US: $47 Million Subsidizes Islamism

From the MEFORUM via Daily Wire:
Research by the Middle East Forum has found that since 2007, federal government agencies have handed over $47 million to 61 Islamic institutions in the forms of 411 various grants and contracts.

On the face of it, this need not be of concern. The government has long relied on contractors and charities from all faiths to implement its programs. Alarmingly, however, radical Islamic movements completely control 36% of the Muslim institutions that received government monies, taking 42% of the total funding. A further 36% of the grantees, which received 44% of the funds, operate under varying degrees of radical influence. A mere 14% of identified government funds given to Muslim organizations were directed toward institutions free of Islamist influence.

In total, if the government’s own data is accurate, at least $41 million was given to institutions either controlled or under the partial influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, Jamaat-e-Islami (a violent South Asian Islamist movement), Salafis, Deobandis (a hardline South Asian Sunni sect from which the Taliban was created) and the Iranian regime, among others.

Some of the largest amounts involve grants to aid charities. Long favored by Islamist movements as a means to spread ideology through welfare, charities also provide extremists with plentiful funding and the occasional accompanying credibility of government partnership.

The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), for instance, received over $10 million from the Federal Emergency Management Agency for disaster relief work in 2016 and 2018. ICNA is the U.S. representative body of Jamaat-e-Islami, which was recently banned by the Indian government in the Kashmir region because of its involvement with “extremism and militancy in Jammu and Kashmir and elsewhere.”

ICNA and its subsidiaries openly partner with official Jamaat-e-Islami organizations in Pakistan, such as Al Khidmat Foundation, a funder of the designated terrorist organization Hamas. The Investigative Project on Terrorism has noted that Al Khidmat’s President, Naeem ur-Rehman, is closely involved with the designated Kashmiri jihadist group Hizbul Mujahideen.

In addition, ICNA runs an international aid branch, Helping Hand for Relief and Development, which has openly partnered in Pakistan with Lashkar-e-Taiba, a designated terrorist organization responsible for the deadly 2008 Mumbai attacks.

Another Jamaat-e-Islami charity, Muslim Aid, received over $1.5 million from the American taxpayer in 2013 for a “Food for Peace” program. Muslim Aid is based in Britain, but operates a fundraising office in America.

In 2010, three years before the U.S. government handed over taxpayers’ money to the charity, Muslim Aid admitted to funding organizations controlled by the terrorist organization Hamas, including a grant of over $18,000 to the al-Ihsan Charitable Society, designated by the U.S. government as a sponsor of terrorism. In 2013, the same year as the U.S. government grant, a war crimes tribunal sentenced to death in absentia the founder of Muslim Aid, Chowdhury Mueen-Uddin, for his part in the mass-murder of teachers and intellectuals by Jamaat-e-Islami killing squads during Bangladesh’s 1971 Liberation War.

Other Islamist strains, meanwhile, also found generous backing. Through the enormous evangelical charity World Vision, $115,000 of taxpayers’ money was handed to a Bin Laden-linked Sudanese charity, the Islamic Relief Agency, a decade after the U.S. Treasury designated it as a terrorist-financing organization. Lawmakers are now investigating the decision to award the grant.

Three organizations named by the United Arab Emirates as terrorist groups were approved for U.S. government funding. Islamic Relief, a global charitable franchise established by supporters and officials of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, received over $1.6 million, despite its extensively-documented links to Hamas and other terrorist organizations.

These enormous sums to aid charities somewhat inflate the total figures. But the hundreds of remaining grants are not insignificant. Branches of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the Muslim American Society (MAS) collectively received over $310,000 from the taxpayer. Officials of both organizations (as well as CAIR itself) were named by federal prosecutors as unindicted coconspirators during the 2008 Holy Land Foundation terror financing trial.

Funds for CAIR and MAS were provided under a diverse range of government initiatives: counter-terrorism security measures, disaster relief. chaplaincy programs and school lunch vouchers. In fact, if large grants to aid charities are disregarded, chaplaincy contracts and schooling subsidies make up a significant proportion of government funding.

The Islamic Institute of Knowledge (IIOK), for example, is a Shiite institution in Dearborn, Michigan, which has received over $851,000 under the National School Lunch Program. IIOK does not hide its ideological links. It was established by Abdel Latif Berry, a disciple of Lebanon’s late Ayatollah Fadlallah, who served as a “spiritual advisor” to the designated terrorist group Hezbollah. In 2009, IIOK held a commemoration for Ayatollah Khomeini…..

Arab Child Abuse: Jordanian Kid Hopes To Become Terrorist

On April 7, 2019, the Gaza TV Media YouTube account posted a video of a small Jordanian boy volunteering to go to Jerusalem and die as a martyr. In the video, the boy, Amir Al-Khasawne, is seen marching with a slingshot and a toy rifle. When his mother asks him where he is going, he says: “I’m going on a journey far away. I might not come back.” Later in the video Amir tells his mother that he is going to Jerusalem, to “the martyr Omar Abu Laila and his friends.” On March 19, 2019, Omar Abu Laila, fatally stabbed Sgt. Gal Keidan, grabbed his gun and shot to death Rabbi Achiad Ettinger. The boy Al-Khasawne continued: “I will shoot the Jews who shot Omar.” When his mother warns him that he would be killed, the boy says: “It’s no big deal, mommy. I will die for the sake of Jerusalem. Isn’t Jerusalem worth dying for? Isn’t Al-Aqsa worth dying for?” In tears, Amir calls out: “For the sake of Allah, oh Arabs! This is Jerusalem! It is the destination of the Prophet’s Night Journey! They sold out Jerusalem!” He concluded by calling upon Saladin to “wake up.” The video was produced by Mays Alreem for Television Photography.

Amir’s mother: My darling Amir, where are you going?

Amir Al-Khasawneh: I’m going on a journey far away. I might not come back.

Amir’s mother: My darling, your father has been looking for you.

Amir Al-Khasawneh: Send him my regards, ask him to forgive me, and pray for me.

Amir’s mother: You are frightening me. Where are you going?

Amir Al-Khasawneh: To Jerusalem.

Amir’s mother: But it is far away, Amir…

Amir Al-Khasawneh: No, it is behind that mountain. You can go. Don’t worry.

Amir’s mother: Who are you going to?

Amir Al-Khasawneh: I’m going to the martyr Omar Abu Laila and his friends. I will shoot the Jews who shot Omar. I’m going to Omar’s mother, to kiss her head, and say to her: I’m like Omar! We are all like Omar! We are all your children!

Amir’s mother: But the Jews will shoot you and you will die, Amir.

Amir Al-Khasawneh: It’s no big deal, mommy. I will die for the sake of Jerusalem……

Sri Lanka: Catholic Cardinal Warns Terror Threat Still Looms

From ITV:
The terror threat still looms large in Sri Lanka and an attack on a church could take place this week, the country's Catholic cardinal has warned.

Malcolm Ranjith has raised his concerns in a letter, sent to church officials, in which he claims to have received ''foreign information'' that another strike is imminent.

The archbishop of Colombo has been an outspoken critic of the Sri Lankan government's apparent failure to act on Indian government intelligence ahead of the Easter attack.

In his missive, which has been posted on social media, he states a church or another church institution is likely to be targeted.

US: Pakistani Man Arrested In N.C. Over Terror Ties

From Fox News via Jihad Watch:
A Pakistani man was arrested at an airport in North Carolina on Tuesday after officials said he lied about his involvement with two terrorist organizations.

Waqar Ul-Hassan, 35, was picked up at Charlotte Douglas International Airport on two charges of making false statements involving terrorism during two separate interviews with the FBI in 2015, WBTV reported.

Court documents revealed that in May 2015, Hassan told FBI agents that he “did not support any terrorist groups or extremists” or know anyone who did. Several months later, in a second interview, Hassan denied ever sending money to Syria to support the Islamic State (ISIS) terror organization, and denied ever inquiring about how to send money.

But federal prosecutors allege that Hassan knowingly made false statements to the FBI, aware that doing so would be a crime. They included two statements in a complaint filed on Tuesday that Hassan allegedly wrote in November 2015, which indicate his involvement with both ISIS and a Pakistani terrorist group called Jaish-e-Mohammed, WBTV reported.

Said the first statement: “I met with Mujahiden in 2014, while in Pakistan. I traveled to the border and stayed with them two or three days. I also spent half a day at their Mosque in Deska. I went there because I was curious about jihad. I wanted to find out how they do jihad. I talked to … a representative of the Mujahiden about jihad several times. I gave between $400.00 & $500.00 for the Mujahiden medrasa. This Mujahiden is known as Jaish.”

Philadelphia Muslim Students Sing Jihadi Songs

Ilhan Omar: Downplaying The Holocaust

From Hannity:
Controversial Congresswoman Ilhan Omar raised eyebrows among her fellow lawmakers Tuesday; bizarrely comparing President Trump’s non-existent ‘Muslim Ban’ to the ‘millions fleeing Nazi persecution’ during World War II.

“We are in the midst of the worst refugee crisis since World War II—a time when the U.S. refused protections for millions fleeing Nazi persecution. This decision—like the Muslim ban and family separation—will be remembered as a dark stain on our nation’s history,” posted Omar on social media.

The left-wing lawmaker made national headlines just weeks ago when she flippantly referred to the 9/11 terror attacks as just “some people” who “did something.”

Sri Lanka Warning: Female Bombers May Pose As Devotees To Attack Buddhist Temples

From the New Indian Express:
Female bombers posing as devotees may have been planning to attack Sri Lanka’s Buddhist temples after authorities seized white clothes from a house that was raided following Easter Sunday blasts, a media report said on Monday.

The Sri Lankan intelligence agency has received inputs of possible attacks on Buddhist temples by female bombers of the banned local terror outfit National Thawheeth Jamath (NTJ) after police found white pairs of skirts and blouses from the house which was raided after the explosion in Sainthamuruthu area in the Eastern province, raising suspicion that the attackers might pose as Buddhist devotees, the Daily Mirror reported.

On March 29, Muslim women had spent 29,000 Sri Lankan rupees (USD 166) to purchase nine sets of such clothes from a textile shop in Giriulla, the report said. The CCTV footage of the shop shows the visuals of these women who purchased clothes from the shop.

So far, five sets of white clothes have been found from this house and intelligence services are trying to find the remaining clothes. Sri Lankan authorities say that there was one women among the nine bombers who carried out the country’s worst terror attack, killing 253 people and injuring over 500 others….

United States: Muslima Says She Will Sue Army Over Hijab

From Jihad Watch:
Though her MEO complaint was reportedly found to be ‘unsubstantiated,’ Valdovinos told the publication she now intends to take legal action against the U.S. Army for infringing upon her First Amendment rights by violating her freedom of religion. However, according to a statement from Valdovinos’s brigade officer that was obtained by Yahoo!, a commander’s inquiry into her allegations was found to have ‘concluded that the senior non-commissioned officer acted appropriately by enforcing the proper wear of the hijab, in compliance with Army Regulations.'”

So an inquiry determined that her claims were unfounded, and she is suing anyway.

Armies have uniforms to avoid this sort of thing. The idea of a uniform is to signify that various individuals are submitting — voluntarily, it’s a volunteer army — to a common purpose, and putting aside their differences in the service of a greater unity. Is Cesilia Valdovinos doing that? It’s noteworthy that we have seen Muslims claiming victim status many times before, and making false claims about being mistreated or brutalized: victimhood is a big business these days, and brings the victim many perks. Is that what we are seeing here?

“Muslim soldier says she will sue Army for allegedly forcing her to remove hijab,” by Aris Folley, The Hill, April 3, 2019:
A Muslim soldier said she is preparing to sue the U.S. Army after her command sergeant major allegedly forced her to remove her hijab in front of others.

Sgt. Cesilia Valdovinos, a member the 704th Brigade Support Battalion who converted to Islam in 2016, told Yahoo! in a recent interview that her brigade commander, Col. David Zinn, granted her permission in June to wear a hijab while in uniform.

But Valdovinos told the publication that from that time forward, she experienced “extremely hateful” behavior because of her religion.

“I got called a ‘terrorist.’ I got called ‘ISIS.’ I hear comments that I’m the reason why 9/11 happened,” Valdovinos told Yahoo!. “There’s a lot of anger and animosity.”

Valdovinos said she filed a complaint with the military’s Equal Opportunity Office last month, however, after her command sergeant major allegedly pulled her out of rank and ordered her to remove her head covering in front of her colleagues.

“I felt embarrassed and religiously raped in a sense,” Valdovinos said in an email to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF), a nonprofit advocacy organization that is currently representing her, according to Yahoo!.

“My religious preference is only to unveil in front of my husband in the comfort of my own home,” she continued.

With the help of MRFF, Valdovinos reportedly filed an official complaint with the Military Equal Opportunity Office (MEO) over the incident shortly thereafter.

In the complaint, Valdovinos reportedly alleges she was removed from her post as a “culinary arts specialist” because of her “religious preference to not handle pork” and claims she was referred to as “the girl with the hood” by her sergeant, among a number of other incidents, according to Yahoo.

Though her MEO complaint was reportedly found to be “unsubstantiated,” Valdovinos told the publication she now intends to take legal action against the U.S. Army for infringing upon her First Amendment rights by violating her freedom of religion.

However, according to a statement from Valdovinos’s brigade officer that was obtained by Yahoo!, a commander’s inquiry into her allegations was found to have “concluded that the senior non-commissioned officer acted appropriately by enforcing the proper wear of the hijab, in compliance with Army Regulations.”…

MMA Fighter Threatened Over Islam Comments

From Jihad Watch:
A little over a week ago, Conor McGregor was announcing his retirement from “the sport formally known as Mixed Martial Art.” Theories were formulated as to why “The Notorious” came up with the decision, but many of his fellow fighters refuse to take him seriously.

McGregor has been active on Twitter as of late, hurling insults at rival Khabib Nurmagomedov. The trade of tirades had gone severe, that even UFC president Dana White commented on how the rift between the two had already escalated to a level that is unacceptable.

Khabib went on social media to warn McGregor about his statements towards Islam.

UK: Uber Bars London Driver Who Canceled Rides For JEws

From The JC:
Uber has barred a London driver from the app after two men claimed he cancelled their requested trip because he “doesn’t take Jews”.

The driver, identified to his passengers as “Ahmad”, was booked for a journey in Wembley on Monday afternoon by Sam Adler and his business partner.

“We were standing by the High Road in Wembley, and the guy drove past and said ‘just dropping off a passenger, I’m coming back’”, Mr Adler told the JC.

Mr Adler said he believed the driver then noticed that the two men waiting were wearing kippahs, because he said the driver subsequently “turned around, and as he drove past us, said ‘I don’t take Jews’. Then he hightailed it, just pegged it.”

Screenshots of the booked journey, seen by the JC, show the driver then cancelled the booking via the app.

In a statement to the JC, an Uber spokesperson said that the behaviour was “totally unacceptable” and that the company “does not tolerate any form of discrimination.

“As soon as we are made aware of these situations we remove a driver’s access from the app and report them to the Metropolitan Police.”

Uber had told Mr Adler the situation was being “handled as a priority”, confirming they had “the full details of the partner-driver, trip and rider on our systems, so that we can immediately investigate any concerns raised”.

However, they declined to provide Mr Adler with any compensation when he asked, telling him: “We would never want to minimise an experience like you describe by putting an arbitrary monetary value on the situation.

“What may be one value to an individual may be different to another – it is just not possible to calculate.”…