School Principal Suspended After Posing With Banner Lauding Terrorist

From Times-Of-Israel:
The Education Ministry on Thursday suspended the principal of a state-funded Arab school in East Jerusalem after he appeared — together with a teacher from another school, a Palestinian soccer coach and members of his team — in a photo holding up a banner lauding Mesbah Abu Sabih, the East Jerusalem terrorist who killed two Israelis in a shooting spree earlier this month.

Those in the photo, including members of the Hilal al-Quds soccer team, can be seen smiling on the field at their home ground — the Faisal Al-Husseini International Stadium in the West Bank’s al-Ram — while holding up a banner featuring Abu Sabih, the 39-year-old Silwan resident, and former resident of al-Ram, with the words: “The Hilal al-Quds soccer club mourns the loss of the lion of al-Aqsa [Jerusalem], the martyr and hero Mesbah Abu Sabih.”

The suspended principal was from the junior high school in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Issawiya. The other educator was a physical education teacher from a junior high school in Silwan. Both were summoned by Education Minister Naftali Bennett for a hearing, after which the principal was suspended over what was defined as a suspected disciplinary offense.

On Thursday, the principal was questioned by police as well.

“Anyone who incites against the State of Israel will not work in education,” read a ministry statement.

The coach of the Hilal al-Quds soccer team seen with the banner was arrested on Sunday and charged with incitement to terror.

Members of the team, which plays in the West Bank Premier League, posted the photo to its Facebook page on Tuesday, two days after the shooting attack.

Mullah Arrested For Selling Kidnapped Girls

From Tolo-News:

The Ministry of Interior (MoI) said on Sunday they have arrested a Mullah in Kabul who is suspected of helping another Mullah in the kidnapping of two young girls.

The two girls were kidnapped two weeks, but security forces managed to rescue them.

Meanwhile, the families of the kidnapped girls have called on government to arrest and prosecute the kidnappers.

Mullah Gulbuddin, the suspected kidnapper who was arrested, has reportedly confessed that he kidnapped five girls in the past and moved them to Khost district in Baghlan province.

He reportedly claims to have married two of them and gave three others to relatives in exchange for money. Three of his relatives allegedly each married a girl.

According to the families of the victims, the Mullah had been teaching the girls the Quran.

Mullah Gulbuddin was busy selling the girls each for 200,000 Afs when arrested by security forces.

ISIS Brutally Kills 250 Children In Dough Kneader

From Express:
ISIS terrorists put 250 children through a dough kneader and killed six men by burning them alive in an oven, according to a shocking new report.

The sick jihadis killed children, the eldest was just four years old, in an industrial dough kneader in the Syrian town of Duma.

In a chilling testimony, one Syrian woman spoke of “Christians being killed and tortured, and of children being beheaded in front of their parents.”

Speaking to Dr Yvette Isaac, from advocacy charity Roads to Success, Alice Assaf said: “Our neighbour came in and said: ‘Umm Issa, they have taken many girls about 300 girls. They were taken to Duma. Many of them were Christians and few were Alawites.

“At the bakery, there were six young people who were working there. We knew them. They were burned in the oven, six well-framed men.

“Then there were 250 children. They were put in the dough mixer, they were kneaded. The oldest one of them was four-years-old.”

As well as dealing with ISIS, Duma has been the site of bloodshed and violence as the city has found itself at the heart of the Syrian civil war.

The brutal killings were highlighted by Congleton MP Fiona Bruce before Parliament.

Recounting Dr Isaac’s testimony, Mrs Bruce said: “She showed us recent film footage of herself talking with mothers–more than one– who had seen their own children crucified.

“She told us of a mother with a two-month-old baby. When Daesh knocked at the front door of her house and ordered the entire family out, she pleaded with them to let her collect her child from another room.

"They told her, ‘No. Go. It is ours now.’”

The horrific killings comes as ISIS continues to wipe out Christians in the Middle East, targeting believers in Iraq and Syria.

The report, by charity Open Doors UK, found Christians in the region have been taken hostage, church leaders assassinated, homes and businesses destroyed and women and girls raped and forced into sexual slavery.

"They told her, ‘No. Go. It is ours now.’”

The horrific killings comes as ISIS continues to wipe out Christians in the Middle East, targeting believers in Iraq and Syria.

The report, by charity Open Doors UK, found Christians in the region have been taken hostage, church leaders assassinated, homes and businesses destroyed and women and girls raped and forced into sexual slavery.

Isis Claims Unremarked Arson Attack In Malmö

From The-Local:
The fire broke out on 11th October in a community centre in Malmö, causing smoke damage in the building. Police believe the fire was caused after attackers broke windows and threw in two molotov cocktails.

The latest edition of Isis magazine al-Naba claims the fire was started by “a warrior from the caliphate,” Swedish media reports. The article claims the centre was used by “infidels”, believed in this context to mean Shia Muslims.

According to the article, the attack was carried out “on the instructions of the leader al-Adnani”, referring to Isis spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani, who has called for terror attacks on the West.

But Swedish terrorism expert Magnus Ranstorp said the claims should be taken with a “pinch of salt.”

“I don’t think it will be possible to establish that they are involved. They’ve got a habit of taking responsibility for everything. They tend to claim terror attacks that have nothing to do with,” Ranstorp told SVT.

“But it’s interesting that they mention the fire, that news of it has reached Isis’s internal publication, at a time when they are under pressure, and they’ve published it quite quickly,” Ranstorp told SVT.

Terror expert Hans Brun of Kings College London, told Svenska Dagbladet that it was remarkable that al-Naba had heard about the attack.

“This incident hasn’t had a lot of attention in Sweden, or internationally as far as I’m aware. The question is how they got access to this information.”

“Someone must either have tipped them off about the incident or they have had contact with the person or people who did it. I’m surprised that they have mentioned such a small incident in the first place. As far as I’m aware nobody was injured. It’s not a global news event,” he said.

Swedish security service Säpo would neither confirm nor deny having seen the claims in al-Naba.

Palestinians Who Attended Jewish Settlement Event Arrested By Their Own Police

From Washington-Post:
Four Palestinian guests who attended a Jewish holiday celebration on Wednesday at an Israeli settlement in the West Bank have been arrested by Palestinian security forces, family members said Friday.

Palestinian authorities released no information on the arrests, including why the four men were detained late Thursday.

Relatives of the Palestinians say they were taken into custody after photographs appeared on social media and news websites about the unusual celebration in the Jewish settlement of Efrat, in which Jews and Muslims gathered together.

Relatives of the detained men said they would likely be held until Sunday and they were being interrogated.

They said it was not the celebration at the house of Efrat’s mayor, Oded Revivi, that got them into trouble with Palestinian authorities. Instead, they believe it was the presence at the gathering of senior Israeli army officers, including a general, alongside top Israeli police officers.

[The event went well until the Palestinians guests headed home]

“The problem is the photos of the soldiers and us,” said Asad Abu Hamad, 40, a relative of the arrested men.

“The mayor tricked them,” Abu Hamad said. “Instead of helping us, he destroyed us.”

The cousin of the arrested men said they went to the gathering in a gesture of friendship, but also to press their cases to end road closures into their villages and home demolitions by Israeli bulldozers.

Pro-Israel voices on social media pointed to the arrests as evidence that Palestinian authorities refuse to allow their Muslim citizens to meet peacefully with Jews.

Revivi, who is also a lieutenant colonel in the Israel army reserves, said he was in anguish over the arrests and was pressing for the men’s release.

“I understand they are upset. I understand what the relatives are saying,” Revivi said. “But was this a trap? This was no trap.”

He said his Palestinian guests spoke openly — and directly — with his Jewish guests and with the military and police officers in attendance.

Two reporters from The Washington Post attended the gathering. The relations among the guests were cordial and both Palestinians and Israelis took selfies and photographs and video.

[Opinion: Why is U.S. money helping pay for Israeli settlements?]

Some Palestinian guests felt comfortable enough to complain out loud about how they are treated. Some Israelis mentioned the wave of Palestinian stabbing attacks against them.

Ali Musa, 49, came from the village of Al Khader. He told the gathering on Wednesday: “I came for a reason. I came to talk about our relationship, between you and us.”

He reminded his hosts that there is a locked yellow gate that blocks the entrance to his village, a closure enforced by Israeli security ­forces.

“That gate should be removed,” Musa said.

He also complained about a sign warning Israelis not to enter his village because it was dangerous to their lives. He called the sign racist.

Reached on Friday after news of the arrests of four Palestinian guests, Musa said of the Palestinian security forces: “Let them come for me. I’m not afraid. I said what I said. I sent a message to the Israelis from the Palestinian people.”

One of those arrested is Riad Abu Hamad, who was detained and interrogated by Palestinian police earlier this year when he spoke out on Israeli television about his relations with Jewish settlers.

At the party, Riad Abu Hamad said, “I’ve never spoken out against the Palestinians. I’ve spoken out against closing [Israeli] factories in the West Bank. We need the work. Where are the Palestinian factories?”

Riad Abu Hamad said a gathering like the one on Wednesday should be encouraged, not discouraged. He said the setting offers a forum for Palestinians to seek redress from the Israeli army, which has occupied the territory for almost 50 years.

He said, “We can press for work permits, roads, more water, more rights.”

The mayor of the Jewish settlement said he felt love for his Palestinian guests and did not want to criticize their relatives. But he pointed out to a reporter, “You were there. Who was taking photos of who?”

Everyone was taking photos.

More than 1,000 Palestinians work at the Efrat settlement, a community that the United States calls “illegitimate” and “an obstacle to peace” in an ever elusive two-state solution.

Palestinians may work in Jewish settlements without social censure, but Palestinian society discourages its people from mingling with police officers and soldiers, ever wary of collaboration and a process that Palestinians call “normalization.” They see that as a way for Israel, little by little, to use people’s natural inclination to seek accord to legitimize the decades-long military occupation and surrender their struggle for their own state.

Desperate Islamic State Jihadis evacuate Yazidi Sex Slaves

From Express:
The barbaric jihadis are reportedly dispersing from the Iraq city and fleeing to Raqqa amid reports that a deadly gunman known as the 'Sniper of Mosul' is taking out key commanders.

As the twisted militants lose their stronghold over the city, which is being liberated in a US-backed invasion by Iraqi troops, the fighters have taken the step of relocating Yazidi captives

The deadly sniper caused the jihadis to suffer heavy losses over the past 24 hours, according to local media.

Reports said the sniper, or group of snipers, has targeted four different residential neighbourhoods, taking out ISIS patrols embedded in local communities.

The operation to liberate Mosul, which ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi declared the centre of his self-proclaimed caliphate, has been progressing at a quicker pace than previously estimated.

Invading troops had expected the battle to last around two months, but local media claims last week a convoy of around 1,500 ISIS militants, including senior commanders and their families, was seen travelling to Syria as the group suffers rapid loses of territory.

It is estimated that 8,000 jihadi fighters remain in Mosul and are making use of an intricate network of tunnels underneath the city to launch guerilla-style attacks on the allied troops.

Since ISIS captured Mosul in 2014, the UN has estimated that the terror group has put 5,000 local Yazidis to death in a brutal genocide against the Kurdish community.

The militants are said to have forced a total of 3,500 women and children into sexual slavery, with their youngest victims aged just eight years old.

The evil fighters are said to have been burning women alive in cages and submerging them in vats of nitric acid if they refuse to cooperate with the sexual demands of jihadis.

Australian Soccer Coach Pleads For His Life After Being Kidnapped

From Daily-Mail:
A soccer coach kidnapped in Yemen has appeared in a video begging the Australian government to pay a ransom in exchange for his release.

Craig Bruce McAlliser appears unharmed but pleads for his life and for the government to help facilitate his return to Australia in a 24-second video posted online.

The 56-year-old soccer coach does not identify which group is holding him in Yemen, south of Saudi Arabia,  but a colleague told EFE it was an Islamist group.

'I have been working as a football coach ... At the moment I am kidnapped by a group here,' he said.

'They are requesting that the Australian government send the money they have requested.'

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said on Wednesday her department was seeking to provide consular support to the man's family and was working hard to ascertain more information.

'We do understand that an Australian who has been in Yemen for some time has been kidnapped, but we don't know the details,' she told Sky News.

McAllister's assistant, Abdullah al-Maghribi, told news agency EFE that his boss had been coaching U-16 players at Al-Ahli Sanaa soccer club for two years now, and used to work as coach in Al-Ahli Taizz in southern Yemen for four years.

AL-Maghribi added that the coach has been kidnapped by an Islamist group, without identifying its name.

He begged the captors to release the 56-year-old man, who is working with a charitable Christian group devoted for humanitarian work in Asia and Europe.

Pastor’s Family Attacked

From Christians-In-Pakistan:
A pastor’s house attacked- his family brutally tortured as a result of indiscriminate bashing. A mob of more than 50 launched an attack on October 19, on Pastor Michael Robert. The incident took place in Farooqabad, District Sheikhupura.

In line with a detailed report by Christian advocacy group The Voice Society, the victim Pastor Michael and his family residents of Saddiqabad neighborhood in Farooqabad. The Voice Society states: “Abdul Hameed Gadhi, his sons Sajawal and Babar Gadhi along with about 50 people attacked house of a Pastor named Michael Robert at Mohallah Saddiqabad, city Farooqabad District Sheikhupura.” His family including Father Robert Masih, Younis Masih, mother Surraiya Robert, wife Shakeela Bibi were present inside the house at the time of attack.

“The gang of Abdul Hameed Gadhi attacked the colony and did firing to harass the residents so that nobody comes out to help the family. The men entered the house forcefully and badly beat the family including women. The attackers threw all the luggage in the house outside the house and broke each and every thing including furniture and all household equipment. The attackers also looted the house badly,” The Voice Society reports.

“All the men in the house got severely injured and received head injuries along with injuries in their back, legs and arms but unfortunately police did not let the actual medical report to be made.”

The attack resulted following a property dispute between the Christian family and Hameed Gadhi others about two years ago. The house now used by Pastor Michael and family was fraudulently sold again by the previous owner to the Hameed Gadhi group. The previous owner of the house had sold the house initially to Pastor Michael’s father afterwards sold the same house to Hameed Gadhi.

“Pastor Michael’s father had the stamp papers for the payment and agreement of buying the house. The dispute went to the Police station and then to the courts, court stayed the matter until the owner of the house is not declared in accordance with the circumstances and proofs,” The Voice Society reports.

TVS further reported that a new SHO in the related police station sided with the Gadhi group and started harassing and intimidating the Christian family demanding that they must immediately vacate the house.

“The Voice Society’s lawyer filed a Writ petition of harassment against the Police in the session’s court which was decided in Michael’s favor, but the SHO did not stopped and ten days ago he along with two police mobiles loaded with police men went to the Michael’s house and threatened them badly to vacate the house.”

“The Voice filed a Writ of harassment against DPO and SHO of the same relevant area in the High Court and it was also decided in favor of Michael. Later, on 19 October at about 10:15pm during the night Abdul Hameed Gadhi and his fellows attacked the colony armed with weapons.”

“The Voice Society team reached the place of occurrence at about 2:00pm in the night and went to the hospital along with the family for treatment and Medico-legal report, but unfortunately doctors and staff of the hospital were very biased and they did not conducted the medical examination honestly and concealed many things in the report,” TVS maintains.

“Later the Voice team reached the Police station and also visited the place of occurrence along with the Police because the Police locked down the house of the Victims and deputed some of the police men in the house. The Voice moved an application for the registration of the case. But right now the priority is to vacate the house from the illegal possession of the Police on urgent basis otherwise Michael and his family will be suffering in the streets,” the report continues.

“It is a pity that police goes against the poor family,” TVS whines. The Voice Society’s lawyers have moved an application for the registration of an FIR calling for inclusion of Sections 7ATA, 354, 452, 148/149, 324 PPC in the FIR.

More Than Forty Christians Killed In An Attack

From Christians-In-Pakistan:
At least 48 Christians were killed in northern Nigeria in an attack by Muslim Fulani herdsmen. The attack took place on October 15, Saturday. A local priest said that the herdsmen shot the Christians dead and burnt down their houses in Godogodo, a predominantly Christian community in Kaduna state in Nigeria.

In line with locals, the massacre began at 5 p.m. on Saturday October 15. Local priest Reverend Thomas Akut of the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Good News Church in Godogodo said that the assailants torched the houses and shot Christians dead in the attack. Fortunately Pastor Akut and his family were able to escape unharmed.

“We fled into the bushes, and some of us escaped to safer areas. The attackers were in the hundreds and were well armed. Some of them wore army uniforms, while others wore police uniforms. Some of them exchanged gunfire with the few soldiers stationed at the post office in the town, while others burned down houses of Christians. This casualty figure is only those I saw the following morning, but the number of deaths may be higher as many were killed in the bushes too,” Pastor Akut said.

“Godogodo communities once again came under very fierce, terrifying, brutal, savage and barbarous attack by Fulani herdsmen without provocation of any nature from Saturday 15th October, 2016, to Sunday afternoon. So far, the locals have been able to identify not less than 40 corpses, aside from the several other corpses burnt beyond recognition,” said Solomon Musa, an attorney.

Muslim Woman Beaten Up And Threatened

From Express:
A YOUNG Muslim woman has been brutally beaten by her two female cousins while her father threatened to murder her because of her relationship with a Roman Catholic.

The brave 22-year-old pressed charges of assault and harassment against her cousins – the case against her father was dropped due to lack of evidence – and faced her estranged family for the first time in nearly two years in court on Thursday.

The Muslim/Catholic couple – whose real names have not been disclosed under French law – kept their relationship a closely guarded secret for years, knowing that the young Muslim woman’s ultra-Islamic family would force her to put an end to her illicit love affair with a ‘non-believer’.

But in January 2015, after dating for more than three years, the couple decided to make their relationship public.

The alleged victim of the assaults left her parents a letter explaining that they would “never accept” her relationship and that she didn’t want to “hurt them,” and that leaving home was her only choice.

Around three weeks later, two of her cousins called an emergency family meeting in a bid to convince her to change her mind and come home.

But Reims Crown Court heard the meeting did not go as planned.

The alleged victim claims her cousins – aged 21 and 27 – hurled abuse at her, pulled her hair, threw punches at her, and kicked her repeatedly, before ordering her to get into their car.

Her parents and sisters also shunned and threatened her. Her father, a practising Muslim, threatened her with death over the phone: “If I find you, I’ll kill you,” he allegedly told her in Arabic.

Her sisters also cut off all contact.

“We were so close and then all of a sudden, I was no longer a part of their lives,” she said.

The Muslim woman also said that members of her family had vandalised her postbox and her boyfriend’s car, and that she had been flooded with abusive phone calls.

Badly injured after the attack and fearing further reprisals, the young woman was signed off work for 10 days and decided to press charges before fleeing Reims, her home town, with her clandestine boyfriend. She was also forced to quit her job, and is now working as a nurse in an unknown location.

The two cousins, however, are denying the charges of assault and threatening behaviour.

Judges are expected to announce their verdict next month, on November 17.

The alleged victim’s lawyer Simon Miravete, said: “This is not just about religion. This is about a young woman fighting for her freedom.”