the trial until 17 February.

"The State Security is telling us lawyers that whatever your religion or inclinations are, you are not able to defend one defendant, to the extent that not one lawyer had the courage to attend, so we had to get a lawyer from Cairo," commented Abdelmassih bitterly.

News media reported that a defense team of 25 lawyers, headed by Islamist lawyer Mohamed el Wahsh, have volunteered to defend the killer el-Kamony.

Talaat Sadat, MP and a vehement critic of the government said on the Cairo Today talk show that the allegedly raped Yousra was never a virgin, but was previously "used". He was voicing rumors that Yusra has previously been raped by one of her relatives, and that is the reason behind the case remaining unresolved since November. Many activists believe that State Security manufactured evidence against Baroumi to make their case against him stick to justify their interpretation of the massacre of Nag Hammadi.

According to Abdelmassih forensics only examined the girl and said she was not virgin, but said nothing of when she had lost her virginity. They omitted examining Baroumi altogether. A difference existed between the police and the prosecution reports. In the preliminary police report the girl and her father said there was 'an attempt' on the part of Girgis to take her clothes off. "All this changed went it went to the prosecution; instead of the matter being 'taking off clothes' it changed to sexual intercourse."

He said that what was more surprising was that the investigating officer validated the incident based on what a 12-year-old said, without even one witness.

Girgis Baroumi's lawyers requested a forensic specialist to examine 12-year-old girl Yusra and conduct a new interview with the officer who filed the police report.

"We have Inconsistencies in statements, not one single evidence, and no lawyer was present during investigations of the prosecution, because lawyers were afraid to attend to defend a citizen," said Abdelmassih.

Public opinion in Egypt became so conditioned that Baroumi is guilty before being tried, and the majority are calling for the death penalty to be applied in his case, said most of those interviewed.

EGHR called upon the Egyptian Lawyers' Syndicate to form a committee to monitor the conduct of the investigations in the Baroumi case, as it did previously during the case of the Veil Martyr Marwa El-Sherbini.

"Girgis Baroumi is a victim of circumstances which has led him to stand trial before the court and the community at the same time," said his defense attorney Ashraf Edward.

Saudi Moral Police Arrest Male for Sitting With Wife

From Arab News:
JEDDAH: Members of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (Haia) in Riyadh’s Rawdah district briefly detained a Japanese professor and his wife while presenting a cultural program in a mall in the city, a local daily reported on Friday. The Haia’s attention was drawn to the seating arrangement for the event where women sat in an area sectioned off for men because there was a better view of the presentation.

The religious police also said they were not informed that a presentation of such kind would be taking place. “They should contact these departments including the governorate to get permission,” Haia spokesman in Riyadh Turki Al-Shulail told Al-Watan Arabic daily in a report published on Friday.

“The governorate will then inform the commission that it has given consent to organize the program, because we have been given the mandate to monitor such events to prevent wrong practices.” The arrest took place while the married couple was presenting a cultural exchange program on behalf of Sakura Almamlakh, a Saudi group that works to promote Saudi-Japanese cultural exchanges.

Sakura Almamlakh Director Abdul Rahman Al-Osaimi said the Haia held the Japanese man, a professor at King Saud University in Riyadh, and his wife for an hour on Thursday. “The commission officials seized mobile phones of the group’s members,” he added.

He said the management of the commercial center had made seating arrangement for women on the second floor, but some chose to sit in the men’s section because of the better view of the stage.

Two Iranian Protesters Hanged

From Arutz 7:
Two Iranians who were convicted of trying to overthrow the government in Tehran were hanged Thursday.

The two were part of mass protests during the country's disputed presidential election last June, a government controlled Iranian news agency said.

They were the first to be sentenced to death for their role in the protests. Nine others have been sentenced to death.

France: Parliamentary Commission Recommends Partial Burka Ban

From Islam in Europe:
A French parliament report called Tuesday for a ban on the full Islamic veil in all schools, hospitals, public transport and government offices, saying the burqa was an affront to French values.

"The wearing of the full veil is a challenge to our republic. This is unacceptable," the report released by a parliament commission said. "We must condemn this excess."

After six months of hearings, the panel of 32 lawmakers recommended a ban on the face-covering veil in all state-run institutions and offices, the broadest move yet to restrict Muslim dress in France.

The commission called on parliament to adopt a formal resolution stating that the burqa was "contrary to the values of the republic" and proclaiming that "all of France is saying 'no' to the full veil."

Women who turn up at government offices wearing the full veil should be denied services such as a work visa, residency papers or French citizenship, the report recommended.

The panel however stopped short of proposing broad legislation to outlaw the burqa on the streets or in shopping centres after cautioning that such a move would have to be reviewed by the courts to establish its legality.


Source: France24 (English) + video segments

13-Year-Old Pakistani Rapes and Assaults Woman, Receives Three Year Sentence

Since when is immaturity an excuse for rape and torture? It seems to be an excuse according to some incompetent, weak-willed people within the UK. A 13-year-old Pakistani who knew exactly what he was doing raped and assaulted a 20-year-old woman. He even bragged about what he did to the woman's boyfriend. But he said sorry in court so he'll be given a maximum of three years in prison. This is beyond absurd. It is a fact that almost all rapists are not rehabilitated. This has nothing to do with the age of the person as he clearly knows what he did is illegal.

Debbie Schlussel had this commentary:
Now, there’s the case, in the UK, of Balal Khan, a 13-year-old Paki Muslim, who raped a 2o-year-old woman in front of his friends, then called the woman’s boyfriend on her cellphone and bragged about it to him. This is NOT a child. It’s a monster who knew exactly what he was doing and whose society teaches males that this behavior, especially against Infidel women, is okay. Anyone who says I’m generalizing, has, again, NOT been paying attention. There’s a reason honor suicides–where raped Muslim women kill themselves before their brothers and fathers and uncles beat them to it–are consistently on the rise in places like Turkey. Yes, “moderate” Turkey, which actually hasn’t been moderate in quite some time.

The travesty on top of the rape is that the judge, Paul Glenn, only sentenced this evil cretin to three years in prison, which means, as reader Worry01 notes, he will probably serve far less. And in the UK, there is a greater problem. Juvenile offenders–even if tried as adults–are often given new identities when they turn 18 or 21. That means some new person might end up married to this disgusting, violent rapist and not even know because he will no longer be Balal Khan, but someone else with a new name. The judge in this case lifted the seal on this animal’s name, but it may be useless, once the savage is released from prison with a new persona. This must be the gazillionth example that Islam means forced “submission,” NOT “peace.”

Read more of her commentary here.

From the Daily Mail:
A boy of 13 who overpowered a woman then raped her in front of his two friends will spend just three years locked away for his crimes.

Balal Khan - thought to be one of the youngest convicted rapists in Britain - targeted the 20-year-old as she walked home.

He subjected her to a severe beating then screamed at her 'Do what I say or I'll kill you', before putting her through the ordeal of a terrifying sex attack.

Then he stole her bag and phone and even took a call from his victim's boyfriend to whom he bragged about what he had done.

But after pleading guilty to charges of rape and robbery the teenager was sentenced to just three years because of his age - and because he said ‘sorry’.

A judge at Stoke-on-Trent Crown Court lifted a restriction preventing the publication of Khan's identity after hearing details of the horrifying attack.

The judge heard how Khan ran up behind his victim and grabbed her around the neck as she walked through a secluded area near Cobridge, in Stoke-on-Trent one evening in September last year.

He punched and kicked her as she lay on the ground before raping her.

Robert Price, prosecuting, said: ‘She started screaming and attempted to get to her feet.

‘He responded by punching her in the mouth and knocked her back on the ground.

‘He stood over her and kicked her to the side of her face. He started shouting at her and warned that if she struggled he would “kill” her.’

The court heard two boys, aged 10 and 11, who knew Khan, stood nearby and shouted at him to stop

Afterwards Khan, of Cobridge, Stoke-on-Trent, took the victim's bag, containing an iPod and mobile phone.

He then answered a call from the victim's boyfriend. When asked why he had the phone, Khan bragged about what had taken place.

He later sold the phone and iPod, but not before making a call to his parents' home. The mobile's call records led police straight to Khan's address.

In a police interview he told officers he had tripped the victim and stolen her bag.

The court heard scientists later found Khan's DNA on swabs taken from the victim....

1,000 Muslims Set Fire to Christian Churches in Indonesia

From Adnkronos:
Medan, 26 Jan. (AKI/Jakarta Post ) - Police are stepping up their hunt for suspects following attacks against two Protestant churches and a pastor’s home in North Sumatra three days ago. Hundreds of Christians have fled the area since the attacks.

But South Tapanuli police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Subandriya said police needed to proceed carefully and avoid action that could further stoke tensions between Muslims and Christians in the area.

“Police want to deal with this matter properly to ensure it does not get out of hand," he said.

“Our job is to ensure this case does not develop into a serious racial or religious conflict,” Subandriya told The Jakarta Post.

About 1,000 Muslims set fire to the two churches in Sibuhuan, in North Sumatra's Padang Lawas district late last Friday night in an incident that was blamed as a culmination of tension between Muslims and Christians over the presence of unregistered churches in the area.

The Friday attack, the first in the history of North Sumatra where both Muslim and Christian communities live together, caused no serious injury or fatalities, but forced hundreds of Christians to flee the scene.

According to the police, the churches were built in Sibuhuan in 1982. The construction was reportedly opposed by Muslim residents because they were constructed without building permits.

In 1992, the Muslim and Christian communities reached an agreement to stop construction, but the agreement was violated. The churches maintained activity and worship.

The churches' management said it had stopped church construction in December last year following a meeting with local officials, Christians and the Indonesian Ulema Council. It had also begun dismantling the church on 13 January.

Pakistani Christian Sentenced to Life Under ‘Blasphemy’ Law

From Compass Direct News:
Young man convicted of ‘desecrating Quran’ by accusation of rival shopkeeper.

FAISALABAD, Pakistan, January 22 (CDN) — A young Christian shopkeeper was sentenced to a life term in prison and fined more than $1,000 last week following a dubious conviction of desecrating the Quran, according to Pakistan’s National Commission for Justice and Peace (NCJP).

Peter Jacob, general secretary of the NCJP, said 22-year-old Imran Masih of the Faisalabad suburb of Hajvairy was convicted of desecrating the Quran (Section 295-B of Pakistan’s legal code) and thereby outraging religious feelings (Section 295-A) by Additional District & Sessions Judge Raja Ghazanfar Ali Khan on Jan. 11. The conviction was based on the accusation of a rival shopkeeper who, as part of an Islamic extremist proselytizing group, allegedly used a mosque loudspeaker system to incite a mob that beat Masih and ransacked his shop.

Neighboring shopkeeper Hajji Liaquat Abdul Ghafoor accused Masih of tearing out pages of the Quran and burning them on July 1, 2009. Denying that he burned any pages of the Quran, Masih told investigators that the papers he burned were a heap of old merchandise records he had gathered while cleaning his store.

Masih’s family members said Ghafoor fabricated the blasphemy case against him because of a business dispute. Nearby shopkeepers, initially reluctant to talk out of fear of reprisals but eventually speaking on condition of anonymity, told Compass that they had seen the two men arguing over business a few days before the incident occurred.

The shopkeepers said that when Masih burned the papers, Ghafoor started shouting that he had desecrated the Quran and blasphemed Islam and its prophet, Muhammad. In the case against Masih, police later accused Ghafoor of misusing the loudspeaker system of a mosque to stir up the mob.

“Ghafoor started shouting that Masih had desecrated the Quran and made blasphemous remarks about Islam and prophet Muhammad,” said one of the shopkeepers. “Ghafoor spread misconceptions about Imran Masih, and a mob of angry Muslim men unaware of the facts attacked Masih and viciously beat him, looted his shop and later handed him over to police.”

The shopkeepers added that Ghafoor was a hard-line Muslim and part of an Islamic proselytizing group.

Section 295-B of Pakistan’s legal code, desecrating the Quran, is punishable by imprisonment for life. In accordance with Section 295-A (instigating religious hatred and outraging religious feelings), Masih was also sentenced to 10 years in prison and a fine of 100,000 rupees (US$1,170); if he is unable to pay the fine, he will be assessed an additional six months in jail.

A conviction for blaspheming Muhammad (Section 295-C) is punishable by death under Pakistani’s notorious blasphemy laws. Widely condemned by the international community as easily invoked to settle personal enmities, Pakistan’s blasphemy laws have come under review in recent months, but to no avail.

The laws are routinely invoked to harass members of minority communities. Additionally, while police cannot make arrests without a court-issued warrant for Section 295-A, they can arrest suspected blasphemers under sections 295-B and 295-C on the complaint of a single individual.

Masih is incarcerated at District Jail Faisalabad. Sources said he plans to appeal his sentence to the Lahore High Court.

“No pages of the Quran were burned or desecrated,” said one member of Masih’s family, who spoke on condition of anonymity. “It was just a lame excuse to implicate him in a fabricated case of blasphemy.”

Tahir Naveed Chaudhary, a Christian member of Punjab’s legislative assembly and Sargodha zone head of the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA), said Masih’s case was just one in a long list of incidents in which blasphemy laws have been used to settle personal grudges. He said that APMA would provide legal assistance to Masih.

Moderate Muslim Targeted and Threatened by Radical Muslims

This is an update on the proposed ban of the vile and oppressive burka in France.

From ANSAmed:
(ANSAmed) - PARIS, JANUARY 26 - Tension is high in France where Hassen Chalghoumi, the imam at the Drancy mosque, who in recent days sided in favour of a law that bans the use of the full veil has been hit by serious threats. A group of some 80 people stormed the Drancy mosque yesterday evening, making threats against Chalgoumi, a great supporter of interreligious dialogue (above all between Jews and Muslims), who recently declared that he was against the use of the full veil in France. A group of 80 people, with their faces covered, stormed the mosque where some 200 worshippers were present, a council member of the Conference of Imams, chaired by Chalgoumi himself, told the France Presse agency, asking to remain anonymous. They forced their way in and grabbed the microphones after a scuffle. At this point, they directed threats and curses against Imam, treating him as an unbeliever and an apostate and stating: we will trash his case, this Imam of the Jews... Launched in 2009, the Conference of Imams is a collective that promotes an interreligious dialogue and the promotion of open Islam. In recent days, Hassen Chalghoumi has said that he is in favour of a law that bans the use of the full veil in France, describing it as a prison for women, an instrument used for sexist domination and Muslim recruitment. The parliamentary mission, which has been studying the measures to be adopted against the full veil, has today recommended that France should solemnly declare itself in favour of the ban and has asked for the adoption of a series of measures to ban it from administration offices and public transport.

Flanders: Three girls convert every day

If immigration of individuals to Europe who haven't any intention of assimilation wasn't an issue, an organization of converts to Islam notes that young girls are converting to the Muslim religion. What if the situation were reversed and young, impressionable Muslim girls were being converted to Christianity? Well, you may remember the reaction from Muslims to a priest who tended to former Muslims who became Christians.

From Islam in Europe:
The first episode of "In Godsnaam" (In God's Name) on Eén, the new show by journalist Annemie Struyf, has already caused much agitation. The episode focused on an organization which helps Flemish girls convert to Islam.

According to Al Minara, an organization of converted Muslims, three Flemish girls choose Islam every day, which comes to more than a thousand every year. One of the central figures in the organization turns out to be Nordine Taouil, the imam who turned up in the spotlights during the school headscarf ban debate.

Struyf got a view into the organization, but when she asked about the Saudi sponsor of the organization she was resolutely asked to put away the movie camera.

In addition, the city of Ghent is reopening an investigation after a man said during the show that he lied about his identity in order to marry a Flemish girl.

One of the stories on the show was that of Linsey Daman from Sint-Amandsberg, who converted and now calls herself Safiya. She married Abdelali Jahoub, an Algerian she met through

The marriage took place 12 days after their first meeting. Abdelali Jahoub has been living in Belgium for five years when the show was filmed. He admitted to the camera that he had problems with his papers. His wife, Safiya, said that he worked by a different name,a nd that he had also lied about his birth-town. "The city of Binjuskut, it doesn't exist. Therefore he can't go back to Algeria."

Abdelali Jahoub said he had to lie, though he didn't say why. He said he changed a few letters in his name.

The report shows how the marriage was performed by Catharina Segers, alderman of civil affairs. With 1,500 marriages a year, she couldn't remember the couple, but she know there's a file about them.

Segers: The marriage department of the city of Ghent concluded during the application of this marriage that there were sufficient elements to believe that this was a marriage of convenience. A file was sent to the public prosecution, but the attorney did not have enough evidence. Therefore I concluded the marriage."

Following the frankness of the young couple in "In Godsnaam" alderman Segers says that it's time to act. She updated the marriage department, they will summon these people and send a new file to the public prosecution. She says she's not going to get ahead of the case, but that it will most certainly get to court.

The alderman thinks that the couple has provided evidence of a sham marriage by their evidence. "In this case there was already a suspicion, but you can't prove anything with a suspicion. We're undertaking steps and can go back two years in order to disband a marriage and to eventually also invalidate a residence permit."

Sources: GvA, De Standaard (Dutch)

Twins Commit Suicide Together to Avoid Forced Marriages

Even in moderate Muslim Turkey forced marriages occur. They may technically be against the law, but they occur too frequently. Unfortunately, two women seem to have decided that death was preferable to such an arranged marriage.

From Hurriyet Daily News:
Hediye and Kadriye Demirel, 21-year-old twin sisters, apparently jumped together from their brother’s seventh-floor apartment Sunday morning at 5:00 a.m.

Neighbors who realized what had happened called for an ambulance, but Hediye died at the scene and Kadriye lost her life after being rushed to the hospital.

Hediye Demirel was to marry the son of the sisters’ uncle Sunday evening at a ceremony to be held among family members. Though police are suspicious that young girl was being forced to marry her cousin, and are investigating that possibility, relatives claim that the cousins were in love with each other.

Another possibility being looked at is that Hediye was going to jump from the window and Kadriye fell while trying to save her twin.

Zinnur Demirel, the twins’ brother, and his wife, Helime Demirel, said they were asleep when the incident happened and there was no reason for the twins to commit suicide. The police are investigating all possibilities related to the incident.

Ft. Morgan Somali Murder Update, Alleged Murderer is “a Religious Man”

From Refugee Settlement Watch:

I’ve been keeping an eye out for any more news about the murder of a young Somali woman in the welcoming city of Ft. Morgan, CO last fall. The woman, a former refugee, was watching TV with friends when the doorbell rang. She answered it and was stabbed to death by another Somali with the same last name (I know those clan names may not mean they were close relatives, but no report ever clarifies the relationship or how the two knew each other).

To review what happened in a case that initially had a gag order placed on it, go here and here for the earlier reports and links to additional posts on the story.

Here is the entire story today from the Ft. Morgan Times:

A plea agreement could be in the works for Ahmed Abdi of Greeley, accused of a fatal stabbing outside a local apartment last fall.

Disposition or an arraignment was continued Friday in Morgan County District Court to Feb. 8 at 1:30 p.m. In either case, Abdi would be expected to enter a plea then.

Under a plea agreement revealed in court Friday by District Attorney Robert Watson, Abdi would plead guilty to second-degree murder and receive a 24-year prison sentence.

Abdi is accused of second-degree murder and first- and second-degree assault in the Nov. 3 death of Warsen Aden Abdi, 27, in the hall outside an apartment in Fort Morgan.

Watson said the victim’s mother had agreed to the plea bargain and that the victim’s brother had wanted a death penalty case but agreed to the proposal.

Public defender J. Brandeis Sperandeo said the defendant was a religious man, that Morgan County jail did not have a Koran and that his office had come up with a Koran and other religious books.

He asked Judge Douglas Vannoy for a court order to provide Abdi with the books; Vannoy said that at this time it would be a jail administrative matter.

Abdi has been in Morgan County jail on $300,000 bond since his arrest in Greeley shortly after the incident.

It’s too bad if there isn’t a trial because I guess that is the only way the public would know if this is an honor killing or not. Surely the politically correct media won’t be investigating.

Go to this old 9News story for a photo of the alleged murderer and religious man, Ahmed Abdi.

Exclusive: Why Are American Soldiers Dying so Iraq and Afghanistan Can Remain Sharia Law Nations?

The following is an excellent op-ed by D.L Adams for Family Security Matters:
With great fanfare but little grit or talk of victory, President Obama
announced at West Point last month that 30,000 additional American soldiers are going to Afghanistan. If the mission in Afghanistan is two-fold, the defeat of the abysmal Taliban and the creation of a stable, democratic state, it would appear that we are not doing well.

The same could be said of "nation building" in Iraq, where violence of late appears to be diminishing in comparison to the bloody mountains and valleys of Afghanistan. While the reduction of violence in Iraq is comforting, the diminishment of violence is not the definitive measure of the success of nation building.

The true measure of our efforts in both beneficiary countries should be based upon an examination of the foundations of these countries that we have created with the blood of our best and treasure. When such an examination is made the result can only be horror.

The constitutions of Iraq and Afghanistan – for those who love democracy, freedom, and liberty – are failures. If the constitution of a new nation is a failure, then what kind of nation can be built upon it?

After the U.S. military (with our allies) drove the Taliban out of Kabul, we endeavored to create a new Afghanistan based upon Constitutional law. Neither the Constitution of Iraq nor of Afghanistan is structured on the secular American model of the state subordinate to the will of the people. This concept is the foundation of American democracy given to us by Jefferson, Washington, Adams, Madison, Monroe, Franklin, and Hamilton; this is tragically not the foundation of our failed nation building strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Iraq and Afghanistan are both Islamic states (specifically stated as such in their constitutions). The people of both beneficiary states are therefore in service to Islam (the state is Islam and Islam is the state); this is not any form of “democracy” that most Americans can countenance nor reasonably support.

After WWII, Douglas MacArthur remained in Tokyo to oversee the creation and passage of a new American-style constitution on the defeated Japanese; one which entirely rejected the previous system of government/society. The new Japanese constitution removed the power of the Emperor and created an American-style democracy in which the people have power over the government through the constitution. This approach completely overturned the old order of Japanese totalitarian empirical rule.

In announcing the new constitution in Tokyo, MacArthur said that "the Japanese people thus turn their backs firmly upon the mysticism and unreality of the past and face instead a future of realism with a new faith and a new hope." Regarding the Emperor, MacArthur said in a public statement that the new constitution "leaves the throne without governmental authority or state property, subject to the people's will, a symbol of the people's unity."

The new constitution represented a complete and total shift in approach to government in Japan and most importantly, the relationship of citizen to the state.
“Declared by its terms to be the supreme law for Japan, it places sovereignty squarely in the hands of the people. It establishes governmental authority with the predominant power vested in an elected legislature, as representative of the people, but with adequate check upon that power, as well as upon the power of the Executive and the Judiciary, to insure that no branch of government may become autocratic or arbitrary in the administration of affairs of state.” – MacArthur's Announcement of Japan's New Constitution, March 6, 1946
Japan’s post-war constitution specifically identifies the constitution itself as the supreme law of the land. This is the same structure of constitutional democracy that exists in the United States as delineated in Article 6, Clause 2 of the U.S. Constitution. Constitutionalism is ensconced in Japan by the 98th Article.
"This Constitution shall be the supreme law of the nation and no law, ordinance, imperial rescript or other act of government, or part thereof, contrary to the provisions hereof, shall have legal force or validity.”
The new constitution reiterated the overturning of the old empirical order; the Emperor was now legally powerless and subordinate to the constitution.
“The Emperor or the Regent as well as Ministers of State, members of the Diet, judges, and all other public officials have the obligation to respect and uphold this Constitution.”
Article 99, Constitution of Japan
We have taken a tragically different course in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Article One of the constitution of Afghanistan states that "Afghanistan is an Islamic Republic, independent, unitary and indivisible state." Article 2 of the constitution of Iraq states that "Islam is the official religion of the State and it is a fundamental source of legislation." Both states identify Islam as the bedrock of the state and also the law of the land.
“No law that contradicts the established provisions of Islam may be established.” – (Article 2, A; constitution of Iraq.)

“In Afghanistan, no law can be contrary to the beliefs and provisions of the sacred religion of Islam.” – (Article 3; constitution of Afghanistan.)
Both Afghanistan and Iraq are Islamic states as codified in their new American-supported constitutions. Sharia Law is the law of Islam. Islamic law supersedes any laws in the constitution that are not Sharia law-compliant.

Any review of the implementation of Sharia law anywhere in the world (or of Sharia itself) shows it to be brutal, cruel, misogynist, anti-homosexual, anti-free speech, supremacist, anti-democratic, and anti-freedom of religion among its many unpleasant qualities. Even in Afghanistan as late as 2006 a Muslim Afghan convert to Christianity was sentenced to death for leaving Islam. Only American outrage prevented the implementation of the Sharia death penalty.

Under Sharia Law, leaving Islam is not permitted. It is considered a crime worse than murder and is punishable by death. A Sharia judge on the case commented at the time, "We are not against any particular religion in the world. But in Afghanistan, this sort of thing is against the law. It is an attack on Islam." The inherent contradiction between democracy and Islamic law did not go unnoticed by everyone, however.
“But, while democracy is taking root in Afghanistan, the country's constitution is not a truly secular document.” – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Sharia law is derived from Koran, Sira, and Hadith, the three foundational documents of Islam. Sharia law therefore has the authority of both Allah and Mohammed as it is the codification of their commands, and the words, deeds, and example of the prophet. American support of this barbaric “legal system” anywhere on this planet is folly.

Sharia law is antithetical to American concepts of freedom and democracy. What can be the reason that we have created two Islamic states founded upon American blood and treasure? Why did we take such a radically different approach to Iraq and Afghanistan than we did with Japan after WWII?

There is no overlap whatever between American concepts of decency and justice and Sharia law. Among the horrors of Sharia are death for criticism of Islam, death for leaving Islam, dhimmitude for those who are non-Muslims living under Sharia, the near impossibility of rape victims to prove rape, wife beating, child marriage, unequal rights for women, no legal rights for non-Muslims, and the subjugation of women. The list of Sharia’s horrors is lengthy and disturbing. An illustration of Sharia from the definitive book of Sharia law, Reliance of the Traveller, is illustrative.
The following are not subject to retaliation:

a Muslim for killing a non-Muslim (o1.2(2))

a Jewish or Christian subject of the Islamic state for killing an apostate from Islam (O:because a subject of the state is under its protection, while killing an apostate from Islam is without consequences); (o1.2(3))

a father or mother (or their fathers or mothers) for killing their offspring, or offsprings offspring (o1.2(4))
Under Sharia law there is no “retaliation” by the Islamic state against a Muslim who kills a non-Muslim for whatever reason. Can there be a more barbarous “legal” system that is more overtly opposed to our own concepts of right/wrong, good/evil, decency/barbarism, and justice/injustice? This is the system of “law” for which we fight in Iraq and Afghanistan? This is folly.

No American who loves our Constitution and the freedoms guaranteed under it should accept Sharia Law anywhere in this country or actively support it elsewhere. How can it be countenanced that American soldiers are told that they fight and die for "freedom" in Iraq and Afghanistan when in fact our soldiers fight to prop up two Sharia law states?

Why did we free the Japanese people from the backwardness, totalitarianism and aggressive warfare of the empire of Japan but chose to co-operate in imposing the anti-human injustice and brutality of Islamic Sharia law on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan? The blame for this disaster must be spread across two administrations. We have failed in that we did not create a society based upon justice, secular law and constitutional democracy in the American model as we did for Japan.

Sharia law is horrific and anti-human and should be opposed by decent people everywhere. Our "allies" across the Islamic world implement Sharia law to varying degrees but every Islamic state must acknowledge their Islamic obligation to implement it.

The goal of Islamic expansion everywhere is the implementation of Sharia law in countries and cultures where it is not now enforced. This expansion is fueled by jihad. Jihad is required of all adherents of Islam.

What can be the purpose of the United States (the “great Satan”) in creating new Islamic states? The answers are not forthcoming because the question is rarely (if ever) asked.

We now fight a war around the world and at home against Islamic brutality against us (our so-called “war on terror”) motivated entirely by the doctrine of Islam, yet we fight two wars to create and prop up two new Islamic countries bound to the same doctrine – folly.

What can be our war aims when the result will be the creation of two countries that are ideologically opposed to our existence? It would appear that we have been fooled, or worse. Our mistakes carry a staggeringly high cost; to bring any value or meaning to our efforts in Afghanistan and Iraq we must admit that our course has been tragically in error and quickly make the necessary corrections. Contributing Editor D.L. Adams is an analyst and historian, and a co-founder of SIOA (Stop Islamization of America). He can be reached at

Kids Under Palestinian Authority Taught to Die in Battle Against Jews and Israel

This is the organization that many Western leaders considers a partner for peace.

From Arutz 7:
( A Hamas television program for children once again is promoting martyrdom as a positive goal for Palestinian Authority children in Gaza.

The latest episode of “Tomorrow's Pioneers,” broadcast last week on January 22 on Al Aqsa (Hamas) TV, features a young host asking a 10-year-old girl whether she was afraid of dying last year during the fighting between IDF soldiers and Hamas terrorists. The battle took place during the counter-terrorist Operation Cast Lead, launched to still the thousands of rocket and mortar shell attacks from Gaza at southern Israeli civilians, largely unchecked, for eight years.

“How was it for you during the war? Were you afraid that you would... leave this world?” the young host asks.

“No, I wasn't afraid,” the little girl answers proudly. “I wished for Shahada (martyrdom) – Shahada for Allah.”

“How wonderful. Even this little girl --- how old are you?”


The child host praises her caller, pointing out to the children viewing the program, “She is not more than ten years old, and wants to die as a Shahida (martyr) for Allah. We all wish for this,” she tells her audience.

The media watchdog organization Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), which monitored and translated the video clip, pointed out in a report on the motivation behind suicide terrorism that the PA took advantage of an ancient tradition in Islam in order to create this weapon against Israel.

The concept of Shahada, or "Death for Allah," mandates Muslims to aspire to die in combat for Islam. “The PA told their people that this ancient tradition also applies to them in confrontation with Israel today,” PMW explained.

The entity that aspires to become an independent nation within the current borders of Israel promotes Shahada [against Israel] “as a mandatory religious Islamic duty, both for adults and children, promising great rewards. The Palestinian Authority today is an all-encompassing, death-worshipping society,” according to the PMW.

TV Chief Who Runs Popular Islam Channel in UK Held Over Terror Claims

From the Times Online (UK):
The head of the Islam Channel, Britain’s most popular Muslim television station, has been arrested in South Africa and faces deportation to Tunisia over terrorism allegations.

The Times disclosed more than a year ago that Mohamed Ali Harrath, a Scotland Yard adviser against Islamic extremism, was wanted by Interpol because of his alleged activities in his homeland. His arrest on Sunday after a flight from London is being blamed by supporters on a security clampdown by the South African authorities in the run-up to this summer’s World Cup.

Harrath, 46, is the force behind the Islam Channel, which is watched by 59 per cent of British Muslims and beamed by satellite to 132 countries. He has been fêted by politicians, with the Liberal Democrat leader, Nick Clegg, the minister Shahid Malik and the Tory frontbencher Dominic Grieve attending his annual festival. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, gave him a platform to address thousands in Trafalgar Square in September at the official taxpayer-funded event to mark the end of Ramadan. Harrath, who has a heart condition, collapsed during his arrest and is being treated at Eugene Marais hospital in Pretoria, where he is under police guard. The broadcaster has been convicted in absentia of numerous criminal and terrorism-related offences by Tunisian courts and sentenced to 56 years in prison.

The Islam Channel last night accused Tunisia of using Interpol to harass and intimidate Harrath.

Before fleeing his homeland, he co-founded the Tunisian Islamic Front, which Tunis accused of seeking to establish a Muslim state by armed revolutionary violence. Harrath insists that the organisation was a non-violent political party set up to oppose what he regarded as Tunisia’s one-party rule.

At Tunisia’s request, he has been on an Interpol Red Notice, its highest form of alert, since 1992 but was allowed into Britain in 1995 and accepted as a refugee.

He flew into Oliver Tambo airport in Johannesburg on Sunday for what the Islam Channel described as a business trip. He was arrested when his documents were scanned. Harrath will either be returned to Britain or sent to Tunisia, which has an extradition treaty with Pretoria. An emergency High Court application on behalf of the Islam Channel prevented him being returned straight to Tunisia. A full court hearing will be held tomorrow. Tunisia will have to give assurances over his treatment before he is returned.

South Africa takes requests from fellow African states seriously and has detained Sudanese and Rwandan officials wanted for alleged human rights violations. Security at South African airports is extremely tight before the World Cup amid persistent fears of terrorist attacks.

Iqbal Jassat, chairman for the Media Review Network, an Islamic rights organisation which has been advising the TV channel, said: “We have concerns that the authorities in South Africa are on a heightened state of alert because of the hype around possible terror attacks during the World Cup. We fear that could cause the victimisation of respectable people.”

The British High Commission confirmed Harrath’s arrest and said it was watching the situation closely.

The Quilliam Foundation, a British anti-extremist think-tank, has accused the Islam Channel of allowing speakers to promote intolerant and bigoted intepretations of their faith.

Muslims Kill Christians, Nigerian Archbishop Asks for Bodies to be Returned

From the Times Online (UK):
The Anglican Archbishop of Jos has called for Muslims to hand back the bodies of any Christians shot in last week’s riots that he says could have been taken to the mosque in error.

The Most Rev Ben Kwashi said that Christians had been made the scapegoats for sectarian violence between Christians and Muslims that left nearly 500 people dead in the central Nigerian city. Those who took part in killings that nearly wiped out a village on the outskirts of Jos have yet to be found.

The Archbishop spoke to The Times as another Anglican bishop in Nigeria, the Right Rev Peter Imasuen of Benin City in southern Edo state, was ambushed and kidnapped shortly after arriving home from Sunday eucharist.

“We were told he was kidnapped yesterday,” said Samuel Salifu, secretary general of the Christian Association of Nigeria.

“We are trying to establish what exactly happened but we understand the kidnappers are asking for 15 million naira” said Mr Salifu.

Bishop Imasuen was CAN chairman for Edo State. Archbishop Kwashi, who has survived two attempts on his own life, confirmed that Bishop Imasuen had been kidnapped and said the younger colleague, a close friend, had also survived an earlier serious shooting.

Archbishop Kwashi said: “At the heart of this is that they [Muslims] want to overrun this part of the world and make it Islamic. The operation is like terrorism.”

He said that Christians in Jos in church on Sunday had been in tears because so many of their loved ones had disappeared in last week’s violence and they had been unable to find their bodies.

“This means that the corpses we are shown on television in the mosque must include people the Muslims have killed,” he said. “Quite a number of local people, Christians and other non-Muslims, are finding that people are missing. They have been looking around for the last three days and can’t find them. They have come to the conclusion that their bodies are among the corpses in the mosque that are being used to whip up emotion against the church.

“Sunday’s services were full of tears. It is unbelievable.”

He called for peace and said the Bible ruled out retaliation. “The Gospel that I preach does not allow for vengeance in the face of provocation.”

The Anglican church in Nigeria is the largest after England, and numbers 17million of the 70million Anglicans in 38 provinces.

Acting Plateau State Police Commissioner Ikechukwu Aduba said that officers have arrested 303 people in connection with the rioting in Jos, a one-time tourist and mining town that straddles Nigeria’s Christian south and Muslim north. Of those arrested, 139 have been taken to Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, for questioning.

Mr Aduba said that more suspects remained at large, including those who took part in killings that nearly wiped out a small village on the southern outskirts of Jos. Volunteers there discovered bodies shoved into communal wells and sewer dumps. Others lay dead in the bush outside the village, victims of gunshot and machete wounds.

Mr Aduba also promised those arrested would face trial in Jos. Government leaders in Jos have complained that those involved in previous riots later made bail in Abuja and never faced justice.

Sectarian violence in this central region of Nigeria has left thousands dead over the past decade. The latest outbreak came despite the Nigerian government’s efforts to quell religious extremism.

There are conflicting accounts about what unleashed the recent bloodshed. According to a state police commissioner, skirmishes began after Muslim youths set a Christian church ablaze, but Muslim leaders denied that. Muslims say that it began with an argument over the rebuilding of a Muslim home in a predominantly Christian neighborhood that had been destroyed in November.