Kurds Suspect Another Chemical Attack By Islamic State In Iraq

From Reuters:
Kurdish authorities said on Tuesday they suspected a homemade rocket fired by Islamic State at their peshmerga forces in northern Iraq contained chemical substances, accusing the Islamist insurgents of an increasing use of chemical weapons.

The Kurdistan Region's Security Council (KRSC) said the attack had taken place along the front line north of Mosul on Aug. 31, and one peshmerga fighter was receiving treatment in hospital.

A "considerable amount" of yellow smoke was produced, it said.

Samples taken from the site of another attack earlier this year tested positive for chlorine, and at least two other incidents are being investigated.

"This is one of an increasing number of attacks in recent months suspected of carrying chemical substances," the KRSC said in a statement.

"We remain deeply concerned with the escalation and delivery method of these attacks, and urgently call on the International Coalition to provide protective equipment to peshmerga forces," it said, referring to the foreign powers, led by the United States, supporting the fight against Islamic State.

The Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons in The Hague has expressed its concern about the alleged use of chemical weapons in the region but has said either Baghdad or the U.N. Security Council would have to make a request if the OPCW were to investigate.

Picture of the Week: Violence In Syria

The Telegraph reports: "It was an image that captured the human tragedy of Europe’s migrant crisis: a Turkish border guard tenderly cradling the lifeless body of a Syrian-Kurdish toddler, washed ashore on the beach of a holiday resort."

Hundreds of thousands of deaths in Syria and Iraq, but the world doesn't seem to care. Compare the image of Turkey's bloodbath to Palestinian propaganda meant to demonize Israelis and Jews that seems to monopolize more headlines.

Kenya Panel: Defeat Al-Shabaab With Correct Interpretation Of Islam

Good luck with that.

From VOA:
The dissemination of the correct interpretation of Islam is one way Islamic scholars could help defeat al-Shabab, according to a VOA panel discussion held Saturday in Nairobi.

Panel members agreed an ideological war, combined with military power, must be waged in the fight against the militant group.

Some panel members voiced concern that the way Kenyan security forces treat some communities is resulting in young people turning to al-Shabab.

One panel member spoke about allegations of extrajudicial killings by the Kenyan forces.

However, the panel said the most successful way to diminish the threat of al-Shabab is to confront the militant group inside Somalia, where the group has been pushed from its strongholds but continues to launch attacks.

Panel members included Gamal Hassan, Somalia's ambassador to Kenya; Abdikadir Ore Ahmed, a lawmaker from Wajir in the ethnic Somali northeastern region of Kenya; Dr. Abdirahman Baadiyow, an Islamic scholar and politician; Asha Abdalla, a former lawmaker and activist; Dr. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdi, author; and Professor Abdiwahab Abdisamad of Nairobi University.

NJ Muslim Accused Of Throwing Lit Firecrackers At Synagogue While Screaming “Allahu Akbar”

From NJ.com:
PATERSON — A Clifton man who allegedly threw lit firecrackers outside a synagogue and yelled “Allahu Akbar” — an Islamic phrase meaning “God is greater” — pleaded not guilty Monday to two counts of bias intimidation.

Rizek Musheisen, 21, appeared in Passaic County Superior Court before Judge Scott Bennion.

Police arrested Musheisen in April. He allegedly threw firecrackers outside the Ahavas Israel Synagogue at 181 Van Houten Ave. in Passaic, police there said.

The Passaic County Prosecutor’s Office has offered Musheisen a plea deal that would give him an 18-month sentence for pleading guilty to one of the bias intimidation charges. Harley Breite, Musheisen’s attorney, said they wouldn’t consider the offer.

“My client is not a racist,” Breite said. “He shouldn’t be imprisoned.”

Breite said the case was personal for him. He was a member of Ahavas Israel as a child and his father and grandfather are Holocaust survivors.

“When such allegations as these are made we need to think more of promoting understanding and reconciliation rather than demanding vengeance and harsh punishments,” he said.

Musheisen is free on bail and attending classes at Montclair State University, Breite said. He hopes to work as a teacher upon graduation.

Breite questioned why the other men in the car that took Musheisen to the synagogue, including the driver, weren’t charged.

“I’d like to know why, if this is a bias crime, the person who drove to the site who had to get out of the car as well as the passengers were not charged,” he said. “If a crime were committed, they would certainly be complicit.”

Jihad Rehabilitation For Up To 10 School-Aged Children

From the Daily Telegraph:
UP to 10 school-aged children who were considering going to war as death cult jihadists are now undergoing government deradicalisation programs.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Andrew Colvin said the situation was alarming but would not divulge ages of the students or reveal where they were from.

“What worries me as a parent but also as a police commissioner is children who are school aged making decisions they are just ill-equipped to make,” he said.

“We’ve considered 10 school-aged children at this stage for programs in the community to work with them to say this is not a good choice you’re about to make or this is a bad plan you had and we will continue to do that.”

It’s understood some of the students are from Sydney.

The revelations came just a week after it emerged 336 wannabe terrorists were intercepted at Australian international airports before they could leave the country in just 312 days during last financial year. It followed five men being taken off planes at Sydney Airport on August 12, in the biggest single interception in Australia. Each had about $10,000 in their luggage.

A further two men, linked to the group of five, were intercepted a week later.

Mr Colvin, whose crack team of counter-terrorism officers have foiled multiple plots over the last year, conceded it was difficult getting to school students before the sophisticated Islamic State propaganda team corrupted them online.

“We’re very concerned about the youth in our community who seem to be particularly vulnerable to these messages that are coming out of ISIL and out of the Middle East,’’ he said.

“It is very difficult for law enforcement to try to get ahead of that and try and stop the radicalisation (of young people) from occurring.”…

The government’s stand couldn’t be firmer, with Mr Abbott declaring: “If you go to Syria or Iraq to fight with a terrorist army, you are committing the modern form of treason.”

Iranian National Accused Of Assaulting Hancock County Deputies

From WLOX:
HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – An Iranian national arrested in Hancock County Sunday for allegedly making terrorist threats and assaulting two sheriff’s deputies will have a bond hearing Tuesday.

Authorities say they were forced to shut down a portion of I-10 near the Mississippi-Louisiana state line for more than two hours after Safa Alidoust, 32, threatened to set off explosive devices he claimed were in his car. Sheriff’s officials say it’s a bizarre case.

“Got a call of a naked man on I-10, dispatchers dispatch a deputy out there. When he got there, the guy was naked. So he approaches him, he was talking to him, as they were talking he and the suspect get into a wrestling match,” said Hancock County Sheriff Ricky Adam.

The car Sheriff Adam said the suspect was driving was impounded behind the Sheriff’s Department and it had what is believed to be the suspect’s clothes on the floor board and passenger seat. The sheriff said while the interstate scuffle was going on, a second officer was sent to the scene.

Adam said the deputies, “Finally subdue him after about 10 or 15 minutes of fighting with him. Which in turn injured one of our officers.”

Adam said the scene became more intense after the suspect began making threats praying to Allah and saying he’s got a bomb and he’s going to blow everybody up. That’s when the sheriff says the Biloxi Bomb Squad was called.

“They x-rayed a couple of packages that were in the vehicle,” explained Sheriff Adam.

Fortunately no bomb was found in the car . But a background check on the suspect determined Alidoust is an Iranian national living in Lafayette, Louisiana on a work visa.

“And works for an oil company over there, a petroleum company., [sic] The Iranian was then sent to the hospital, and at the hospital he’s still threatening to kill anyone who isn’t a member of Islam or Muslim. When we have somebody that’s making these threats, we know he’s Iranian, we know he’s a Muslim, and regardless what anybody says, dammit, they’ve killed people. So we have to take it seriously and we are,” explained Adam.

The Sheriff said the suspect told his deputies he was nude because he is required to pray that way.

Adam said, “If that’s what they believe I can care less. They can do it. just [sic] don’t do it on the interstate.”…

ISIS Brutalizes Boys To Create An Army Of Child Soldiers, Victims Say

From NBC:
ISTANBUL — Mohammed, 14, uses a wheelchair to move around the tiny apartment where he lives in the Turkish city of Sanliurfa with his brother and a friend of the family who acts as his nurse.

The apartment is on the third floor of a dilapidated walk-up building. It has no air conditioning. The doorways in the apartment are narrow. His wheelchair doesn't fit through all of them, so Mohammed, originally from eastern Syria, often pushes himself out of the chair and hops around the apartment on one foot.

ISIS chopped off Mohammed's right hand and left foot two weeks ago. ISIS tried to turn Mohammed into a child soldier. The group disfigured him because he refused to cooperate.

Ahmed is another boy from the same part of Syria as Mohammed, but is two and a half years older than him. Ahmed says ISIS coerced him into fighting for the group with a combination of threats and false promises.

Interviews by NBC News with Mohammed, Ahmed, their guardians, Syrian activists and a former ISIS commander who defected, reveal a disturbing ISIS strategy to recruit and deploy an army of child soldiers, brainwashing them until they are ready to blow themselves up or carry out terrorist attacks in the Middle East and abroad, and brutalizing those who refuse to cooperate.

Much has been written about ISIS's monstrous treatment of girls, forcing them to become child brides or sex slaves, passed from fighter to fighter. This is a story about what ISIS is doing to the boys in areas under its control...

Child Taken From High Flying British Mother By Shariah Court

From The Express:
Afsana Lachaux, now 47, had been a successful civil servant and worked as a policy adviser for Gordon Brown and David Blunkett when she met French engineer Bruno in 2008.

They married two years later, moved to Dubai and had a son, Louis, but when the marriage broke down in 2011 Afsana's dream turned into a nightmare as she was branded an unfit mother and falsely accused of kidnap before her little boy was cruelly taken away from her.

Reasons given by the court for awarding custody of the child to his father rather than Afsana include her inability to breastfeed, the fact that Louis suffered from eczema, that some of her friends are gay, and that she sent an "un-Islamic" text message to her ex-husband wishing him a happy Christmas.

Bruno is a Christian and Afsana a non-practising Muslim.

Now back in the UK, Afsana told the Mail on Sunday she fears she won't see her son again until he is 18 - if ever - and feels the Islamic legal system has stolen her son.

The mum, who has two grown-up sons from a previous marriage, explained how her perfect relationship fell apart almost as soon as it had begun.

She said: "I was ecstatic. I'd been given this blessed, final chance to have another child later in life.

"I truly believed I was beginning the happiest period of my life. I quickly realised that the reality of being Bruno's wife was vastly different from seeing him for what were like a string of holidays during our courtship.

"From the moment I set foot on Emirati soil, I feel my fate was sealed.

"Bruno controlled all the finances. He was critical because I couldn't breastfeed. He restricted access to the internet in our home. I naively didn't know how little power women had.

"When I wanted to work he suggested I become a maid. We had constant arguments because he said I wouldn't obey him and he kept reminding me that we lived in an Islamic country now where a man's word is law."

Afsana said she was terrified by her husband's behaviour - although he denies any wrongdoing - but after one particular argument she was the one who ended up being questioned by police after Mr Lachaux accused her of attacking him.

The frightened mother had to go to the police station to make a statement and while she was there officers asked why she didn't obey her husband.

The visit was the first of many run-ins with the sharia legal system, which would eventually lead to Afsana being forced to flee the country without her child.

When she moved out of the family home with Louis she was charged with abduction and arrested. Afsana and her son were thrown into a filthy prison cell and left there for four hours with no water. After the ordeal her passport was seized.

By February 2012, the desperate mother and her baby son had moved into a women's refuge and divorce proceedings were going ahead without her.

Panicked, Afsana fled the refuge with Louis and went into hiding.

In her absence the court ruled she "didn't obey her husband, was careless in taking care of her son because of his eczema and spent evenings at nightclubs".

The divorce was granted in October 2013 and Mr Lachaux, 38, was awarded custody of Louis.

Just a few days later, when one of Asfana's friends was looking after Louis, her ex-husband took the child.

She said: "It had been my worst fear. It felt as though my world had ended. I cried for weeks, begging the Foreign Office for help. But there was nothing they could do. The court had decreed my ex-husband had custody, no one could do anything about that."

Afsana was found guilty of abduction - the sharia court refused to hear her side of the argument - and she was sentenced to one month in prison, suspended for three years.

When her passport was finally returned in March 2014 she was advised by her lawyers to leave the country.

Afsana has been granted visitation rights to see her son for three hours a week - but only if she travels to her ex-husband's Dubai home, accompanied by a male relative.

She said: "They made it impossible for me. I know that the moment I set foot on Dubai soil I would be arrested again and my passport seized. My MP believes I would end up languishing in a Dubai prison for years. It's a no-win situation.

"Right now I feel as though those sharia judges stole my son. And all I can do is hope.

"Louis will be at school now. His school friends will all have mothers. He must wonder where I am. I worry that he has been told I have abandoned him. Sharia law has allowed me to be wiped out of Louis' life."

The British government has told Afsana it cannot interfere with the sharia court's ruling and the Foreign Office issued a warning to British women living in the UAE that they will face custody proceedings under the same laws should their marriage breakdown, regardless of their religion or nationality.

Meanwhile, Afsana has created a Bring Louis Home website in the hopes she can persuade the authorities in Dubai to change their mind.

If that doesn't work, she will just have to wait.

She added: "My only hope is that when he is 18, Louis will come looking for me."

Mr Lachaux's lawyers did not respond to a request for comment.

Picture of the Week: Islam's War On Civilization

From The Religion Of Peace:
Islam's war on civilization claimed the life of Khaled al-Asaad, a very dedicated 83-year-old archeologist who was beheaded by the caliph for trying to protect antiquities from destruction.

Al Qaeda Lashes 10 In Yemen For Blasphemy, Alcohol

From the AP via Times of India:
Al-Qaida militants in southeastern Yemen have publicly flogged 10 men in a new sign of their growing control over the lawless region, witnesses and an official said on Friday.

The men were whipped in Al-Shihr, a coastal town in Hadramawt province, after being summarily convicted of insulting God and consuming alcohol and drugs, the official said.

Dozens of people attended the flogging, which is said to follow the Islamic sharia law.

Witnesses said each man received between 80 and 100 lashes and that both screamed in pain.

The official said al-Qaida militants have been harassing residents by interfering in all aspects of their daily lives.

Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula controls parts of Hadramawt, including provincial capital Mukalla, which they seized in April.

AQAP has exploited months of fighting in Yemen between Iran-backed rebels and the beleaguered Saudi-backed government to take advantage of the growing chaos.

The United States considers it to be the extremist group's deadliest global franchise and regularly targets its militants with drone strikes on Yemeni territory.