Montana: Albanian National Sought To Join ISIS

From NBC:
BOZEMAN, Mont. — An Albanian national who talked about joining ISIS and attacking random people to avenge a shooting at a New Zealand mosque was arrested at a gun range in Montana, authorities said Thursday.

Fabjan Alameti, 21, appeared before a U.S magistrate judge Thursday on charges of possession of a firearm by an unlawful user of a controlled substance and making false statements involving international and domestic terrorism.

U.S. Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch ordered him detained for further proceedings.

Alameti’s federal public defender, John Rhodes, did not immediately return a call for comment Thursday.

The FBI had been tracking Alameti since he made pro-ISIS comments on Facebook in 2018, FBI Special Agent Matthew Duermeier said in a sworn statement filed with the court.

Starting in January of this year, Alameti spoke with a federal informant about fighting with the terrorist organization in Iraq and plotting an attack in the U.S. against a military facility, recruitment center, government building, “gay club” or Jewish temple, Duermeier said.

But Alameti also later said he would not carry out an attack on U.S. soil because the country had granted him citizenship, the FBI agent’s statement said.

Alameti told the informant he moved from his home in the Bronx to Bozeman last month because he hated his life in New York City, he was having family issues and he had a job interview in Montana, where it was easier to buy a gun, Duermeier said.

Alameti was traveling to Montana by bus on March 15 when a gunman opened fire in a Christchurch mosque and killed 50 people.

He asked the federal informant to send him a link to the video of the shooting because it would fuel him. “I will attack random people to avenge the blood,” Alameti told the informant, according to Duermeier….

France: Muslims Humiliate Transgendered Women

UK Court Sentences Muslim Iranian Seeker Who Killed Wife For Converting To Christianity

From Daily Caller:
A U.K. court sentenced a Muslim Iranian asylum seeker to jail Thursday for stabbing his wife to death, in part for her conversion to Christianity.

Iranian asylum seeker Dana Abdullah stabbed Avan Najmadiein, his estranged wife and 32-year-old mother of four, 50 times in October and left her to die after discovering that she refused to support his application to stay in the U.K., according to the BBC.

Abdullah, 35, returned illegally to the U.K. after being deported in 2013 for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl and he previously threatened to kill his wife because she “dishonored” him by converting to Christianity, authorities said.

“It does show that you are not someone of good character and, having been deported for that matter, you chose to come back into this country illegally and have committed this very serious crime,” Judge Michael Chambers said of Abdullah, according to Premier.

Chambers also lambasted Abdullah for the callous and brutal nature of his crime.

“This was, on any view, a planned and pre-meditated murder involving a brutal and sustained attack using a knife – knowing full well that it would deprive four children under the age of eight of their mother,” Chambers said.

Chambers sentenced Abdullah to a minimum of 18 years and one month in prison.

Detective Victoria Downing characterized Abdullah as “an arrogant and controlling man,” asserting that he killed Najmadiein because he resented her rejection, her refusal to support his application and her conversion to Christianity.

Abdullah murdered Najmadiein with a kitchen knife at her home on Oct. 1, 2018, tried to set her kitchen ablaze in an attempt to erase evidence, then fled, initially to Liverpool, England, and then to Glasgow, Scotland. Authorities discovered Najmadiein’s body at her home when she failed to pick her children up from school. All of her children were under the age of eight at the time.

Abdullah turned himself in to police in Glasgow, but admitted only to being a “failed asylum-seeker” at the time.

Wilson Chowdhry, chairman of the British Pakistani Christian Association, said the violent persecution of those who convert to another religion from Islam is widespread in the U.K.

“We recently wrote a report for the hate crime inquiry on Islamophobia so that we could show the other side of the coin, where much of the persecution of apostates in this country is based on a real hatred for those who quit Islam,” Chowdhry told Premier….

Hamas: Israel Will Evacuate The Whole Country

But Israel is the problem, according to the mainstream.

From Arutz 7:
Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar warned Israel that “if the Strip is dragged into war, Israel will suffer. It won’t evacuate just the towns bordering Gaza, but also Ashdod, Ashkelon, and even Tel Aviv.”

“Our fingers are still on the trigger, and they’ll stay there in order to protect the Palestinian nation. Hamas will be a sword and shield for the Palestinian people.”

On Wednesday, the Palestinian Authority’s Al-Quds newspaper reported that the various local factions – headed by Hamas and Islamic Jihad – ordered their members to cease using explosives along Gaza’s border with Israel.

The report also claimed that the nightly demonstrations, as well as sending explosive and incendiary balloons into Israel….

Later, Israel will agree to allow the Qatari money into Gaza. The funds are intended to improve Gaza’s water, sewage, and electricity infrastructure.

Sweden: Afghan Migrant Tried To Run Over People

From Nyheterldag (Swedish):
LUND On New Year’s Day, the Afghans traveled around Lund in a stolen car and tried to drive into at least ten people on pedestrian crossings and sidewalks, but everyone escaped him, not least thanks to a taxi driver who went after him and chased him until he was caught. Now he is being prosecuted for ten cases of attempted murder. “I know, I get good feelings of becoming a martyr to God,” he says himself.

An elderly man from Afghanistan had refueled the car in Malmö, but on his way out of the gas station, a younger Afghan stood in the way and kicked the car when it stopped. The driver got out of the car and asked what he was doing, but then the younger man began to wave his arms against him.

“He shouted all the time I’m gonna beat you, I’ll kill you, you fucking old man. All this he said in Persian,” said the car owner in questioning.

As the driver backed off, the younger man jumped into the car, where the car keys remained in the lock, and drove from there. A couple of hours later – it is unclear exactly what he did in between – he came to Lund, where for half an hour he drove around at leisurely speed and looked for victims to run over and kill.

His goal was both cyclists and pedestrians, and on a couple of occasions he slowed down and stopped to target people across the street, and then run down and try to run them over. According to one witness, at one point he aimed at a group of young people, 30–40 in number, but at that point the edge to the pavement was too high, so he was not able to get over it. On several other occasions, he just drove up on sidewalks to target pedestrians who in some cases had to run away.

Taxi driver may have saved the lives of many

One of the reasons that no one lost their lives or even got some injuries was probably that an available taxi driver, himself with a background in the Middle East, paid attention to the Afghan at an early stage when he passed a crossing without stopping. The taxi driver understood what he was doing and pursued him. He then noticed that the Afghan was trying to drive a cyclist and then a pedestrian.

“When I saw that he is trying to drive people, I drove after him and watch out because I have to pay attention to people on his car. I thought he would hurt or kill someone. I kept following him all the time, hoping people would see him,” he said in interrogation.

Via the com radio, the driver contacts the taxi company, which in turn calls the police….

Indonesia: Non-Muslim Family Expelled From Village

From Asia News:
Jakarta (AsiaNews) – Slamet Sumiarto…a Catholic painter, is the latest victim of religious intolerance in Yogyakarta special region after he and his family were expelled from a village because they are not Muslim.

The artist has just moved his family to Karet, a village in Pleret sub-district (Bantul Regency), but the local chief and residents refused to accept their presence and ordered them to leave on the basis of a local regulation…

Slamet yesterday posted a video on social media complaining about the situation. This has sparked a controversy across the country, prompting the authorities to open an investigation.

“I just moved here to Pleret and brought all my stuff and paintings to Karet,” said the painter. “Today I am very sad to know that I do not have the ‘right’ to stay and live here simply because I am not a Muslim and my whole family is Catholic.”

“From an emotional point of view, I am really exhausted from this unexpected experience,” he said. “My poor wife, my children and I hope to soon find a good solution to this problem so that I could stay here, in this rented house in Pleret”.

The video drew public attention to the matter and prompted Bantul Regency officials to organise a meeting to solve the issue to satisfy both the Catholic family and local Muslims.

Although an agreement was reached to let Slamet and his family to live in the village under the supervision of the authorities, the painter eventually decided to leave and find accommodation elsewhere….

France Won’t Take Back Islamic State Jihadis And Their Families After Furious Public Outcry

From Mail Online:
France has ruled out repatriating jihadists and their families from Syria following furious backlash at reports 250 of them would be allowed to return.

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner told a press conference in Paris on Friday: ‘No communal repatriation was under consideration to be carried out.’

It had been reported that in early March the government was prepared to bring home around 250 men, women and children from the former ‘caliphate,’ which brought widespread public backlash.

France and other European nations are considering how to deal with the thousands of foreigners, many of whom are being held by the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces which led the final push against IS.

The issue is extremely sensitive in France, where a deadly 2015 attack on the capital claimed by IS killed 130 people and set off a wave of other deadly assaults since then.

Castaner said: ‘It’s logical that our services considered all hypotheses. This was one of the hypothesis they prepared.’

However, he reiterated that France would nonetheless study bringing back children of jihadist fighters on a ‘case-by-case basis’.

He denied Liberation’s claim that France’s policy with regards to fighters in Syria was being dictated by public opinion….

ISIS Suspect Was Admitted To U.S. As Refugee

From ABC 10:
SACRAMENTO, Calif. — In August 2018, an Iraqi man living in Sacramento as a refugee was arrested on behalf of the Government of Iraq, which, court documents say, requested his extradition from the United States to stand trial for an alleged murder he committed as a member of the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group.

Omar Abdulsattar Ameen was arrested at his Arden-Arcade apartment as part of the request. Iraqi officials have charged Ameen with murder, alleging he killed an Iraqi police officer on behalf of ISIS in June 2014.

Prior to the Iraqi government’s extradition request, the FBI had also been investigating Ameen for suspected violations of visa fraud, “among other suspected violations,” which have not been detailed in court documents.

Ameen is currently being held in solitary confinement in the Sacramento County Jail.

Here’s why you should be paying attention to this case: If Ameen is indeed a member of ISIS, and committed a murder on behalf of one of the world’s most notorious terrorist organizations, then how was he able to pass the United States’ thorough refugee vetting process and make a home for himself in Sacramento?

On the other hand, if Ameen isn’t a member of ISIS, or any other terrorist organizations, and the U.S. does extradite him back to Iraq, his chances of receiving a fair trial are slim to none.

As detailed by journalist Ben Taub’s award-winning New Yorker article, “Shallow Graves,” in terrorism cases held in Iraq, lawyers are usually denied access to their clients until the hearing begins, the trials last only a few minutes, little if any evidence is presented, and the conviction rate is around 98 percent.

If Ameen is sent back to Iraq to stand trial—whether guilty or innocent–he will likely be put to death.

In the seven months since Ameen’s arrest, his defense team has worked to prove that Ameen could not have killed the police officer in Iraq since, they say, there’s evidence that he was in Turkey at the time the murder was committed.

In a previously sealed filing, United States attorneys representing the Iraqi government in the extradition proceedings admitted that after Ameen’s arrest in Sacramento, they received potentially exculpatory alibi information in which a person believed to have been living with Ameen in Turkey during the time of the murder said Ameen never left the country. The attorneys stopped short, however, of providing that evidence to the defense, arguing that doing so would compromise its duties to protect national security.

Ameen’s attorneys argued that seeking to extradite their client while the U.S. government is in possession of evidence that proves Ameen could not have committed the murder is a clear injustice. In response, attorneys representing the U.S. say they’ve never had any evidence that would prove Ameen was in Turkey, only an uncorroborated alibi statement from a person who claimed Ameen never left Turkey.

Ameen was supposed to face his extradition hearing in February 2019, but the court has granted two continuances to allow the defense to have time to “obliterate probable cause” that their client committed the alleged murder. During that time, U.S. attorneys have argued that Ameen’s defense team has attempted to transform his extradition proceedings into a full-blown criminal trial, which, they contend, it is not, citing a recent explanation by an Illinois judge, who said: “Questions of credibility and guilt or innocence are not to be considered…An accused in an extradition hearing has no right to contradict the demanding country’s proof…(and) evidence of alibi or of facts contradicting the demanding country’s proof, or of a defense, are to be excluded from the hearing.”…

UK: Asylum Application Of Christian Pakistani Family Is Rejected

From Premier:
Wilson and Lorina Dallas have made a fresh attempt for asylum after their initial application was rejected – and two appeals were unsuccessful.

The couple, aged 38 and 31 respectively, are receiving support from the Catholic church they attend in the Springburn area of Glasgow.

Fr John McGrath from St Aloysius told Premier: “The whole of the Glasgow community and here in Springburn – people of all faiths and none – are so supportive of the family.

“Everyone wants them here because they feel that the family are already part of the community.”

A religious ordinance issues by Islamic leaders in Pakistan called for their deaths after a row erupted at a wedding Lorina attended in late 2017.

During the ceremony, the mother-of-two was asked why she would not convert to Islam.

The pair were subsequently attacked and even held at gunpoint – prompting them to seek refuge abroad….

Palestinian Authority Cuts Medical Care To Its Citizens Rather Than Stop Paying Jihad Terrorists

From Palestinian Media Watch:
Until now Israel has been giving medical treatment in Israel to thousands of Palestinians every year. But this humanitarian program will now come to an end, as the Palestinian Authority has decided to stop sending its citizens in need of medical treatment to Israel. The PA’s explanation is as follows: Since Israel is refusing to transfer approximately $138 million to the PA this year that the PA spends on salaries to terrorists, the PA will no longer permit Palestinians to travel for medical treatment in Israel, for which the PA has to pay. Until now, it has been costing the PA about $100 million a year to cover the medical costs. In essence, the PA has decided to punish its own citizens in need of medical treatment which costs $100 million a year, because it lost $138 million that it pays to terrorists in Israeli prisons and released terrorist prisoners. Israeli law is explicit that should the PA stop paying salaries to terrorists, Israel could release and return all this money to the PA.

In 2015, the last year for which there are public records, over 102,000 Palestinians were granted permits to enter Israel for treatment, including over 20,000 Palestinians who received medical treatment in Israeli hospitals.

PA Ministry of Health Spokesman Osama Al-Najjar explained the cessation of medical referrals to the Israeli hospitals, starting from March 26, 2019, as follows:

“This decision was made in response to the deduction of sums [Israel transfers] from the taxes that [Israel] collects each month for the Palestinian coffers. He added that the cost of the referrals to the Israeli hospitals is $100 million a year.”
[Official PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, March 27, 2019]

Stressing that the change of policy was not based on the desire to improve the medical care for Palestinians, Al-Najar added that: “The decision is political par excellence, and comes in response to Israel deducting sums from the money that it collects for us.”...