Pakistani Suicide Bomber: "My 72 Virgins Are Waiting For Me"

UK: Muslim Extremist Freed After Serving A Third Of His Sentence

From the Daily Star:
A FORMER London Underground security worker has been freed from jail after serving just a third of a 31-month sentence for terror offences.

Islamic extremist Afsor Ali, 28, was jailed in August last year after he was found guilty of three counts of possessing terrorist material.

But following a Daily Star Sunday investigation we can report the radical has been granted parole and is back on the streets – just 11 months after he was sent down.

Our exclusive pictures show Ali – who had a stash of al-Qaeda documents including bomb-making plans – mixing with unsuspecting members of the public during a Tube journey last week.

The fanatic, raised in Bethnal Green, east London, is living in a bail hostel in west London where he is believed to be subject to strict licence conditions.

Ali, a former disciple of hate clerics Anjem Choudary and Omar Bakri Muhammad, took part in a 2010 demonstration in which a group of extremists burned giant replica poppies on Remembrance Day.

In an interview on the day he raged: “We do not respect the poppy, we do not respect the British war dead and we do not respect the police.

“The British soldiers are the real murderers here."

He was captured on video telling viewers not to attend the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s wedding in April 2011.

Under the alias Abu Assadullah, Ali can be heard warning there is a “high possibility of an attack” at the “royal wedding”.

In the footage, posted on YouTube, he also tells viewers the British public have “no one to blame except themselves” because they failed to condemn the Government.

During his trial, jurors were told Ali was first arrested in December 2011 when he took part in a protest outside the US embassy against drone attacks in Pakistan alongside members of the banned group Muslims Against Crusades.

He was released without charge, but during the investigation an MP3 player was seized and a laptop and hard drive taken from his home.

It was discovered that Ali kept terror manuals on his MP3 player and owned a copy of the al-Qaeda magazine Inspire with a guide to making bombs and firing an AK-47.

The magazine also branded the 9/11 atrocity “an historic event”.

Ali, a former Transport For London worker, also admitted possessing a stolen passport after he tried to flee on the Eurostar to Paris in March 2014 but was spotted by French officials.

He pleaded guilty to a further bail offence after he failed to attend court in February 2014.

He was given a 16-month jail sentence for the passport offence and an eight-month term for skipping bail, to run concurrently, as well as a further 15 months for having terrorist material.

Sentencing, Judge Charles Wide QC told Ali he had made a “really determined attempt” to evade justice.

He said: “It is absolutely clear you are an extremist and you do support terrorism.

“While you were on bail, subject to strict conditions, you did not report to the police. You then made a really determined attempt to flee the jurisdiction. You acquired somebody else’s passport.

“I am told you had a lot of money on you. It is very obvious you were getting help. You are not just a loner. That is a very serious matter."

Germany: Jewish Athletes Warned To Hide Identities After Muslim Attacks

From Jihad Watch:
The new Europe, same as, or much like, the old Europe. “You will surely find the most intense of the people in animosity toward the believers to be the Jews,” says the Qur’an, which in practice means that the most intense of the people in animosity toward the Jews are Muslims.

“Euro Maccabi games marred by anti-Semitism in Berlin,” by Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post, August 1, 2015 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):
Two youths taunted six Jewish men with anti-Semitic insults and tossed an object at the group, police in the German capital said on Friday. The attackers fled and are being sought for alleged attempted assault and hate crimes. The incident took place in the Berlin district of Neukölln, a neighborhood with a large Muslim population. Separately, police arrested “a man with an Arab background” for yelling anti-Semitic insults at two security guards at the Hotel Estrel, where 2,000 people and athletes associated with the European Maccabi Games are staying, the Die Welt paper reported on Saturday. The hotel is 900 meters from the Al-Nur Mosque, a hotbed of radical Islam.

The head of the German umbrella organization for the Maccabi, Alon Meyer, warned Jewish athletes about traveling in large groups through Neukölln and wearing visibly Jewish items such as Stars of David or kippot. According to the Maccabi Games’ rules of conduct, athletes should not make themselves recognizable as Jews in “sensitive areas of Berlin,” and it is preferable that they travel in taxis and not wear kippot….

Islamic Lesson At Al-Aqsa: Jews Paid Doctors To “Create And Spread Diseases”

From Palestinian Media Watch:
Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi teaches Islam twice a week in the Al-Aqsa Mosque Mosque in Jerusalem: “According to what is told about the Rothschild family, they own more than half of the world's wealth... There are approximately 950,000 billion dollars in the world. Out of this amount, 500,000 billion dollars belong to the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family owns the World Bank, which gives loans to countries, not to private individuals or to organizations, it gives [loans] to countries. For instance, if Egypt wants a loan, it will take it from the World Bank. The World Bank is owned by the Rothschild family. The Rothschild family are Freemasons. At the End of Days they will fight God alongside the Antichrist… They own about 95% of the world's pharmaceutical industry. Why do I mention the pharmaceutical industry? Many diseases were created in labs - viruses created by doctors who were bought, trained and taught by the Rothschild family, the Freemasons, the Zionists, or the Jews to create and spread disease so they will be able to sell medicine for it. More than 95% of the pharmaceutical industry and the pharmaceutical trade is owned by the Children of Israel.” [Al-Msjed Al-Aqsa YouTube channel, July 31, 2015]

Hamas Demands Suicide Attacks Against Jews

From Arutz 7:
The Hamas terrorist organization called for attacks against IDF soldiers and "settlers" last Friday shortly after an Arab infant was killed in an arson attack at the village of Duma in Samaria, but now the group is stepping up its incitement and demanding that suicide bombings be deployed.

The IDF has indicated Jewish extremists may possibly have been behind the arson, given the presence of Hebrew graffiti at the site, and that pronouncement has sparked a cavalcade of condemnation by Israeli and international politicians against "Jewish terror" - which was followed quickly by Arab calls for terrorism that were answered by a wave of attacks.

Hamad Al-Rakav, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza's Khan Younis, said that residents of "the West Bank and occupied Jerusalem" need to attack not only Israel, but also the Palestinian Authority (PA) Security Forces who are "traitors and collaborators." Hamas has long demanded that the PA drop its security collaboration with the IDF.

According to Al-Rakav, Hamas's "armed wing," the Al-Qassam Brigades, will renew its activities in cities around Judea and Samaria and attack Jews in "revenge" for the lethal arson, despite the fact that the identity of the culprits remains unknown.

"The Zionists' burning of the helpless infant that didn't commit any crime is proof that they are thirsty to spill our blood and to commit crimes against our people," claimed the Hamas leader.

Calling for "revenge," Al-Rakav emphasized that the response required is a return to suicide bombing attacks.

In parallel to calling for attacks against Israel, Hamas has used the opportunity of the arson to attack its rival PA, with a spokesperson accusing PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of bearing personal responsibility.

Muslim Females Beat French Citizen For Sunbathing In Bikini

Strangely, the mayor of Reims said that the attack may not have been religiously motivated despite the Muslim women involved who were yelling at the Frenchwoman about "immodesty."

From The Star:
DEFIANT: Scores of women have posted photos of themselves in bikinis in public in retaliation 
The victim, named as Angelique Sloss, was sunbathing with two friends in a park in Reims, France, when a group of reportedly Muslim women attacked her.

One of them is said to have shouted at her for "immorally" exposing her skin in public.

When Angelique shouted back the group crowded round her slapping and punching her.

Aged between 16 and 24 the five women were arrested after the ambush and the eldest three – named as Ines Nouri, Zohra Karim and Hadoune Tadjouri – are set to appear in court in September.

A 16-year-old and 17-year-old also involved remain anonymous due to their age.

The attack has sparked nationwide fury in France and hundreds have taken to Twitter with the hashtag #jeportemonmaillotauParcLeo – I wear my bikini in the park – trending.

Many women donned their bikinis in public spaces and uploaded photos claiming their right to wear what they want, when they want.

The social media campaign brings back memories of the hashtag #JesuisCharlie which trended worldwide after the Charlie Hebdo massacre in January, this year.

A small rally was also organised by the anti-racist organisation SOS Racisme in the park where the attack happened.

Women and the odd man showed up wearing swimwear despite the rain and cold to prove their "right to wear a bikini".

But the Mayor of Reims has urged the public not to assume this attack was religiously-motivated.

Arnaud Robinet said: "We have to be very careful not to jump to conclusions.

"All the same, I can understand why people have assumed that this attack had religious motives. If that turns out to be the case, it is a very serious incident."

The prominent far-right groups in the country have used the incident as proof that Islam is threatening France.

Yazidi Boy, Four, Is Forced To Join ISIS Terror Camp To Learn Shariah Law, The Quran And Given Sword To Behead His Own Mother

From the Daily Mail:
A Yazidi mother has told how her four-year-old son was taken from her to join an ISIS terror training camp where he was forced to learn passages from the Koran, Sharia Law and even given a sword and taught how to behead his own mother.

Bohar – not her real name - could do little but watch as her young son was handed a sword by their captors, who told him 'this is to kill your mother'.

Later, he revealed they were training him to chop people's heads off, shoot guns and hate his own people, at an age when most children around the world are just learning to read.

Her son was never forced to carry out the perverted act - but his mother is adamant if her son had stayed he would have been forced to kill for ISIS.

In an exclusive interview, Bohar, 35, told MailOnline: 'ISIS trained my son to learn the Koran, how to speak Arabic, how to pray and how to use a sword.’

Speaking from a refugee camp in Dohuk, northern Iraq, Bohar said: 'They told him that Yazidis are Kafir, Arabic for ‘non-believers’ and told him he had to fight them.

‘This one time the ISIS man gave him a sword and said this is to kill your mother.'

Bohar, her son Hamo, not his real name, and her three other children were captured by ISIS last August, just south-east of Sinjar Mountain.

Unable to flee, they were imprisoned with 2,000 other Yazidi, from where they were shunted between prisons in Tal-Afar and Badush in Mosul - as evil ISIS militants decided their fate.

'In Badush prison ISIS took my eldest daughter and my eldest son who is 12. They took them to Syria,' she said.

'Some friends [later] told me my daughter and son were taken to Raqqa, where I believe they still are,' she added...

Iran's Working Mums Face Sack After Maternity Leave

From The Tribune:
Tens of thousands of working mothers have been sacked in Iran since the start of 2014 because employers found cheaper staff, an official said Friday, warning that a new maternity pay policy remains unfunded.

The comments highlight the financial pressures on families and on the Iranian government, despite this month’s nuclear deal with world powers that could pave the way for an economic rebound.

An austerity budget passed in March after a precipitous drop in global oil prices has left key Tehran ministries, including education and oil, struggling to pay wages.

A new law enshrining nine months of paid leave for mothers has been passed yet there are no funds to pay its estimated 3.2 trillion rial ($985 million) bill, according to welfare bosses.

“So far, not one rial has been allocated,” Mohammad Hassan Zeda, a deputy at Iran’s Social Security Organisation, told the ISNA news agency in an interview.

He said studies showed that from 145,000 women who had gone on a six-month maternity leave in the past 18 months, 47,000 of them — almost a third — were sacked when they tried to return.

“This is because right now due to the situation in the job market, there are many individuals with higher education who are prepared to work for lower salaries,” said Zeda, noting the trend would likely worsen.

“If maternity leave is increased to nine months, the number of women getting sacked, upon returning to work after using maternity leave, will increase much more.”

According to the Statistical Centre of Iran, the unemployment rate was 10.8 percent in 2014, though unofficial sources estimate the number is as high as 20 percent.

Unemployment is particularly bad among women (19.2 percent) and youths (25 percent).

Underemployment has also become common in Iran, according to the World Bank, with a weak labour market leaving only 36.7 percent of the population economically active.

Zeda said the nine-month maternity leave term can start if the government allocates the money, but officials are “not allowed to implement a law for which no financial resources have been provided.”

Around 160,000 working women would be eligible for the nine-month leave, he said.

After a deep recession, Iran returned to growth of three percent last year, partly due to limited sanctions relief under an interim nuclear deal between Iran and six world powers.

A final deal struck on July 14 in Vienna stands to lift all UN, US and Europeans sanctions imposed on Iran as punishment for its disputed nuclear activities, raising hopes of better economic and job prospects.

Taliban Look Set To Clash With ISIS

From the Daily Mail:
Afghanistan's unstable security situation could be set to worsen with fears growing that Taliban defections to a small but growing ISIS franchise group may lead to further violence.

Following the Taliban's official confirmation of Mullah Omar's death, fears have started to grow that a ISIS franchise has the potential to pose a serious challenge to the jihadi group in Afganistan.

ISIS's Khorasan branch (wilayat al-Khorasan) remains a small group of militants but it could now receive significant financial backing from ISIS with signs of Taliban instability.

News has emerged that Omar's successor, Mullah Akhtar Mansour, may not have received full backing from members of the shura council.

If true, this suggest that Mansour's position as leader of the group may not be completely secure and could face the threat of other Taliban senior figures vying for power.

The new leader of the Afghan Taliban has called for unity among his fighters, promising to continue insurgency in his first message.

The audio message purportedly from Mullah Akhtar Mansoor also included comments about peace talks, though it was not immediately clear whether he supported them or not....

Mosques And Massacres

By William Kilpatrick for Crisis Magazine:
On June 26, Saif Rezgui walked on to a beach in Tunisia and opened fire on German, British, and Irish sunbathers in front of the Imperial Marhaba resort hotel, killing 39 and wounding dozens more. If various world leaders are to be believed, the massacre had nothing to do with Islam. In response to the attack which left thirty British citizens dead, Prime Minister David Cameron said the terrorism “is not in the name of Islam. Islam is a religion of peace.” A day later, Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott assured the world that “what’s being done by Daesh [the Islamic State] has nothing to do with God, it has nothing to do with religion.”

There was one notable exception to the usual nothing-to-do-with-Islam mantra. Immediately after the attack, Tunisia’s prime minister, Habib Essid, ordered the closing of 80 mosques.

Of course, the leader of a 98 percent Muslim country can’t be expected to understand Islam nearly as well as the leaders of Britain and Australia. Nevertheless, Essid’s action provides food for thought. Mosques, after all, do have something to do with Islam. “Some mosques continue to spread their propaganda and their venom to promote terrorism,” Essid reportedly said. “No mosque that does not conform to the law will be tolerated.”

According to a Reuters report, Rezgui was “a dedicated student from a stable family who enjoyed partying and practiced break dancing.” Until, that is, “he appeared to have come into contact with extremist preachers about six months ago.”

Where do you meet extremist preachers? In extremist mosques, of course—the same sort of places attended by the two terrorists who two months previously had killed 21 foreign tourists at the Bardo Museum in Tunis. According to Reuters, “the two Bardo gunmen were also radicalized in their local mosques by hardliners.”

Another indication that the beach massacre might have had something to do with Islam is that Rezgui only targeted foreigners. As he pursued the tourists, he shouted to Tunisians to “get out of the way.” Might that have had something to do with the fact that the Tunisians were likely to be Muslims and the tourists were likely not? One other confirmation of the religious motivation for the attack came from the Islamic State. A spokesman for IS praised the attack as an operation against a “bordello”—a reference to the immodest dress of the beachgoers. Apparently, cartoons of Muhammad are not the only thing that hardline Muslims consider as provocation sufficient to warrant murder.

Not all mosques are centers of extremist radicalization. On the other hand, it’s likely that the average Westerner grossly underestimates the percentage of radical mosques. Fr. Samir Khalil Samir, an Egyptian Jesuit who is also an expert on Islam, writes:

In many Muslim countries … the mosques are monitored by the police on Friday. There is a simple reason for this: many political decisions start from the mosque during the Friday khutba [sermon]. Historians of Islam know that many riots and revolutions were launched from the mosques and that jihad is often proclaimed during the khutba.

Not coincidentally, many of the Arab Spring demonstrations in 2011 were set in motion from mosques following Friday prayers. And again, it’s probably no coincidence that Rezgui scheduled his massacre for a Friday during the holy month of Ramadan.

It’s tempting to think that the mosque-mayhem connection is something that’s peculiar to Arab societies, but four separate studies of American mosques revealed that about eighty percent of them provide extremist literature and occasionally feature extremist preachers. While this doesn’t mean that every American mosque is a hotbed of terrorism, it does suggest cause for concern. For example, two very prominent American mosques which have long been thought to be of the moderate mainstream kind are now known to be connected with numerous terrorists, some of them of the high-profile variety. Major Nidal Hasan, the Fort Hood jihadist, was mentored at the Dar Al-Hijra Mosque in Falls Church, Virginia. So were three of the 9/11 hijackers. And the person who was mentoring them was Anwar Al-Awlaki, who later became one of the chiefs of operations for Al-Qaeda in Yemen. Meanwhile, the Islamic Society of Boston has two mosques (one in Boston and one in Cambridge) which were attended by the Tsarnaev brothers and nearly a dozen other known terrorists, including the founder of Boston’s Islamic society, Abduraham Alamoudi, who is currently serving a twenty-three-year prison term for terror-related activities.

Christians assume that mosques, like churches, are simply places of prayer. Many of them are, but many mosques are also places of recruitment and radicalization—staging areas for jihad. Subsequent to the beach massacre, weapons caches were found in forty Tunisian mosques. As a popular Muslim poem puts it, “The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets, and the faithful our soldiers.”

Not all Muslims think of mosques in this way, but as Prime Minister Essid understands, a not insignificant number do. He is not alone in this assessment. As Fr. Samir notes, Muslim governments have historically kept a close eye on mosque activities. Muslim leaders may give lip service to the notion that violence has nothing to do with Islam, but their actions tell a different story. Western leaders need to start paying attention.