Terror Group Releases Video Showing Drive-By Shootings, Suicide Bombings And Dozens Of Other Victims Rounded Up And Executed

From the Daily Mail:
In what should be a time of happiness when Muslims mark the end of Ramadan, Islamist militants in Iraq celebrated Eid by releasing a video showing scenes of them carrying out genocide.

The slickly produced footage shows prisoners being rounded up and summarily executed, suicide bombers boasting before blowing up buildings and Iraqis being gunned down in drive-by shootings.

In one of the most shocking passages, terrified prisoners are piled into the back of trucks, where they hold each other and huddle in fear before driven off to their deaths.

The 36-minute film then cuts to dozens of prisoners lying face down on the ground, hands bound behind their backs, waiting to be executed.

None of the men look older than 40 years old, one of them wears an Arsenal shirt, clearly visible with midfielder Mesut Ozil’s name and number on the back.

Most of the men are apparently Iraqi army deserters.

Their jeans, hastily put on to avoid identification, have been pulled down to reveal their khaki desert fatigues.

One group of about 50 prisoners are seen being told to march with their hands behind their heads and lie down in two overlapping lines on the sand.

The executions are believed to have taken place in Saddam Hussein's hometown of Tikrit.

The prisoners, believed to be Shi'ite Muslims, are then systematically executed by a small band of jihadists, thought to be Sunnis.

It is understood the prisoners are referred to in the video description as rafidas, a derogatory term used by some Sunnis to describe Shi'ites who they believe have rejected Islamic authority...

France: Firebombs Hurdled At Toulouse Jewish Center

From the Times of Israel:
Police in Toulouse arrested a man who hurled three firebombs at a Jewish community center and the officers guarding it.

The incident happened Saturday, one hour after the conclusion of a demonstration against Israel’s actions against Hamas in Gaza, the AFP news agency reported.

The man, who was not named, threw two firebombs over the center’s fence and a third at the officers, but none of the bombs successfully ignited. He also hurled stones at the Espace du Judaisme center, which contains a synagogue, a library and a lecture room, among other facilities.

“Our lives have become absurd,” Nicole Yardeni, the head of the local branch of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities. “We endure daily insults and get spat on, a general feeling of anxiety because a part of the population has a poisoned mind that makes it their mission to hurt Jews, regardless of Gaza.”

On Sunday, approximately 2,000 people, many of them Jews, held a rally in Marseille to express their solidarity with Israel.

Also on Saturday, the Correctional Tribunal of Paris released 11 of the 16 suspects that police arrested July 23 on suspicion that they were involved in carrying out an attack on a kosher restaurant in Paris’ 4th Arrondissement, which is also known as the Marais and is Paris’ historic Jewish quarter.

Eight of the suspects were minors, the website 20minutes.fr reported. Seven of them were released for lack of evidence, along with four adults. The court extended the remand of four young men and one minor, who was sent to juvenile court.

The suspects still in custody are believed to have been part of a group of 50 people who splintered off a pro-Palestinian demonstration and headed for the 4th Arrondissement.

A worker of the restaurant managed to shutter the restaurant’s anti-burglary bars, preventing the crowd from entering and locking dozens of customers inside, according to 20minutes.fr. The crowd proceeded to hurl various objects at the windows while shouting “bunch of dirty Jews, we will kill you” and “death to the Jews.”

One of the people released was a 32-year-old man whose criminal record included 14 incidents, and whose photo was identified by two victims of the attack.

To The Students For Justice In Palestine, A Letter From An Angry Black Woman

From Tablet Mag:
The student organization Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is prominent on many college campuses, preaching a mantra of “Freeing Palestine.” It masquerades as though it were a civil rights group when it is not. Indeed, as an African-American, I am highly insulted that my people’s legacy is being pilfered for such a repugnant agenda. It is thus high time to expose its agenda and lay bare some of the fallacies they peddle.

• If you seek to promulgate the legacy of early Islamic colonialists who raped and pillaged the Middle East, subjugated the indigenous peoples living in the region, and foisted upon them a life of persecution and degradation—you do not get to claim the title of “Freedom Fighter.”

• If you support a racist doctrine of Arab supremacism and wish (as a corollary of that doctrine) to destroy the Jewish state, you do not get to claim that the prejudices you peddle are forms of legitimate “resistance.”

• If your heroes are clerics who sit in Gaza plotting the genocide of a people; who place their children on rooftops in the hopes they will get blown to bits; who heap praises upon their fellow gang members when they succeed in murdering Jewish school boys and bombing places of activity where Jews congregate—you do not get to claim that you are some Apollonian advocate of human virtue. You are not.

• If your activities include grieving over the woefully incompetent performance by Hamas rocketeers and the subsequent millions of Jewish souls who are still alive—whose children were not murdered by their rockets; whose limbs were not torn from them; and whose disembowelment did not come into fruition—you do not get to claim that you stand for justice. You profess to be irreproachable. You are categorically not.

• If your idea of a righteous cause entails targeting and intimidating Jewish students on campus, arrogating their history of exile-and-return and fashioning it in your own likeness you do not get to claim that you do so in the name of civil liberty and freedom of expression.

• You do not get to champion regimes that murder, torture, and persecute their own people, deliberately keep them impoverished, and embezzle billions of dollar from them—and claim you are “pro-Arab.” You are not.

• You do not get to champion a system wherein Jews are barred from purchasing land, traveling in certain areas, and living out such an existence merely because they are Jews—and claim that you are promoting equality for all. You do not get to enable that system by pushing a boycott of Jewish owned businesses, shops, and entities—and then claim that you are “against apartheid.” That is evil.

• You do not get to justify the calculated and deliberate bombings, beatings, and lynchings of Jewish men, women, and children by referring to such heinous occurrences as part of a noble “uprising” of the oppressed—that is racism. It is evil.

• You do not get to pretend as though you and Rosa Parks would have been great buddies in the 1960s. Rosa Parks was a real Freedom Fighter. Rosa Parks was a Zionist.

Coretta Scott King was a Zionist.

A. Phillip Randolph was a Zionist.

Bayard Rustin was a Zionist.

Count Basie was a Zionist.

Dr. Martin Luther King Sr. was a Zionist.

Indeed, they and many more men and women signed a letter in 1975 that stated: “We condemn the anti-Jewish blacklist. We have fought too long and too hard to root out discrimination from our land to sit idly while foreign interests import bigotry to America. Having suffered so greatly from such prejudice, we consider most repugnant the efforts by Arab states to use the economic power of their newly-acquired oil wealth to boycott business firms that deal with Israel or that have Jewish owners, directors, or executives, and to impose anti-Jewish preconditions for investments in this country.”

You see, my people have always been Zionists because my people have always stood for the freedom of the oppressed. So, you most certainly do not get to culturally appropriate my people’s history for your own. You do not have the right to invoke my people’s struggle for your shoddy purposes and you do not get to feign victimhood in our name. You do not have the right to slander my people’s good name and link your cause to that of Dr. King’s. Our two causes are diametrically opposed to each other.

Your cause is the antithesis of freedom. It has cost hundreds of thousands of lives of both Arabs and Jews. It has separated these peoples, and has fomented animosity between them. It has led to heartache, torment, death and destruction.

It is of course your prerogative to continue to utilize platitudes for your cause. You are entirely within your rights to chant words like “equality” “justice” and “freedom fighter.”

You can keep using those words for as long as you like. But I do not think you know what they mean.


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Chloe Valdary is a consultant for the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America and a fellow at the Lawfare Project.

Jerusalem Imam: Egypt Should Annex Gaza, Lead Armies To Annihilate The Jews

From Jihad Watch:
Imagine if a Jewish rabbi had called upon Israel to annihilate Muslims. The outcry would be intense, international, and prolonged. But there are so many calls these days for genocide of the Jews, this one will receive scant notice. In any case, anything that shows that the Israeli/”Palestinian” conflict is a struggle of civilized man against savages is given short shrift in the mainstream media.

“Jerusalem Imam: Egypt Should Annex Gaza, Lead Arab Armies in Annihilating the Jews,” MEMRI, July 18, 2014:
In a Friday sermon in Ras Al-Amoud, East Jerusalem, Sheik Nidhal Siam said that Egypt should annex Gaza. If it were joined by the Turkish, Jordanian, Algerian, Moroccan, Mauritanian, and Pakistani armies, he said, they would be “praying by noon on Monday in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.” Egypt has the duty to refrain from remaining neutral with regard to recent events in Gaza, Siam said in the July 18 sermon, which was posted on the Internet.

Following are excerpts:

Nidhal Siam: A study was conducted by a British organization. It was conducted not by me or by the Muslims, but by English infidels. According to the study, the Egyptian army, with the weapons it possesses today, is capable of crushing Israel within three days. By Allah, three days is a long time. If the Egyptian army sets out right now, after the prayers, they will be praying at noon on Monday in the Al-Aqsa Mosque – all the more so if they are joined by the mighty Turkish army, by the Jordanian army, by the Algerian army, and by the armies of Morocco and of Mauritania, and when the Pakistani army cries: “Allah Akbar! Come to Jihad! Oh steed of Allah, arise and bring the glad tidings of Paradise!”


The Egyptian army has the duty, first and foremost, to refrain from remaining neutral in the face of the events in Gaza. Its duty is to annex Gaza to Egypt right now, this very night, and then to instate Islam, and to march and annihilate the Jews. It should bring us the Emir of the Believers, to whom we will pledge allegiance, and he will lead us in prayer in the Al-Aqsa Mosque. He will preach the sermon to you next Friday.
See video here.

Pakistani Mob Kills Two Children Including A Baby And Their Grandmother After 'Blasphemous' Facebook Post

More on this story.

From The Telegraph:
A mob killed a seven-year-old and her baby sister along with their grandmother, a member of the Ahmadi sect, after another follower was accused of posting blasphemous material on Facebook, police in Pakistan said.

The dead were part of a religious sect, who consider themselves Muslim but believe in a prophet after Mohammed. A 1984 Pakistani law declared them non-Muslims and many Pakistanis consider them heretics.

The incident is the latest instance of growing violence against minorities in Pakistan.

Police said the violence late on Sunday in the town of Gujranwala, 220 km (140 miles) southeast of the capital, Islamabad, started with an altercation between young men, one of whom was an Ahmadi accused of posting "objectionable material".

"Later, a crowd of 150 people came to the police station demanding the registration of a blasphemy case against the accused," said one police officer who declined to be identified.

"As police were negotiating with the crowd, another mob attacked and started burning the houses of Ahmadis."

The youth accused of making the Facebook post had not been injured, he said.

According to AP, police official Zeeshan Siddiqi said the rioting in the city of Gujranwala erupted after claims an Ahmadi had posted a blasphemous photo of the Kaaba - the cube-shaped structure in the Grand Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia, that observant Muslims around the world face in prayer five times a day.

The photo allegedly contained nudity.

Mr Siddiqi said the victims died of suffocation and that another woman miscarried during the riots and was in hospital.
Under Pakistani law, Ahmadis are banned from using Muslim greetings, saying Muslim prayers or referring to his/her place of worship as a mosque.

Salim ud Din, a spokesman for the Ahmadi community, said it was the worst attack on the community since simultaneous attacks on Ahmadi places of worship killed 86 Ahmadis four years ago.

"Police were there but just watching the burning. They didn't do anything to stop the mob," he said. "First they looted their homes and shops and then they burnt the homes."

The police officer said they had tried to stop the mob.

Accusations of blasphemy are rocketing in Pakistan, from one in 2011 to at least 68 last year, according to the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan.

About 100 people have been accused of blasphemy this year.

Malaysia: Muslim Leader Says Muslims Must Unite To Attack Israel

From Jihad Watch:
But…but…it’s a struggle over land! If Israel makes a series of concessions to the “Palestinians,” all will be well and all manner of thing will be well — right? Only greasy Islamophobes believe that the Israeli- “Palestinian” conflict has anything to do with religion, right?

“Perkasa wants all Muslim countries to attack Israel,” Kashmir Watch, July 26, 2014 (thanks to Pamela Geller):
KUALA LUMPUR: Muslim countries all over the world must combine forces and attack the “crazy Zionists” in Israel, said Datuk Ibrahim Ali.

The president of Malay rights group Perkasa said every time there was an attack on Palestine, all Muslims worldwide did was pray, criticise and hold demonstrations.

“Those who can do something are leaders of Muslim nations, like all the kings, Presidents and Prime Ministers.

“The numbers are huge. Assemble all the strength and together with OIC (Organisation of Islamic Cooperation), attack the cruel Israeli Zionists,” he said in a statement.

He added Muslims should also send protest notes to the United States, which is the “mastermind” behind Israeli Zionists.

He added that Allah was testing the leaders of Muslim countries and not just the suffering Palestinians.

“Put together all your armies and weapons from Muslim countries and just attack the crazy Zionists and pray to Allah.”

Earlier today, Pahang Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Adnan Yaakob called on OIC and the United Nations (UN) to intervene in a bid to stop attacks on Gaza.

The death toll in Palestine has risen to nearly 160, with hundreds of others injured while homes were destroyed by air strikes and artillery attacks by Israel.

Five Ahmadis Killed Over Alleged Blasphemy In Gujranwala

From KhyberNewsTV:
GUJRANWALA: Four members of the Ahmadi community were killed late on Sunday and four others were severely injured when an angry mob attacked and burnt five houses belonging to members of the community over alleged blasphemy. According to BBC Urdu, those who died in the attack include a 55-year-old woman Bashiran, a minor girl Kianat, 7-year-old girl Hira and an unborn child who died due to suffocation. The injured were rushed to the district headquarters hospital and their condition is said to be critical. The BBC Urdu report quoted Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) of the People's Colony Circle as saying that the trouble started with an allegedly blasphemous post on Facebook by an Ahmadi youth, following which the mob began protesting and eventually attacked and damaged homes belonging to members of the Ahmadi community. According to police and eyewitnesses, there were seven to eight houses of the Ahmadi community in the vicinity. However, following the violence all Ahmadi families in the area managed to flee.

Toronto “Palestinian” Demo To Jews: “Go back to Germany where they can kill you again”

Hat Tip: Jihad Watch

Palestinian Mosques: Houses of God? Or Arsenals?

From Breitbart:
While salvaging Qurans from the rubble of the Al-Farouq Mosque in Gaza, junior imam Muhammad Hamad told the New York Times, "This is a house of God” – as though this proved the mosque is a peaceful place of worship. He said this after Al-Farouq had been targeted by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on July 12.

According to IDF spokesperson Lt. Col. Peter Lerner, intelligence indicated the mosque was used as “a Hamas rocket cache and gathering point for militants.” According to Hamad, “That charge is baseless.”

This debate conjures striking visuals – the military against the mosque, the Qurans amidst the rubble, and the young imam invoking the term “house of God.” Media outlets eagerly perpetuate this narrative however incomplete or inaccurate. The problem, however, starts at the very root of the story, with the mosque. Let’s explore what a “house of God” might look like to an average person living in a Palestinian-controlled neighborhood.

The above picture shows the Caliph Abu Bakr Mosque in Aida in “Area A” on the West Bank. Area A means Israel maintains control over external security, so Palestinians there are limited in the weapons they can amass, unlike in Hamas-controlled Gaza where Israel relinquished control of the border. Though Israel prevents missiles from entering the West Bank, Area A is otherwise similar to Gaza in that Palestinians are responsible for their own neighborhoods – central to those neighborhoods are mosques.

The Aida mosque entryway is festooned with violent messaging that celebrates terrorists, that show all of Israel gone from the map, and advertisements for conferences that promote the caliphate (i.e., radical Islam taking over the world).

Note at least 7 specific examples of politicized imagery in the above photo:

1. Drawing of the word “Fatah,” the quasi-political party that rules the Palestinian Authority
2. Stylized drawing in Arabic depicting a map of Israel as “Palestine” as the final letter
3. “Fatah” graffiti
4. Remnants of an advertisement for the Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir’s 2012 Caliphate Conference
5. Poster celebrating a released terrorist with common Palestinian imagery featuring a map of Israel as “Palestine"
6. Remnants of a poster celebrating another terrorist
7. Poster advertising the 2013 Hizb ut-Tahrir of Palestine Caliphate Conference
Read it all here.

Picture of the Week: Christians Under Attack

From The Religion Of Peace:
While 2000 Christian families in Mosul were forced to flee their homes under an ultimatum to convert or die, CAIR spent the week complaining about a USOC rule banning basketball players from wearing hijabs in games. The glaring lack of moral perspective toward those outside the faith is symptomatic of the narcissistic teachings of Islam.