Court orders lashing of student in his school

ABHA – In the first of its kind sentence, a Shariah Court on Tuesday ordered a 15-year-old student be lashed 50 times in front of all students in an intermediate and secondary school in a village in Asir.

In addition, the student will also get 300 lashes and three months in prison for tarnishing the image of the school’s principal and teachers. The latter lashes will be administered at the correction home.

The court acquitted the principal and teachers of the school of the sodomy charge leveled against them by the student in his complaint two years ago. The student was instigated by a relative to lodge the complaint. Initially, the education officials cleared the principal and teachers of the charge, but the student and his relative filed a lawsuit against the principal (56 years) and four teachers who were detained along with seven students. All were later released except one teacher who remained in custody for about 180 days.

The General Court in Abha stopped pursuing the case after the defendant didn’t attend four sessions and the court’s verdict was approved by the Court of Cassation making it an irrevocable decision.

The teacher was released and transferred to the educational zone in Asir until the case was resolved. The teacher is intending to sue those who defamed him.

The principal, who retired last year, and three teachers filed a lawsuit against the student for defaming them. A judge at the General Court ordered imprisonment of the student who is now spending his jail term in the correction home.

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Gururaj said...

This is very unfortunate. Even if the student was at fault, he is likely to rebel rather than correct himself. Punishments should be corrective
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