Muslim Spat In Woman's Face After She Put Up Christian Sign Next To Mosque

From IB-Times:
A father spat in the face of a fellow Muslim and branded her "ignorant" during a dispute about a Christian sign that was placed in a multicultural community centre.

Said Ahmed Latif, 36, admitted to losing his temper after becoming "upset" by the sign, which said 'Church of God', at the Salam Centre in Hartlepool.

Teesside Magistrates' Court heard that Latif and the centre's manager had been embroiled in a dispute about the object, which was erected after a Christian group began using the venue.

Prosecutor Holly Common told the court that Latif approached the unnamed victim outside the centre on 22 January at around 12.50pm, saying: "I need to speak to you."

Common added: "He crossed the road and said he could speak inside the centre. When inside the office, Latif began shouting 'Why are you letting them use the centre?'

"He said, 'You are an ignorant Muslim, you aren't listening to me'."

"He continued with a tirade of abuse before adding: "You shouldn't be here, you're upsetting us young Muslims'."

Common said that the father of three then raised his fist as if he were about to hit the victim but instead spat into her face. He was then forced out of the office by the victim and a colleague.

A victim statement made by the manager was read out to the court. It said: "I was really upset about what happened. In 15 years I've never had anything like this happen to me.

It continued: "He tried to bully me and certain members of staff to only let in certain members of the community."

Latif, who represented himself, told the court he had been incensed when the victim called him an "extremist".

He added: "We are a small ethnic community, they've put a church group sign up saying 'Church of God' right next to the door to the mosque. I said 'can you move the sign to the other side?'"

"It's a shame CCTV didn't show who was shouting at who. She started shouting at me – she called me an extremist. I plead guilty, I did spit at her – I lost my temper."

District Judge Helen Cousins asked Latif if there was anything else he wanted to tell the court.

He said: "I apologise to her. I should pay compensation."

Latif, from Clifton Avenue in Hartlepool, admitted assault and was given 60 hours unpaid work and ordered to pay £50 to the victim in compensation, as well as costs and charges.

Isis Fighters Kill Fifteen People By Posing As Iraqi Soldiers

From Independent:
Isis militants have posed as Iraqi army troops and killed at least 15 civilians who welcomed them into central Mosul, Iraqi officials have said.

Men, women and children trapped in one of the last Isis-held areas of the city greeted the men driving black cars and wearing police and security forces uniforms, a Joint Operations Command (JOC) and local official in Baghdad told media on Tuesday.

After tricking residents into showing their support, encouraging singing and chanting, the disguised Isis fighters then shot them “to make it clear the area was still under enemy control,” the JOC said.

Hossameddin al-Abbar, a member of Nineveh’s provincial council, told the AFP that at least 15 civilians were arbitrarily ‘executed’ for showing disloyalty to Isis, and many more were arrested.

Isis is clinging on to a tiny fraction of Mosul - once home to 1.5million people - after a gruelling street-by-street US-backed campaign to clear militants from the city which began October last year.

The intense fighting has included Isis tactics such as suicide car bombings and the use of civilians as human shields at strategic locations. Snipers, booby-trapped roads and bridges and an extensive tunnel network have also slowed the operation to drive the jihadis from what was once the largest settlement under their control.

Thousands of Iraqi troops and civilians have died in the battle.  US-led coalition bombing campaigns have also been blamed for civilian deaths.

Isis’ brutal methods of keeping civilian populations under its control such as drownings, shootings and beheadings for minor infractions of its strict interpretation of sharia law reportedly intensified as the struggle for control of Mosul began.

Residents fleeing the brutality have reported incidences where Isis fighters pose as Iraqi security forces in order to trick civilians into showing their support on several other occasions.

While the militants are steadily losing ground across both Syria and Iraq, analysts believe Isis likely to pose a threat in the form of a global insurgency for many years to come.

Girl Found Dead In Well Police Suspect Brother Killed Her For Honor

From Tribune:
A teenage girl was found dead in a well at her home in Arbab Tapu area on Wednesday and police suspect that her brother murdered her for ‘honour’ and dumped her body there.

An officer at the Mattani Police Station told The Express Tribune that Kainaat, 17, was shot dead by Qaisar Khan, her brother. Later, Qaisar threw his sister’s body in a well at their home.

“The body is extremely decomposed as several days have passed since the murder. A Rescue 1122 team fished it out of the well after a lot of effort,” the officer added.
‘Honour’ killing: Woman gunned down by cousin

A resident of the area said the girl had gone missing when she was 12. He added that the girl was kidnapped by her relatives and sold several times.

She was then forced into prostitution in Lahore. Her father kept searching for her and was finally able to find her.

The Mattani police had rescued the girl and returned her to her village.

The resident said after the girl was rescued, she had identified the relatives who had kidnapped her when she was a child but they were never booked.

The police said Qaisar had accused his sister of having illicit relationships with some men and that could have been the motive behind the murder.

Pub Owner Spit On Threatened With Knife By Mosque Goer

From Ilford-Recorder:
A pub landlord who was allegedly threatened with a knife by a man over a parking spat is calling on the community to unite across all faiths.

David Christof, 52, manager at the Prince of Wales, Green Lane, Ilford, was putting a ticket on an illegally parked car in the pub car park, when a man rushed towards him from the direction of the Al Bayan Welfare Centre.

Joined by friends, the attacker, reportedly in Islamic dress, allegedly spat on David’s face and clothes.

David claimed the man attempted to run him over before speeding off shouting that he would come back and kill him.

“I don’t expect to be run over for a ticket,” David told the Recorder.

“I felt intimidated, I was spat at and there were so many of them using bullying tactics on my property.

“I am just doing my job, how would they like it if I parked on their drive?”

Feeling shocked by the incident on Good Friday, David called the police, but before they arrived he said the man returned wielding a blade.

“I heard a car rev past and then it came to an emergency stop,” David said.

“The man got out the car lifted his robes and pulled out a handle of a big knife.

“I took one look at it and ran.”

The incident was recorded on the pub’s CCTV and a Met Police spokesman said a 22-year-old was arrested on suspicion of common assault. He has since been bailed.

“I am an Ilford person, I was born and brought up in Ilford,” added David.

“It has changed and so many different groups of the community don’t mix any more and it is getting segregated between communities.

“We need to stick together.”

A spokesman from the Al Bayan Welfare Centre – an Islamic centre in Green Lane – said it was upset and saddened by what happened but stressed that the attacker was not one of its users.

“What he did was completely out of order, we are aware of the individual but he does not come here.

“We warn people who come to our centre that the pub is on private land and we will continue to announce this.

“David is a good man and we are feeling bad about what happened to him.”

Abused Boy Dies After Beating At Quran School

From Free-Malaysia-Today:
The 11-year-old who slipped into a coma after undergoing surgery to amputate both his legs has died.

Mohamad Thaqif Amin Mohd Gaddafi died at 2.06pm at Hospital Sultan Ismail in Johor Bahru.

“He may have died due to his unstable heart condition,” Thaqif’s aunt Dzuraidah Ahmad told FMT when contacted.

Thaqif was admitted to Sultan Ismail Hospital (HSI) on Wednesday for injuries to his legs after he was allegedly beaten by the assistant warden of the religious school he was attending.

On Friday, HSI doctors amputated his legs in a bid to prevent infection to tissues and blood cells in his body. The following day, though, he lapsed into a coma.

Doctors later found that his right hand had turned black due to a bacterial infection and blood clots had started to form on his left shoulder. They informed his family that his arm had also turned necrotic.

Thaqif had been due for further surgery to amputate his right arm this morning. However, it was postponed as the condition of his heart was not stable.

The assistant warden was arrested at his home in Felda Lok Heng Barat, Kota Tinggi last Saturday, following a police report lodged on April 18 by Thaqif’s mother.

His remand order was due to expire today, but it was extended for another three days until Saturday to facilitate the probe into the case.

Dzuraidah previously told The Star that Thaqif had complained to his mother about the beatings and also wrote in his diary about how the abuse had started last month.

“Dear Allah, please open my parents’ hearts to allow me to transfer to another school because I cannot stand it anymore. Please, Allah, make my wishes come true,” the daily quoted from one of

Thaqif’s diary entries, as related by his aunt.

Boy Loses Legs After Beatings At Quran School

From The-Star:
The 11-year-old religious school student whose legs were amputated started suffering the alleged abuse last month and wrote about it in his diary.

His aunt Dzuraidah Ahmad, 38, said her nephew complained previously about the beatings, reportedly by an assistant warden.

“My nephew said that sometimes, he and his friends would even volunteer to get beaten first as they wanted to go to bed early since they had to wake up at 3am for prayers,” she claimed.

She said her family had found the boy’s diary, in which he wrote about the torment that he had to endure.

“My nephew wrote he was punched for no reason and could no longer stand the abuse, and wanted to transfer to a different school,” Dzuraidah said at Sultan Ismail Hospital here yesterday.

In one entry, the boy wrote he was punched in the buttocks after being told by the assistant warden to wash some mugs.

“Dear Allah, please open my parents’ hearts to allow me to transfer to another school because I cannot stand it anymore. Please, Allah, make my wishes come true,” he was said to have written.

According to his second aunt Nurul Nabila Ahmad, 30, the boy’s condition has taken a turn for the worse, with blood clots forming in his left shoulder.

“At first we thought his condition was improving, since his right arm was returning to its natural colour, but on Sunday, we were disheartened by the news of the blood clots in his shoulder,” she said.

Doctors have given him treatment to stop the blood clots from getting worse.

The boy also underwent dialysis to treat his failing kidneys, but Nurul Nabila said he is still in a coma and in critical condition.

Johor Islamic Religious Commit­tee chairman Abd Mutalip Abd Rahim said checks showed the private religious school was one of the state’s leading institutions.

It was earlier reported that the boy was allegedly beaten by the assistant warden with a water hose, and both of his legs had to be removed due to infection.

His condition became worse when the infection spread to his right arm as well as his kidneys.

According to Kota Tinggi OCPD Supt Rahmat Othman, the 29-year-old assistant warden is under remand until Wednesday to help in investigations.

He said the suspect had a previous criminal record for theft and served 30 months in jail. The school hired him in 2016.

Lives And Families Ruined By Blasphemy Charges

From Dawn:
When on a sultry day in Aug 2012 Ghulam Ali Asghar, of Chinji village in Talagang tehsil, was brought to the court of the Chakwal district and sessions judge on blasphemy charges, his teenage daughter and wife were in severe distress. Tears rolled down their faces as they contemplated the future.

Asghar was jailed for 10 years by this court, but the Lahore High Court (Rawalpindi bench) set him free on Dec 18, 2015. The LHC verdict stated that he was booked merely for quoting a certain Hadith. When Asghar emerged from jail after four years, the village where he was born and brought up had become a no-go-area for him — his wife and daughter had also left him, having been convinced by local clerics that Asghar was a blasphemer. His brother, who had fought his case, had ended up in jail over the alleged murder of a local leader of the Ahle Sunnah Wal Jammat, who had reportedly played a vital role in implicating Asghar in the blasphemy case.

“I was declared guilty by the local clerics,” he recalls. A fatwa calling for his blood was issued while villagers declared a social boycott against him and his family. “Shopkeepers refused to sell to members of my family while girls in the village school were warned against speaking to my daughter, who was in Class 9 at the time.”

His trial could not take place in Talagang due to the uneasy environment — on the date of the hearing, hordes of clerics and their followers descended on the court. The case was referred to Chakwal, but the experience was no different. In Oct 2012, a judge in Chakwal, who was hearing the case, wrote a letter to the LHC requesting that the case be referred to another district, but the LHC refused.

Asghar pleaded not guilty, but on Jan 8, 2013, an additional district and sessions judge (ADSJ) jailed him for 10 years under the charge of Section 295-A (enraging religious feelings) while acquitting him of charges under Section 295-C (the use of derogatory words against the Holy Prophet [PBUH]) and Section 298-A (the use of derogatory words against holy personages).

The judgement did not go down well. The complainant filed an appeal before the LHC (Rawalpindi bench) in which he pleaded that the ADSJ judgement be set aside and the convict be sentenced to death under Section 295-C. This was the first-ever appeal of its kind filed before the LHC.

Asghar also filed an appeal before the LHC and on Dec 18, 2015, the LHC acquitted him. Fifteen months have now passed, but Asghar still feels insecure. “I fear going to my village,” he says. “I had to sell my agricultural land there and move to another place.”

He now lives in a rented house far away from his village. “I was implicated in a false case that has shattered my life and my family,” he retraces his ordeal. His major concern currently is his younger brother who, along with three other associates, is facing a murder charge.

Sufi Mohammad Ishaq (68), a former employee of the Foreign Office, became a follower of Pir Afzal Shah of Talagang (Ishaq’s native town), while he was young. When he was posted at the UN in 1979, he settled in the United States and married an American national of Pakistan origin. He established an Islamic Centre in the US that preached Sufism. Meanwhile, he kept his links with the Talagang shrine alive, and was later made its custodian. Every year, Ishaq would come to Pakistan to participate in the Urs.

But he was unaware of the malice being cooked up against him. The grandsons of Pir Afzal Shah were jealous of his popularity while some clerics were hostile to him because they considered rituals such as the qawwali and dhammal unacceptable.

In July 2009, Ishaq came to Talagang to attend the Urs. When he reached the shrine, his followers displayed their obeisance — which was caught on camera. Hardline clerics in Talagang took it as an opportunity to eliminate Ishaq.

They came up with an allegation that Ishaq was presenting himself as a deity. Processions were taken out against him and inflammatory speeches delivered during Friday sermons. Ishaq was booked under blasphemy charges. A judge in Chakwal who heard his case expressed his inability to announce the verdict and requested the LHC to transfer the case.

In 2012, a judge from Jhelum sentenced Ishaq to death. His counsel filed an appeal before the LHC’s Rawalpindi bench in February 2012. On Feb 24 this year, a division bench comprising two judges set Ishaq free, deeming him innocent.

“I languished in jail for eight years,” Ishaq told Dawn. He is now unwilling to visit Talagang and lives far away. “Religion in Pakistan has been hijacked,” he says.

The two verdicts by the LHC serve as an eye-opener as to how the blasphemy laws are misused. According to data obtained by Dawn from the National Commission for Justice and Peace, 40 persons accused of blasphemy are currently either on death row or serving life terms, while 65 individuals — including Mashal Khan — accused of blasphemy have been extra-judicially killed since 1987.

Muslim Hackers Post Anti Christian Messages On School Website

From Express:
Turkish hacking group Ayyildiz Tim are said to be anti-Christian, anti-Israel and strongly anti-American.

But they managed to bypass web security at North Mundham Primary School near Chichester, West Sussex, over the weekend, writing pro-Turkish slogans and warning readers: "Allah will not know the fear of the prophet”.

Dozens of parents apparently contacted Sussex Police about the bizarre hack. It is not known why the school was targeted.

A police spokesman tried to calm parents' fears by posting on Facebook, telling them there was no specific threat and not to keep their children off school.

It read: "Sussex Police have received numerous reports of the website of North Mundham primary school in Chichester being 'hacked'.

"The images and general content of the hacked site have caused concern among parents about the safety of their children at school.

"Sussex Police would like to reassure both parents and staff alike that initial investigations have not identified a specific threat in relation to this activity.

"The nature of the hack would appear to be largely malicious in nature and Sussex Police have not received any credible or specific intelligence that would lead us to recommend children are kept away from school.

"This will be kept under constant review into Monday 24th April, and any chance in circumstances will be communicated.

"Sussex Police will continue to investigate and will liaise with the school in the morning, deploying reassurance patrols should this be deemed necessary." North Mundham is a small parish two miles south of Chichester. The school has 214 pupils on its roll.

According to Google Translate, text written in Turkish on the site reads as follows: "Allah will not know the fear of the prophet.

"The revenge is delayed but never resurrected. Become a friend to Turk, do not become an enemy.

"Persecution is the time to visit every nation. Being Turk is hard. Fight with the world."

The school's normal website was turned blank, with just the Turkish text and a message reading "HELLO ADMIN SYSTEM HACKED."

In 2013, Ayyildiz Tim hacked the website of the the United Nations Country Team in Ethiopia, defacing it with a black jihadi flag and a message claiming the hack was in retaliation for cyber attacks against Turkey and Islam.

The group claim to be the first Turkish cyber army and use imagery associated with jihadi ideology.

Part of the message left on the UN website's page included the warning: "Turks has no patience anymore."

Other websites have been attacked in a similar manner including Kenya's Ministry of Transport, and the Facebook page of the Kurdish LGBT group Hebun.

The group left a message on the Kenyan website reading: "All the muslims are together.

"The CYBER-WAR will be appeared all the Countries which not respecting Islam.

"Ayyildiz promises that they will visit your areas too."

Even a film website became a target in September 2014. Sony's Provident Films alerted producers after the website for the film Saving Christmas was hacked with pro-Islamic slogans.

A member of the production team said the attack was "fairly sophisticated”.

Visitors were automatically forwarded to Ayyildiz Tim's Twitter page after hearing music and a loud gunshot.

The Saving Christmas team consulted a translator who said text on the site read: "The Turkish spirit will shine again and the use of weapons will emerge in the nation's history as this hero will shine again."

The translator said that the "hero" invoked in the text is likely Saladin, the Muslim sultan of Egypt, Syria, Yemen and Palestine who fought against Christian Crusaders in the 12th century.

Imam Expelled For Friday Sermon Against Jews And Christians

From Jihad-Watch:
An imam. How did a man who has dedicated his life to understanding Islam correctly and teaching it properly get the idea that he should preach and pray against Jews and Christians? It is, as far as mainstream analysts are concerned, an insoluble mystery.

Singapore on Monday ordered expulsion of an Indian Imam after he was handed a nearly USD 3,000 fine by a court here for making divisive remarks against Christians and Jews during his Friday sermon at a mosque.

Nalla Mohamed Abdul Jameel pleaded guilty to a charge of promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion or race at the State Courts. He was handed a fine of Singaporean dollars 4,000 (USD 2,860), the Channel News Asia reported. In February, a video was circulated online of the imam reportedly reciting a prayer in Arabic that said, “God help us against Jews and Christians,” among other things.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), in a separate statement, said Nalla has paid the fine and will be repatriated. “Any religious leader from any religion who makes such statements will be held accountable for their actions,” the MHA said. “Under Singapore law, we can’t, regardless of his religion, allow anyone to preach or act divisively and justify that by reference to a religious text,” it said.

The Imam on Friday apologised to the Christian, Sikh, Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu representatives and members of the Federation of Indian Muslims, saying that he was “filled with great remorse” for the tension caused by his remarks.

Fourteen Killed In Pakistan After Roadside Bomb Hits Minivan

From Belfast-Telegraph:
Fourteen people have been killed after a roadside bomb targeted a minivan in Pakistan's north-western tribal region.

Local government officials said the blast ripped through the van as it travelled through a minority Shia region of the Kurram tribal area, which borders Afghanistan. The area has a long history of sectarian violence.

Five women and four children were among the 14 killed, while 10 people were wounded in the explosion.

With few adequate medical facilities in the area, a Pakistani army helicopter evacuated the wounded to a nearby military hospital.

Jamat-ul-Ahrar, a breakaway Taliban faction, said it was behind the attack on the Shias.

Pakistani Taliban and other Sunni militant groups often target minority Shias whom they consider to be heretics. The Islamic State group has also claimed several recent attacks in the country.

For more than a decade, Pakistan has been fighting Islamic militants who have killed tens of thousands of people. Islamabad has also undertaken several large-scale offensives in the tribal regions in an effort to rout militants from the area.

Four convicted members of the Pakistani Taliban were executed in a prison, the army said.

In the southern port city of Karachi, paramilitary forces raided an apartment following a tip that militants were hiding there, police officer Aurangzeb Khattak said.

After a seven-hour siege, three militants, including a woman, blew themselves up inside the apartment. The explosion also killed a five-year-old, while a fourth militant was killed trying to flee the scene.