France: Woman Attacks Two People As She Shouts "Allahu Akbar"

From RT:
A woman reportedly shouting “Allahu Akbar” has attacked and injured two people at a supermarket in La Seyne-sur-Mer, southeastern France. She has been taken into custody and is being checked for terrorist links.

She was detained after assaulting an employee and a customer with a cutter knife at a store in the Var department on Sunday, BFM TV reports, citing a local prosecutor.

It is said that the customer was stabbed in the chest, while the employee was injured in the eye. The attacker, dressed in black and wearing a veil, was stopped by the supermarket staff, BFM TV reports.

The woman shouted “Allahu Akbar” at the moment of the attack, according to an AFP reporter who spoke with witnesses. Howeverm [sic] the owman [sic] could have a mental disorder, the prosecutor noted. Still, police have not ruled out the possibility that the woman had been radicalized….

France: Two Young People Scream "Allahu Akbar" In Church Before Start Of Morning Mass

From L'Observatoire de la Christianphobie:
From a source that I am assured is firsthand, I am informed that two young people at 10:40AM shouted “Allah Akbar” this morning in the church of Our Lady of Providence (Saint-Antoine Parish) of Digoin (Saône-et-Loire), shortly before the start of the Mass celebrated at 11 am. (thank you Mr. J. for this report).

UN Sides With Hamas ... To No One's Surprise

From World Israel News:
The United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) Wednesday rejected a US motion against Hamas, but affirmed a Palestinian-led initiative against Israel that condemned the Jewish state for the actions it took to prevent thousands of Gazans from overrunning its border fence.

The UNGA also criticized Israel’s counter-terror and policing actions against Palestinians in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

The American amendment condemning Hamas was struck down, even though it had a slim majority, 62-58, and 42 abstentions.

UNGA President Miroslav Lajčák of Slovakia ruled that a two-thirds majority was needed for an amendment to be added to a draft resolution.

Haley appealed his decision, which led the session to be adjourned for several minutes. The appeal was rejected.

“Today the UN made the morally bankrupt judgment that the recent Gaza violence is all Israel’s fault. It is no wonder that no one takes the UN seriously as a force for Middle East peace,” Haley said.

“But the common practice of turning a blind eye to the UN’s anti-Israel bias is changing. Today, a plurality of 62 countries voted in favor of the US-led effort to address Hamas’s responsibility for the disastrous conditions in Gaza. We had more countries on the right side than the wrong side,” she said.

Prior to the vote Haley said that her country’s amendment “reflects the minimum truth of what is going on in Gaza. It is the least that any self-respecting international organization or nation can do for the cause of peace.”

“To those who are unsure about how to vote, I ask, what part of our amendment is objectionable? Is it objectionable to condemn Hamas for firing the rockets at civilians?” Haley asked….

Israel’s Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon told the General Assembly prior to Haley’s statement that if the UN approved the Palestinian resolution, “it will have signed in writing its unequivocal support for terrorism against Israel.”

“Let us not pretend,” Danon said. “If ISIS were to attack Stockholm tomorrow, ISIS would be held responsible for the attack. If al-Qaeda assaulted Paris, the UN would issue the strongest condemnation of al-Qaeda,” he added.

“Only when Hamas attacks Israel does the UN seek to blame Israel,” Danon said. “The moral majority in this chamber should not tolerate a different standard for Israeli victims of terror.”

“I have a simple message for those who support this resolution. You are the ammunition for Hamas’s guns. You are the warheads for Hamas’s missiles,” Danon said.

UK: Man Rips Off Woman's Cross Off Door After Delivering Food

From Metro (UK):
This is the shocking moment a takeaway delivery driver ripped a Christian cross from a woman’s front door then threw it on the floor before delivering her food.

Georgia Savva, 48, had just been about to leave for work on Tuesday when she noticed the Palm Sunday cross that had been on display by her front door for years had been torn into pieces and left scattered on her doormat.

Surprised, she asked her two teenage children to check the family’s CCTV security system to see what had happened, assuming an animal was to blame.

But she was left shocked when the footage revealed the creepy truth – that their supposedly friendly local takeaway house’s delivery driver had grabbed it from the wall and ripped it in half, before chucking it to the ground.

Just seconds later the video shows the door opening and Ms Savva’s teen son handing the worker cash for the takeaway – including a generous tip.

Last night, the 48-year-old finance worker, who is Greek Orthodox, said she was heartbroken that anyone could be so disrespectful.

She has been visiting the Romna Gate Tandoori in her home of Southgate, north London, since she was a teenager, spending thousands there and always tipping staff at the Indian restaurant.

She said: ‘I saw the broken cross on Tuesday and mentioned it to the children, who are at home revising for exams.

‘They told me to go to work and they would check the camera at the front of the house.

‘I assumed it would be a fox or something as the cross had been there for years, but they called me and said it was the delivery driver.

‘I called the restaurant and they ignored me and then I was so furious I went in there after work….

‘People are all too aware of things that are anti-Muslim, or anti-semitic, but there isn’t even a name for things that are anti-Christianity.

‘There is no way I’m letting this rest. There is no way I’m going to let my children think that sort of behaviour is OK. If I can prosecute, I will.’

Georgia has now called the police and they came out to interview her on Wednesday night.

She shared the video of the delivery driver on Facebook, saying she was ‘disgusted’ and tagging the restaurant responsible.

She posted: ‘This is the moment the vile delivery driver* tore down our palm crucifix off the wall and threw it to the ground.

‘Who knew anti-Christianity was rife in North London! I have called several times and left messages and went into the restaurant and was told there is nobody of authority that can assist. Absolutely disgusted.’

Georgia was inundated with supportive comments, saying no religious hatred should be tolerated.

The restaurant has since put up an apology to Georgia on its Facebook page and blamed Ramadan for the fact they haven’t got back to her….

‘There have so far been no arrests.’

France Spends $40,000,000 On New Fences Around The Eiffel Tower

Diversity is strength!

From the BBC:
Paris is to unveil its newly built perimeter defences around the Eiffel Tower to protect against terror threats.

Temporary barriers were placed around the tower in June 2016, and are now being replaced with more permanent measures.

Set to be completed in mid-July, the fences cost nearly €35 million ($40.1m; £30.1m).

More than 240 people have died in terror attacks in France since 2015.

Bernard Gaudillère, president of the Société d’Exploitation de la Tour Eiffel (SETE) which runs the iconic monument, said the new walls were “rock-solid for absolute security”.

Glass walls measuring 6.5cm (2.5in) thick will form two sides of the square, with the other two blocked off by 3.24m (10.6ft) high metal barriers, exactly one-hundredth the height of the tower.

To prevent vehicle attacks, 420 blocks will be placed in front of the glass walls as an added protection.

The forecourt under the Eiffel tower has been closed to the public since June 2016, with anti-terror troops regularly patrolling the site….

UK: Non-Muslim Police Officers Take Part In 18-Hour Ramadan Fast To 'Gain A Better Understanding' Of The Local Community

From the Daily Mail:
Non-Muslim police officers have taken part in an 18-hour fast for Ramadan to help boost relations with the Islamic community.

Northamptonshire Police said the move was to ‘show unity’ and ‘gain a better understanding’ of the local community during the Muslim holy month.

PSCO’s were this week pictured at the Headlands Mosque in Northampton, joining in with the evening iftar meal having fasted from sunrise to sunset.

Northamptonshire Police said the move was an attempt to get ‘deeper into community roots’ while the mosque also welcomed the officers’ participation.

Trustee of the Mosque, Mr Ayub Abdulla, said: ‘It was heartening to see people from the police taking part in the fast and joining us with their families for the evening meal.

‘The local officers, in particular our two local PCSO are extremely helpful and take an active interest in helping us and facilitating greater understanding between us.’…

Iranians Celebrate Soccer Victory By Chanting "Reza Shah"

Jihad Watch points out: "In chanting his name, Iranians are expressing their dissatisfaction with the Islamic Republic that supplanted Reza Shah’s son and successor, Mohammed Reza Pahlavi. We can only hope that free people will soon be able to overthrow the tyrannical and oppressive Islamic Republic, and give Iranians the government they deserve. It is noteworthy that in Iran, the people are clamoring for freedom, while in Britain, they’re racing with breakneck speed into slavery."

UK: Muslim Activist Hits Police Officer, Escapes With Suspended Sentence

From Metro (UK):
A Muslim activist who hit a police officer with his walking stick at a Tommy Robinson rally in Hyde Park has escaped with a suspended sentence.

Omar Mohamad, 62, scuffled with Sergeant Guy Rooney and left him with a severely bruised face at a counter protest in Hyde Park in March 2018.

The officer suffered from post traumatic stress and his injury was so bad his children refused to walk to school with him.

Passing a 26-week suspended sentence, District Judge Richard Blake said the rally was held ‘to express views that were adverse to the Muslim community in the United Kingdom.’

‘We live in a democracy – people should feel free, within limits, to express their opinions,’ the judge said.

Sergeant Guy Rooney suffered from post traumatic stress and his injury was so bad his children refused to walk to school with him (Picture: Brais G. Rouco/ Central News)

‘You were with a group of other men. It is fair to say that immediately in front of you there was a fracas.

‘You joined into the melee that happened and you joined in with your stick.

‘While you do need that stick to walk with, you very much used it by wielding it around as a weapon. You brought the stick round and struck the officer in the face.

‘There is no doubt that this was a very significant injury that you caused with your stick.’…

Russia: Taxi Plows Into Moscow Crowd Including Soccer Fans, Injuring Seven

From Reuters:
MOSCOW (Reuters) – A taxi drove into a crowd of pedestrians near Moscow’s Red Square on Saturday, injuring eight people including two Mexicans in the city for the soccer World Cup which Russia is hosting, officials and eyewitnesses said.

The incident took place as residents and visiting soccer fans thronged the center of Moscow on a balmy summer evening.

Moscow’s traffic management authority said the taxi driver had a driver’s license issued in Kyrgyzstan, a mainly Muslim ex-Soviet republic. It cited the driver, who was in police custody, as saying he had not driven into the crowd on purpose.

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said in a post on Twitter: “There was an unpleasant incident with a taxi. The driver lost control of the vehicle.” 
Video of the incident posted on social media showed the yellow Hyundai taxi pull sharply out of a line of stationary traffic, accelerate and mount the narrow pavement, which was packed with pedestrians.

Man Who Was ‘Trying To Get His Life Straightened Out’ Dies From Beating In Brawl At Lewiston’s Kennedy Park

From the Press Herald:
The 38-year-old man who was badly beaten during a brawl this week in Lewiston’s Kennedy Park has died, state police said.

Donald Giusti of Lewiston died Friday afternoon at Central Maine Medical Center, where he had been hospitalized since late Tuesday night when the fight erupted.

Friends of Giusti, a father of two, described him as a former brawler who had been trying to turn his life around.

“He used to be a hell of a fighter,” 44-year-old Cynthia Stoddard told the Sun Journal. “Around three years ago, he said, ‘I don’t want to do this anymore.’ He was a good guy. He was trying to get his life straightened out.”

Two groups clashed Tuesday on Knox Street after teenagers in a car reportedly drove past the park and shot pellets and BBs at a group gathered there, according to Sun Journal sources who said they witnessed the events.

Several people pursued the car from the park to Knox Street, where a melee broke out, the teens reportedly wielding sticks, bats and bricks, sources said.

Police are investigating to determine whether there were racial elements to the fight, an assertion made by many in the aftermath of the brawl.

“There were certainly different ethnic origins involved in the fight,” Lewiston police Lt. David St. Pierre said on Thursday. “I don’t know exactly how many. We get reports or I’ve seen on social media and other outlets that people are saying there are as many as 30 or 40 people from different ethnic backgrounds. I don’t know that to be accurate.”…