UK: Exhibit About Muslims Who Helped Jews During Holocaust Canceled After Muslim Boycott

So much for interfaith ...

From Jewish News:
A planned exhibition celebrating Muslim Albanians who helped, protected and rescued their Jewish neighbours during the Holocaust has been scrapped.

No reason has been given for the cancellation, but Rabbi Natan Levy, head of operations at Faith Forums for London, and one of the organisers behind the event, said: “We will continue to focus on building local relations even though this event has been cancelled. However, we are confident after reviewing plans there is goodwill to continue working with communities in Barnet.’

The venue was put under pressure by opponents of the exhibit including Roshan Salih, editor of British Muslim news site 5 Pillars, who urged a boycott.

The event was intended to be part of the mosque’s drive to open and maintain dialogue with its neighbours, in the wake of objections made to its opening, as the Centre for Islamic Understanding….
Since they hate Jews so much, perhaps the congregants of the mosque will celebrate Muslim violence against Mideastern Jews (which they deny or pretend never happened:

Switzerland: Mosques Have Proven Ties To Terrorists

From ANF:
A Swiss resident Turkish man has been sentenced to death in Iraq for membership to ISIS. The man turned out to have joined ISIS after being radicalized in mosques in Switzerland under control of the Turkish state.

Another link in the chain that ties the Turkish state controlled religious institutions to ISIS recruitment has surfaced. Prominent Swiss journalist Kurt Pelda wrote in Tages Anzeiger that a Swiss resident Turkish man was sentenced to death in Iraq for membership to ISIS.

Pelda pointed out that the 24 year old ISIS member went to Turkey from Switzerland and crossed into Syria from there to join the ISIS camps, adding that the man had received training on explosives and participated in various ISIS actions.

The article said the man was sent to Iraq by the gangs, where he was captured and sentenced to death in a court. The man was cited as living in the Arbon town of the Thurgau Canton where Turkish state efforts for mosques are more intense….

According to the artcile [sic], the man was libing [sic] in Arbon in the Thurgau Canton when he met a gang recruiter named Alperen A. and started to frequent the Rorschach Mosque under the Turkish Religious Affairs Foundation and decided to join ISIS there….

Several Swiss politicians have stated that there are many mosques in Switzerland that act as recruitment centers for ISIS and other gangs and demanded they be shut down.

Austria: Woman Charged With "Bodily Harm" For Fighting Muslim Man How Physically Harassed Her

From Die Welt via Jihad Watch:
In Vienna, a young woman was inappropriately touched by a man at the City Hall square (Rathausplatz). The 21-year-old woman, a Swiss tourist, was on her way to the big New Year’s Eve party in the capital with her three female friends, the Austrian media reports.

Around 1.30 hours, a man touched the young women from behind. In almost a reflex, the women turned around and hit the man. The man suffered a nasal bone fracture. He turned to the security personnel, was taken to a hospital, and was reported to the police by the woman for sexual molestation.

The 20-year-old Afghan man denies any wrong doing. However, “the witnesses said that the Afghan man had groped several women,” the Police  spokesman Harald Sörös said. The woman, too, faced consequences for the incident: She was charged by the police with bodily harm and might have face a trial.

Egypt: Details Emerge About How Police Officer Killed As He Dismantled Bomb Outside Mosque

From France 24:
A policeman was killed and two wounded in an explosion outside a church in Egypt on Saturday, a security source said.

The blast took place when security personnel were dismantling an explosive device in Nasr City on the edge of Cairo, the source said.

The incident came two days before Egypt’s minority Coptic Christians celebrate Christmas on January 7.

It also comes ahead of a Christmas mass on Sunday at the Cathedral of Nativity in Egypt’s New Administrative Capital….

NYC To Pay Muslim $224,000 Over Pork

From the NY Post:
It cost taxpayers $224,000 to put out this fire.

The city settled a federal lawsuit filed by a Muslim firefighter who claimed he was fed pork by racist Bravest, The Post has learned.

Firefighter Raheem Hassan also settled with a supervisor at Engine 309/Ladder 159 in Flatlands, Lt. David Hughes, who agreed to fork over another $1,000.

Hassan, 31, complained that he had been bullied and harassed at the Brooklyn station, nicknamed the “Friendly Firehouse,” since the summer of 2015.

He accused FDNY colleagues of serving him pasta sauce spiked with pork and cooking his food in bacon grease — meats his religion forbids.

Hassan also complained that fellow smoke-eaters took photos of their genitals next to his face while he slept and then texted them to him.

The feud reached its boiling point on Dec. 20, 2017 when Hassan, off-duty near his Staten Island home, telephoned Hughes, who called police and claimed Hassan told him, “I’m going to kill the guys in the firehouse.”

The alleged threat shut down the firehouse that day, and Hassan was charged with misdemeanor aggravated harassment.

Last February, the Staten Island District Attorney granted him a deal in which the charge would be dropped and the case sealed if he stayed out of trouble for six months and continued counseling.

Neither the city nor Hughes admitted any wrongdoing. “This settlement was in the best interests of the city,” said Law Department spokesman Nicholas Paolucci.

But Hassan’s lawyer, Aymen Aboushi, told The Post the settlement “is an acknowledgment that Hassan was subject to an inappropriate work environment.

“The fact that Hughes had to pay proves Raheem did not do what he was accused of,” Aboushi said, referring to the report that Hassan threatened violence….

UK: Muslim Woman Takes Off Hijab, Receives Countless Hateful Messages From Muslims

U.S. Airstrike Kills Terrorists Behind the 2000 USS Cole Attack

From CNN:
Washington (CNN) | The terrorist behind the 2000 attack on the USS Cole is believed to have been killed in a US airstrike in Yemen on Tuesday, according to a US administration official.

Jamel Ahmed Mohammed Ali Al-Badawi was an al Qaeda operative who the US believes helped orchestrate the October 12, 2000, attack on the USS Cole that killed 17 American sailors.

The official said all intelligence indicators show al-Badawi was killed in a strike in Yemen as a result of a joint US military and intelligence operation.

US officials told CNN that the strike took place in Yemen’s Ma’rib Governorate.

While US Central Command, which oversees military operations in the region, later confirmed that al-Badawi was targeted in a strike, a spokesman said the US was still assessing the results.

“US forces conducted a precision strike Jan. 1st in the Marib governate, Yemen, targeting Jamal al-Badawi, a legacy al Qaeda operative in Yemen involved in the USS Cole bombing,” US Navy Capt. Bill Urban, a spokesman for Central Command, told CNN in a statement.

“US forces are still assessing the results of the strike following a deliberate process to confirm his death,” he added.

The administration official said that al-Badawi was struck while driving alone in a vehicle and that the US assessed there was not any collateral damage.

The Cole was attacked by suicide bombers in a small boat laden with explosives while in port in Aden, Yemen, for refueling. The attack also wounded 39 sailors.

The bombing was attributed to al Qaeda and foreshadowed the attack on the US less than one year later on September 11, 2001….

Germany: Twenty Patrol Cars Move Out To Tame Allahu Akbar Man

From the Freie Presse (translation via Jihad Watch):
The police describe the incident in politically correct official German:

There was a major police operation on Steintorplatz on early Friday afternoon, when a man resisting police measures during his inspection asked numerous bystanders to support him. The man was introduced to a medical officer.

Police officers of the Police Commissariat 11 became aware of the man early Friday afternoon, because he screamed loudly and aggressively at Steintorplatz and gestured towards the sky. He is said to have articulated several utterances of religious background.

The man was then checked by the crew of a nearby patrol car (m / 26, w / 44). He ignored the officials, however, and raised his arms again and again. As time went on he braced himself against police measures, pushed away with his arms and resisted so strongly that the officials fell down with him on the ground. With the help of other officers, they finally managed to handcuff the man. He is a 31-year-old Turkish-born German.

During the police operation, a higher double-digit number of passers-by gathered. They initially stood very close to the intervening officer and which the man tried to summon his support. Other police officers who had been alerted separated the bystanders from the scene.

The man was later transported to the police station 11 and later presented to a medical officer. He ordered his instruction to a psychiatric department of a hospital….

In total, nearly 20 patrol cars were involved in the operation.

Libya: War-Torn Country Issues Arrest Warrant For Dissident's Alleged Terror Involvement

Islamic civil war at work ...

From Jihad Watch:
Rendition is “the practice of sending a foreign criminal or terrorist suspect covertly to be interrogated in a country with less rigorous regulations for the humane treatment of prisoners.”

Apparently in this case Abdel Hakim Belhaj was not exactly a random man on the street targeted for torture by the Gaddafi regime. Leftists love to portray Guantanamo inmates and people such as Abdel Hakim Belhaj as innocent victims of the West’s “Islamophobia.” Reality is, as always, not so easy.

Also: what did he use the money for?
From the Daily Mail:
War-torn Libya has issued an arrest warrant for a dissident given £500,000 by the British government for its role in his rendition.

Adbel Hakim Belhaj is wanted over his alleged involvement in terror attacks on oil terminals and on an airbase in southern Libya.

Mr Belhaj, who leads the country’s pro-Islamist Watan Party…denied the allegations against him, which centre on reports that Sudanese and Chadian mercenaries were paid to create chaos in Libya. And he claimed the warrant was ‘a plot by those in control of security in Tripoli to distance me from the political scene’….

Mr Belhaj, who was the leader of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, which was allied to al Qaeda and the Taliban, received an apology from Theresa May last year for Britain’s role in his rendition and that of his pregnant wife.

He said the CIA abducted them in Thailand and handed them to the Gaddafi regime – where he was tortured – following a tip-off from British intelligence.

Belhaj spent six years taking legal action in UK courts against British officials…

…[he] is still seen as a controversial figure that threatens to disrupt the government in Tripoli.

Saudi Girl Runs Away, Begs Thai Officials For Asylum

From The Sun:
A SAUDI Arabian teenage girl is “trapped in Bangkok airport” and claims she can’t go home because her parents will “kill” her for renouncing Islam.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun, 18, ran away from her family while they were on a trip to Kuwait two days ago.

She tried to flee to Australia via Bangkok in hope of seeking asylum, but last night she was chased by Saudi officials who seized her passport.

And today, she posted a video at around 1pm GMT today, as she is held in the airport’s Miracle Transit Hotel.

In a flurry of stirring tweets last night, Rahaf said: “My family is strict and locked me in a room for six months just for cutting my hair.

“I’m sure 100 per cent they will kill me as soon as I get out of the Saudi jail,” adding she is “scared and losing hope”.

Her passport was taken after a relative is said to have reported her for travelling without the company of a male guardian.

She added: “I have been threatened by several staff from the Saudi embassy and the Kuwaiti airlines, and they said, ‘If you run, we will find you and kidnap you, then deal with you’.

“I really don’t know how they are going to behave in case I run.”

Thailand officials have said she will be deported to Saudi Arabia tomorrow, where renouncing Islam is punishable by death.

Thailand’s immigration chief Surachate Hakparn said: “Rahaf Mohammed M Alqunun ran away from her family to avoid marriage and she is concerned she may be in trouble returning to Saudi Arabia,” before adding, “It’s a family problem”.

Gen Surachate told the BBC he was unaware of any passport seizure.

Phil Robertson, Deputy Asia Director at Human Rights Watch tweeted: “Extremely worried that Saudi woman Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun will face similar fate & abuse if she is forced back from #Thailand.

“She wants to seek asylum, currently being kept at #Bangkok airport hotel by representatives of #SaudiArabia embassy. #FreeRahaf.”…