Muslim Man Who Got Married Under Sharia Law Loses In High Court

From ITV:
A devout Muslim who said he had been married under Sharia law and could not be divorced in UK has lost a High Court fight.

The man's wife, who has dual British and Pakistani nationality, had issued a petition for divorce in England.

But the man said divorce could only be approved in Pakistan.

A judge has dismissed his claim after a hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in Birmingham.

Mr Justice Francis said the woman lived in England and had a right to seek a divorce in England.

He suggested if he had ruled in favour of the man he would have been approving "racial and gender discrimination".

During the ruling, Mr Justice Francis said the man's claim had 'far-reaching consequences':
It would mean that she would be subjected to different rules of English law than people of other faiths or other nationalities living here.

It seems to me that the consequence, or a consequence, of the husband's submission would be that I would therefore be approving both racial and gender discrimination.

It would be racial discrimination because what is said is that because the wife has dual nationality, both British and Pakistani, that as a national of Pakistan she should be treated differently from a British citizen who is not a national of Pakistan.

Mr Justice Francis did not identify the couple involved.

Authorities Torture Inmate To Death In Ardebil Prison

From NCR:
In a shocking crime in Ardebil Prison, northwest Iran, authorities chained an inmate by the name of Abbas Alipour to a light pole in the prison courtyard and left him in the winter cold. This hideous torture method continued for many days and nights, resulting in the prisoner’s death on February 15th.

This vicious practice has turned into a trending method in the regime’s prisons. Prior to this Mohammad Saber Malek Reisis from Iran’s Baluch minority, an exiled political prisoner, was chained in this prison’s courtyard for 14 hours.

Political prisoner Arzhang Davoudi on February wrote a letter in this regard.

“In Zabol Prison (southeast Iran)… after the prisoner was beaten and insulted in a humiliating manner… they shaved his head, and chained his arms and legs to two columns, leaving him in the sight of all prisoners, prison guards, authorities and other personnel. They kept him in those conditions for a few days and the prisoner lost conscious during this periods from the pains he suffered due to muscle cramps.”

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international human rights organizations, especially the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights Iran and the Special Rapporteur on Torture to take urgent action against torture in Iran and establishing a fact-finding mission to investigate the deteriorating conditions of prisons and prisoners across Iran.

Women Were Kept Like Animals By ISIS

From Daily-Mail:
Shocking footage has been released from inside the prison where Islamic State held and tortured dozens of women.

Female prisoners were kept in cells just three feet wide, which were so cramped they could barely stretch out their arms.

Turkish forces stormed the prison in the Syrian town of Al-Bab and freed the terrified women who were being held there.

A look inside an ISIS prison that held women in tiny cells

The women had been captured and kept as sex slaves, housed like animals in the tiny windowless cells behind huge steel doors.

The women endured inhumane conditions, as the militants forced them to live in darkness and regularly subjected to torture, rape, and beatings.

Soldiers fighting as part of Turkey's military intervention in Syria, code-named Operation Euphrates Shield, seized control of the jail, liberating the women inside.

The Turkish army released footage from inside the prison, exposing the terrible conditions the women were forced to live in.

Meanwhile, a former Islamic State prisoner has photographed himself returning to the cell where he was held captive by Daesh brutes for several months.

While detained in his tiny cell, the Syrian man wrote a poem on the wall.

The town of Al-Bab, in Aleppo province, lies close to Syria's border with Turkey and Turkish forces have been battling to drive militants away.

The Turkish army said 56 Islamic State militants had been killed in the town yesterday by Turkish forces and US-led coalition air strikes.

A spokesman said 11 of the jihadists had been killed in air strikes by coalition forces, while the rest were killed in artillery fire and skirmishes on the ground.

Turkey also said it had taken control of residential areas of Al-Bab after taking out Islamic State targets including vehicles and buildings.

Turkish defence minister Fikri Isik said the forces were continuing sweeping the area for remaining insurgents, adding that the town, just 15 miles from the Turkish border, would soon be totally cleared of the extremists.

'Al-Bab is almost totally taken under control and (the forces) have entered the center,' Isik said.

'We will be able to say that al-Bab is fully cleared of Daesh once the sweeping activity is concluded.'

The town was the last IS stronghold in the northern Syrian province of Aleppo, and taking back control of Al-Bab is key to wiping out the militant group from its stronghold of Raqqa, Turkish
President Tayyip Erdogan said.

Muslim Jailed For Attacking Gay Couple In London

From The-Standard:
A young man has been rushed to hospital after being stabbed on a busy road in north London.

Police were called to reports of a stabbing on Green Lanes, near Newington Green, just before 4.30 on Monday afternoon.

An Air Ambulance was also scrambled and the victim, in his early 20s, was rushed to hospital. His condition is not life-threatening.

Shocked witnesses described “gruesome scenes” on Green Lanes, between Aden Grove and Lidfield Road.

Social worker Chris Murray, who passed by the aftermath in a number 141 bus, witnessed paramedics attending to the man while police officers set up cordons.

He told the Standard: “There was blood spattered all over the ground and up a metal gate.

“It was horrible, the young lad was lying on the pavement and looked in a pretty bad way.”

Remy Waslyuk told the Standard: "I saw the air ambulance land and the medics run to the scene. There was a man lying on the floor being treated by the ambulance crew and a splattering of blood on the pavement.

"The police were then shutting off the road just as our bus passed."

Green Lanes was closed in both directions between Newington Green, where the Air Ambulance landed, and Petherton Road.

Police blocked the road to traffic and buses were placed on diversions.

A Met Police spokesman said there had not been any arrests yet.

Syria Bombing Killed Sixty

From Taiwan-News:
Turkey's state news agency Andadolu says the death toll from a car bomb near the town of al-Bab, just captured from Islamic State militants in northern Syria, has risen to 60. Most of the victims were civilians.

Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim, meanwhile, says a separate attack south al-Bab killed two Turkish soldiers.

Friday's attacks come a day after the town was taken by Turkish forces and Syrian opposition fighters from Islamic State militants. IS militants withdrew from the town, but they still control areas around it.

In the first attack, a suicide car bomb struck outside a security office in Sousian village, north of al-Bab, killing civilians lining up seeking permits to return home. Yildrim says at least six Turkey-backed fighters were killed in that bombing.

The second attack took place near Tadif, a town still controlled by IS south of al-Bab. The Turkish military said the soldiers were killed when an improvised explosive device went off but Yildrim called it a suicide attack that happened as the soldiers were on a road patrol. Three other Turkish soldiers were wounded.

The deaths raise the death toll of Turkish soldiers in northern Syria since August to 70.

Turkey's news agency says a car bomb north of a town just captured by Turkish forces and Syrian opposition fighters from Islamic State militants has killed at least 35 people.

Anadolu news agency says the explosion on Friday killed civilians and Syrian opposition fighters in Sousian village, north of the town of al-Bab.

The Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says the bombing struck near a security post in the village. The Syrian opposition-run Qasioun news agency put the death toll at 45.

The report says the car bomb hit outside a security office where civilians had gathered seeking permission to return to al-Bab.

Al-Bab was captured on Thursday, after more than two months of fighting with IS militants who withdrew from the town but still control areas around it.

Threat To Kill Marine Le Pen Under Fire

From Express:
AN ACCLAIMED French blogger has come under heavy criticism after thousands of racist, homophobic and hate-filled tweets he published years ago under a pseudonym resurfaced at the end of last week, triggering a storm of outrage.

For years, Mehdi Meklat, a 24-year-old human rights activist and former Bondy Blog journalist – who, until last week, was hailed as one of France’s rising media stars – published “sickening” tweets under the pseudonym ‘Marcelin Deschamps’, a “provocative” but “fictional” character who, according to the young writer, “does not reflect his personal beliefs, values and morals”.

On Twitter, Mr Meklat – writing as Marcelin Deschamps – threatened to kill Marine Le Pen.

He wrote: “I am going to slit your throat Muslim-style.”

The journalist is also guilty of apologising terrorism and anti-Semitism: hiding behind his ‘fictional’ character, he praised Islamic terrorist Mohammed Merah, said that he “really missed Osama bin Laden” and that we should “bring back Hitler”.

He also said that he wanted to “rape” former Charlie Hebdo editor-in-chief, Charb – one of the victims of the January 2015 terrorist attacks – with a “Laguiole knife”.

On Saturday, Mr Meklat cleaned his Twitter account – he went from 50,000 to 503 tweets – and issued a public apology, branding his hateful tweets as “obsolete” and “irrelevant”.

He tweeted: “I’m sorry if some of you were shocked by my tweets. They are obsolete… The words of my fictional character do not reflect my own personal thoughts and beliefs, quite the opposite. Via Marcelin Deschamps, a provocative character, I was trying to encourage critical thinking.”

I am going to slit your throat Muslim-style
Mehdi Meklat
His apology, however, has largely fallen on deaf ears.

On Sunday, Marion Marechal Le Pen, Mrs Le Pen’s niece, tweeted: “Praising Merah, threats, homophobia, hate and anti-Semitism. Why is the press protecting @mehdi_meklat?”

Members of the Printemps républicain, a left-wing organisation explicitly formed to promote and protect secularism in France, bitterly condemned Mr Meklat’s tweets in a press release and said that, had he been a member of France’s far-right, he would have been excoriated and denounced by the press “a very long time ago”.

They wrote: “For years, Mr Meklat published racist, sexist and hate-filled tweets. And yet, editors and newspapers continued to hire and support him.

"If a far-right journalist had tweeted what Mr Meklat tweeted, he would have been lynched by the press and would probably have ended up in court."

Refugee Gang Raped Fifteen Year Old

From Fria-Tider:
Three young Afghans convicted of the rape of a 15-year-old boy in a park in Västerås at the end of October last year. It is clear from the judgment of the District Court of Västmanland.

It was October 28, 2016 in a park near the Ring Road in Västerås as the 15-year-old boy met three unaccompanied as he did not know previously. The three men first asked for a lighter when he replied that he did not have any, he was beaten and knocked down.

15-year-old was forced into oral and anal intercourse. The boy then managed to get to a hospital where staff alerted police.

The 15-year-old boy tells how one of the defendants held his head with both hands during oral intercourse. Then he pulled down on the ground, after which one of the perpetrators pulled off his pants, shorts and shoes and then extorted an anal intercourse. 15-year-old "flapped around so much it went" to get away but could not because one of the accused lay across his face with his penis in his mouth and forced himself to an oral intercourse. It was "damn evil" when he was raped in the anus, says the boy. He shouted that they would stop and was "scared to death".

The third offender then sat on his knees between the boy's legs and leaned forward over the victim with one hand on each side. The perpetrator tried to insert his penis into the anus injured party with the help of his hand, but the injured party "was moving as much as possible so that this would not succeed." The perpetrator's penis went round the plaintiff's buttocks, but did not penetrate into the boy, standing there in the judgment. When the third offender given up their attempts, was 15-year-old kicked in the face and threatened with a knife to his throat.

Then came the offenders from the site and took the boy to the hospital.

The judgment says that the 15-year-old is "homophobic" and that he could not imagine having voluntary sex with guys.

According to the district court appears the boy's story credible and reliable. The perpetrators claim that the sex was voluntary, but "it seems extremely unlikely that the victim would have had consensual sex with the accused," the court judge.

A forensic medical report shows that the victim showed injuries consistent with what he told me. DNA samples also support the injured party story.

The defendants, which the district court's duties were born 1998, 2000, 1999 sentenced to aggravated rape, rape, and assault and aggravated rape.

One of the men sentenced to prison for two years and three months. The other two are sentenced to youth custody for between one year and five months. According to the judgment of 21 February, all of the accused citizens of Afghanistan. Everyone should also be expelled from Sweden.

In total, they will pay damages of 230,000 kronor to the raped boy.

Boko Haram Recruited Two Thousand Child Soldiers

From Financial-Tribune:
The Nigerian insurgent group Boko Haram recruited 2,000 children to fight in 2016, a United Nations report released on Tuesday said.

The data were part of a report indicating that at least 65,000 children worldwide were released from military and armed groups in the past 10 years, UPI reported.

An estimated 17,000 children were recruited in South Sudan since 2013 and child soldiers in the Central African Republic numbered 10,000, the report by UNICEF said.

Of those released from military servitude, more than 20,000 were in the Democratic Republic of Congo, nearly 9,000 in the Central African Republic and 1,600 in Chad.

In northeastern Nigeria, more than 100,000 people have been killed in a seven-year conflict with Boko Haram and more than 2 million people have been displaced, Borno state governor, Kashim Shettima, said on February 13.

Many of the Boko Haram combatants have been boys and girls under the age of 18, and thousands more are among the displaced.

Boko Haram also uses children as suicide bombers. An explosion at a Maiduguri market in December killed at least one person. A local civilian militia leader, Abdulkarim Jabo, commented that the two bombers were girls who appeared to be about 7 or 8 years old.

Eight Killed Twenty Injured In Bomb Attack

From Economic-Times:
A bomb blast in an upscale shopping centre in Pakistan's eastern city of Lahore killed at least eight people and wounded 20 on Thursday, officials said, the latest in a surge of violence that has shaken the country.

Security forces cordoned off the residential neighbourhood, also home to banks and coffee shops, rescue officials said, after what one bank worker said was a "frightening" explosion.

"We left the building and saw that the motor-bikes parked outside were on fire and all the windows in the surrounding buildings were shattered," Mohammad Khurram told Reuters.

Punjab police spokesman Nayab Haider told Reuters the explosion was caused by a "planted bomb" that was either time- or remotely detonated.

No one was allowed to leave or enter the area because the bomber was suspected to be at large, officials said.

Reports of a second explosion turned out to be a tyre blowout that caused panic due to the tense atmosphere in the city, a government official said.

Pakistan has been struck by a wave of militant attacks in recent weeks, killing at least 130 people across the country and leaving hundreds wounded. The worst of the attacks was at a Sufi shrine in southern Sindh province that killed 90 people.

Thursday's bombing was the second attack in Lahore in two weeks. A suicide bombing on Feb. 13 killed at least 13 people and wounded more than 80 at a protest near the provincial assembly.

Government and military officials have vowed extensive operations to hunt down militants across the country and Pakistan's border with Afghanistan has been shut down due to security concerns.

After the shrine bombing, Pakistani security forces said they had killed more than 100 suspected militants in targeted campaigns across the country.

Four Arrested On Charges Of Honor Killing In Kohat

From Tribune:
Four men allegedly involved in the killing of a female NGO worker were arrested on Monday after the provincial Human Rights Directorate intervened.

Hina Shahnawaz, 27, had been shot four times by unknown assailants in Kohat’s Astarzai area on February 6 after her relatives objected to her working outside the home.

Initially, her cousin Mehboob Alam was considered to be the prime suspect. But the murder case took a new turn when Alam, who had been directly nominated in the case and absconding, appeared on social media and claimed his innocence.

“Four persons — including one from Rawalpindi — have been arrested while four more suspects are still at large,” Kohat operations SP Tariq Mehmood told The Express Tribune, adding, “The remaining four persons will be arrested during the current week.”

Shahnawaz had been working at an NGO in Islamabad to support her widowed mother and sister-in-law after her father and brother passed away.

Her brother had already been killed by unidentified men in the area and since she was the lone breadwinner of her family, the deceased’s uncle and the accused’s father had been convincing her to marry his son but she rejected the proposal.

“Yes, an initial probe suggests that the sole cause behind Shahnawaz’s murder was her commitment to utilising her energies and ability to support her family which, according to the arrested people, was not in accordance with the Pashtun culture,” was the way Mehmood responded to a query of The Express Tribune.

He said the murdered woman was reluctant to discontinue her studies as well as the job she had been doing, adding the accused also revealed that the deceased was willing to apply for a job outside the country which further angered her family.

The SP said the investigation into the murder case was accelerated after the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Human Rights Directorate intervened and issued a letter, seeking updates in what it called ‘honour killing’.

“The HRD has taken serious notice of the incident under Section 6 of the Promotion, Protection and Enforcement the Human Rights Act-2014 and you are therefore called upon to submit a comprehensive report regarding the said incident and the action taken within 14 days,” read a copy of the notice available with The Express Tribune.

A HRD official said the incident involved breach of the most fundamental and basic right of life of the probable victim of honour killing, adding the department knew that a case had been lodged against the alleged murderers and was being probed but “the HRD wanted to know what has been done so far”.

“Look, we are here to give the general public relief,” HRD legal deputy director Malik Maqsood Ali told The Express Tribune, adding, “Some human rights activists are also in contact with the directorate.”

Ali said the department also received some applications from rights activists who had been told that the directorate had already taken notice of the issue and the officials concerned were asked to submit details of the investigation.

Pakistan sees thousands of cases of violence against women every year, from rape and acid attacks to sexual assault, kidnappings and so-called ‘honour killings’.

Domestic abuse, and other violence and economic discrimination make Pakistan the world’s third-most-dangerous country for women, a 2011 Thomson Reuters Foundation expert poll showed.