Germany: Muslim Child Stabs 8-Year-Old Girl, Last In Her Class Who Speaks German At Home, Teacher Covers Up Incident

From Voice of Europe:
A news item from German broadcaster Sat 1 tells about the traumatic experience 8-year-old Yara had at a migrant majority school. She became an outcast, was bullied and even stabbed.

Little Yara was the last person in her classroom who spoke German at home. Her school can be characterised as a migrant majority school with Turks and Arab migrants as students.

“They needed to employ an interpreter to translate from German to Turkish or Arabic in order for the Turkish, Arabic people to even understand what was going on. I felt a bit lost and that’s when I realised how it must feel for my daughter,” the girl’s father, Mike F., tells Sat 1.

The bullying of Yara increased and it even ended with her being stabbed by an ‘Arab child’.

“She was just pushed down by an Arab child that she didn’t even know. This child slit her abdomen with a sharp object,” her father says.

“Naturally, she went to the teacher and showed her what happened. She was in pain and bleeding. The teacher totally downplayed the incident and actually made my daughter stay at school the rest of the day,” Yara’s father continues.

“Injuries from dangerous objects at an elementary school, and not informing the parents? Mike F. tries to approach the teacher about the incident, but is rebuffed… —I made the mistake of saying that it was Arab children; that was too much.”

“That’s when the deflecting started, the teacher said, ‘Oh, that happens in every schoolyard. It has nothing to do with where they come from.’”…

Houthi Video Shows Children Being Trained To ‘Fight America And Israel

From Al Arabiya:
A video purportedly showing schoolchildren being trained by Houthis to take up arms has gone viral, showcasing the mindset of the militias who can go to any extent in pursuit of their objectives.

“In the name of Allah, the Merciful, these are the students of Imam al-Nasser School. They went for training today and the exercises were very tough. God willing, these are the ones who will fight America and Israel,” says the man who is seen speaking in the video.

He further says that these children are the ones who will fight in the name of Allah “Because they are practicing now and they are still a young generation that is willing to fight the enemies of Allah”.

The video ends with the battle cries of “Allah the Greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, curse on Jews, the triumph of Islam”….

Perkasa: Introduce Special Act To Protect Islam, Malay Rulers

From Malay Mail:
KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 2 — Right wing Malay movement Perkasa has proposed that a special Act, namely the Insulting Islam and the Malay Rulers Act or abbreviated as the ‘Amir’ Act be enacted to prevent actions or attempts to threaten the peace and harmony of the country.

Perkasa president Datuk Ibrahim Ali said the law could be enacted with the consent of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and the Malay Rulers.

“This new Act proposed by Perkasa is the same as the one (lese majeste Act) implemented in Thailand right now. Perkasa suggests that the Act has two sections, the first part provides for detention without trial and the second, open to prosecution in court as a criminal offence.

“The Amir Act… the concept is similar to the Internal Security Act (ISA) 1960 and imposing a five-time mandatory caning and a minimum of five years imprisonment…

Merkel Urged EU Countries Not To Move Embassies To Jerusalem

From the Jerusalem Post:
The founding director of the European Coalition for Israel in Brussels, Tomas Sandell, announced in a shocking video message on Thursday that German Chancellor Angela Merkel waged a campaign to prevent central and eastern European countries from moving their capitals to Jerusalem to preserve the Iran nuclear deal.

Sandell said in a Jerusalem Post exclusive report in November that Merkel called Romanian president, Klaus Iohannis, to convince him to not relocate his country’s embassy to Jerusalem. The move prompted him to go public.

Speaking from the European parliament, Sandell said, “What we have found out, something I heard for quite some time already, from central and eastern European countries that would have an inclination to move their embassy to Jerusalem, this is the natural thing for them to do, is that they have received phone calls from Berlin, from Angela Merkel, the chancellor. Basically, this cannot happen under any circumstances.”

“I have spoken to many Germans these last few days in Brussels,” he said. “They are not aware of this, and all of them would be shocked that all of the countries in the European Union today would want to block an embassy move to Jerusalem, not only for your own country, but for other countries that have the conviction [that] this is the right thing to do, the only country to do would be Germany. This is a big shock.”

He added that “this is something unprecedented. This is not the Germany we once knew. This is not the even Angela Merkel we once knew when she was elected.”

Sandell said many of Merkel’s telephone calls took place to European leaders in April when “many of the nations were seriously considering moving their embassies.”

Sandell said Merkel’s anti-Israel moves have to do with the Iran nuclear deal, which “has been very much supported by Germany [and] the German government.”

He added that Merkel’s move to block the relocation of embassies was also sparked by “how Germany did not block the marking of Israeli goods from disputed territories” in 2015. He said it was anticipated that Germany would stop the penalties against Israeli products. Germany instead implemented “this counterproductive measure” to punish Israeli goods, said Sandell….

Obama Administration Dropped Huge Terror-Funding Case

From the Clarion Project:
Why did the Obama Administration drop a huge terror-funding case?

In 2014, I was involved in triggering a federal investigation into Islamic Relief, one of the world’s largest Islamic charities. A criminal case was presented by three government agencies, whereupon the Obama Administration’s Justice Department astounded the agents involved by declining to prosecute. It is time for Congress to demand answers.

A federal special agent with years of counter-terrorism experience noticed my published research into the Islamic Relief charity and asked to meet with me in 2014.

As I walked him through a trove of documents, he was taken aback: Islamic Relief, a powerhouse global charity, had extensive ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and other extremist groups, while receiving federal grants and federal employee donations.

The charity was embraced by both political parties. It even enjoyed close working relationships with the State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development.

This raised questions about the government’s vetting process and the influence of Islamic Relief and similar groups on U.S. counter-terrorism policy.

It became clear to the agent that an investigation of Islamic Relief would likely implicate a range of other powerful organizations. I provided information on eight additional groups that could be subject to a broader investigation.

The agent was alarmed by the gravity of the situation. He, nor anyone he knew of, had been briefed about this multilayered Islamist network in America.

As a result of my research and briefings, an investigation was triggered. The FBI, IRS and Office of Personnel Management opened investigations into Islamic Relief and its various arms.

Islamic Relief USA’s acceptance onto the Combined Federal Campaign charity list, which allows federal employees to automatically donate to approved non-profits, also drew federal scrutiny.

The case was potentially bigger than the one against the Holy Land Foundation, the largest terrorism-financing case in American history. And, if prosecutions occurred, there would likely be a domino effect impacting many other Islamist organizations in America and around the world.

Then, near the end of Obama Administration in 2016, the Justice Department declined to prosecute. Federal agents were stunned. No clear reason was given. The investigation into Islamic Relief continued, but the criminal case presented by the three government agencies would not move forward.

The only reasonable speculation: The administration lacked the political will to take on the case….

Germany: Blood Sausage At Islam Conference Stirs Controversy

From DW:
Germany’s Interior Ministry has come under fire for serving blood sausage at a national Islam conference last week, despite pork being forbidden for practicing Muslims.

The issue has stirred a heated debate — one that touches on the fault line issues of integration and respect for different religions — between critics of the ministry and right-wing groups who justified the decision to serve the dish.

The ministry has defended its decision to serve the sausage consisting of pig’s blood, pork and bacon at the evening buffet on Wednesday. It said the serving reflected the “religious-pluralistic composition” of the event, which brought together Muslim associations and leaders with officials from the federal and local governments.

The ministry added that there was a wide range of food at the “clearly excellent” buffet, with vegetarian, meat, fish and halal dishes available. “If individuals were still offended for religious reasons, we regret this,” it said.

Nonetheless, some have viewed the choice of blood sausage as a deliberate provocation by hardline Interior Minister Horst Seehofer.

In March, Seehofer caused a stir when he said in an interview that “Islam doesn’t belong to Germany” and that “Germany has been shaped by Christianity,” a comment he partially dialed back last week at the Islam conference…

Sweden Democrat Politician To Leftists: “You should be ashamed, and history will judge you hard”

From Jihad Watch:
Sweden Democrat Kent Ekeroth delivers a hard-hitting speech on the catastrophe that Leftists have brought to Sweden with mass migration. They respond with cant, cliches, and condescension. Watch the whole thing.

Turkish Intelligence Orchestrated Anti-Saudi Campaign In Western Media Over Khashoggi Murder

From Jihad Watch:
Erdogan wanted to weaken the Saudis in order to strengthen Turkey’s bid to be once again the leader of the Islamic world. The Western media eagerly played along, wanting to use the Khashoggi murder as a stick they could use to beat Trump, as well as to weaken the opposition to the Islamic Republic of Iran, and burnish Obama’s legacy, the Iranian nuclear deal. So Turkish intel and the Western establishment media happily cooperated with each other, their goals coinciding.

This indicates once again that the establishment media is not by any stretch of the imagination an actual news source. It’s just a propaganda organ for the Left.

Criminal Case Against Suspect In L.A. Synagogue Attack Delayed After Questions About His Mental Health

A man named Mohamed tries to run over two Jewish people heading to temple. But he must be insane despite shouting anti-semitic slurs ... Nice work, government.

From LA Times:
Criminal proceedings against a Seattle man accused of trying to run over two Jewish men outside a Los Angeles synagogue have been suspended amid questions about his mental competency, officials said.

During a bail review hearing Friday morning, public defender David Canas questioned whether 32-year-old Mohamed Abdi Mohamed was competent to stand trial for two counts of assault with a deadly weapon….

Mohamed was arrested Nov. 23 after police say he shouted anti-Semitic slurs toward a crowd of worshippers exiting Congregation Bais Yeshuda in Hancock Park. Investigators said Mohamed tried to run down two men with his car before speeding away and crashing….

The FBI has been assisting in the investigation, but authorities have said they have no evidence of links between Mohamed and any known terror or hate groups.

Mohamed’s family has said he holds no hatred toward the Jewish community or any other groups. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 2015 and has been treated at mental health facilities in the Seattle area at least twice in recent years, according to medical records reviewed by The Times.

United States: Woman Commits Bank Fraud Using Cryptocurrencies To Support ISIS

From American Security Today:
Zoobia Shahnaz, 27, of Brentwood, New York, pleaded guilty on Monday committing bank fraud and laundering over $85,000 in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in order to support the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS)….

Shahnaz fraudulently applied for and used over a dozen credit cards, which she used to purchase approximately in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online….

Specifically, Shahnaz obtained a loan for approximately $22,500 by way of materially false pretenses, representations and promises.

She also fraudulently applied for and used over a dozen credit cards, which she used to purchase approximately $62,000 in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies online.

She then engaged in a pattern of financial activity, designed to avoid transaction reporting requirements, conceal the identity, source and destination of the illicitly obtained monies, and, ultimately, benefit ISIS – by culminating in several wire transactions totaling over $150,000 to individuals and shell entities in Pakistan, China and Turkey that were fronts for ISIS.