‘Turned His Back On America’: Former Winnipeg Student Sentenced To 45 Years In Al-Qaida Bomb Plot

From the Winnipeg Sun:
Former University of Manitoba student Muhanad Mahmoud al Farekh, convicted by a jury last September of conspiring to kill American soldiers in a bomb plot, tried to convince a federal judge in Brooklyn, N.Y., Tuesday that he was now opposed to violence.

“Violence — especially when it is inspired by religion — is foreign to everything I believe in,” he wrote in a letter read aloud by his lawyer.

But U.S. federal prosecutor Richard Tucker told the court that al Farekh, 32, a U.S. citizen born in Houston, Texas, was “unshakably committed” to violent jihad and should be sentenced to life in prison, Reuters reported.

Faced with these competing arguments, U.S. District Court Judge Brian Cogan handed down a sentence of 45 years, saying that while al Farekh did not appear to have fully accepted responsibility, neither was he “totally devoid of humanity.”

Following the court hearing, Richard Donoghue, the U.S. attorney for the eastern district of New York, said in a statement that al Farekh had “turned his back on America by joining al-Qaida and trying to kill American soldiers in a bomb attack on a U.S. military base in Afghanistan.”

“This case demonstrates that we will do everything in our power to ensure that those who seek to harm our country and our armed forces will be brought to justice.”

David Ruhnke, Al Farekh’s lawyer, said he intended to file an appeal in a case that drew notoriety, in part, because of reports that American officials had initially debated whether to try to kill al Farekh in a drone strike, a step almost never taken against U.S. citizens.

President Barack Obama’s administration ultimately decided to try for a capture and civilian prosecution instead….

Germany: Afghan Refugee Shouting 'Allah Akbar' Rushes Toward Angela Merkel

From Jihad Watch:
Germany – The Welt.de newspaper reports that an Afghan rushed to Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday in front of the Bundestag.

The individual was blocked by a bodyguard and then arrested by the police.

According to some witnesses, this Afghan man shouted “Allahu akbar” running towards the Chancellor, who was leaving the Reichstag after her re-election and was about to enter her limousine…. 

Turkey: Religious Affairs Chief Says Islam And Reform Can't Go Together

From the Hurriyet:
Turkey’s Directorate of Religious Affairs (Diyanet) head Ali Erbaş has said the words Islam and reform should not appear in the same sentence, but that the interpretation of Islamic jurisprudence, referred to as “fiqh,” could be updated.

“It is not correct to put the words of Islam and reform next to each other in any way. But Fıqh is always subject to update and needs to be updated,” he said on March 12 during a program broadcasted by CNN Türk.

“There are constants in Islam and there are also variables. With time, judgements may also change. We indicate that judgements may sometimes change because there is a need for that,” Erbaş said, emphasizing that time required updates in “fiqh,” but not in “Islam.”

Indicating that the most important two sources of Islam were the Quran and the teachings of the Prophet Muhammed, referred to as “Sunnah,” he said these two sources would preserve their “universality,” “inalterability” and “stability.”

Erbaş’s comments came after President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s comments on the necessity for an “update” of Islamic regulations.

“You cannot implement provisions dating back 14 or 15 centuries … Carrying out the regulations and traditions of a specific society at a specific date can only spoil them,” Erdoğan said on March 8. But one day later, on March 9, the president said that it was not “reform that was sought” in Islam, but rather he had tried to underline the importance of “adapting” religious practices to current historical and social conditions.

Both Erdoğan’s and Erbaş’s comments came amid criticisms of specific Islamic preachers, who recently made the headlines about their controversial remarks prompting violence against women.

“We, as the Directorate of Religious Affairs, reject every kind of interpretation and thought that condones violence against women. A woman is a mother and she is the most important creature, someone who stands by a human in every point [in their lives] and helps them. There is not one single source in either our Prophet’s teachings or in Islam that condones violence against women,” he said.

Germany: Merkel Says Islam Belongs To Germany, Just Like Other Faiths

From Anadolu Agency:
Chancellor Angela Merkel on Friday rebuffed comments by her interior minister claiming Islam did not belong to Germany, saying the religion of four million of its citizens was part of the country just like Christianity and Judaism.

Speaking at a joint news conference with Swedish Premier Stefan Lofven in Berlin, Merkel underlined the significance of Christianity and Judaism in the country’s history, and highlighted that Islam too was part of the country’s culture.

“Our country is largely shaped by Christianity, and it continues to be so,” Merkel said, adding that Judaism had also been significant in the country’s history and culture.

“But now four million Muslims are living in Germany, and they are practicing their religion here.

“These Muslims belong to Germany, and also their religion of Islam belongs to Germany,” she said.

Her remarks contradicted remarks of Horst Seehofer, the country’s new interior minister, who has chaired Merkel’s sister party, the CSU, for 10 years.

“Islam does not belong to Germany. Germany is characterized by Christianity,” Seehofer told German daily Bild on Friday.

“Muslims who are living here of course belong to Germany. But of course that doesn’t mean because of that we would make false considerations and give up our country-specific traditions and customs,” he said….

Iranian Woman Slapped For Saying She Will Wear Hijab When She Wants To

From Al Arabiya:
An Iranian woman was physically and verbally assaulted after a man slapped her for refusing to wear the hijab.

In a video that has been circulated on social media, the woman can be seen responding to the man who was driving his car but, specifically stopped in a parking lot, believed to be in Tehran, to comment or her visible hair.

The man yelled, demanding that she must “obey the rules”, reported the Daily Mail.

Firmly responding to him, the woman said: “I don’t like this veil. I don’t want to obey this rule. It’s my right”, adding that she will only wear it when he wears it.

Shortly, the man stepped out of his car and slapped the woman across the face. He also threatened to call the police on her.The woman was able to capture the assault with her mobile phone. [...]

Israel: Muslim Rams Car Into A Group Of People, Kills Two Soldiers

But Muslims just want peace on earth!

From Times of Israel:
A Palestinian driver hit four Israeli soldiers with his car Friday afternoon, killing an officer and a soldier and seriously injuring the others, outside the Mevo Dotan settlement in the northern West Bank. One of the injured soldiers suffered severe head trauma and was fighting for his life.

The military confirmed that the incident was a terror attack. It said the troops were hit while standing near a military guard post.

The driver was injured and taken to hospital, where he will be questioned, the army said. He was identified as Ala Qabha, 26, of the village of Barta’a in the northern West Bank.

Haaretz reported that Qabha was released from Israeli prison in April of last year after completing a 17-month sentence, though there were no immediate details on his crime. According to Hadashot news he was incarcerated for security-related activities.

Palestinian media reported that military forces searched the Qabha family’s home in Barta’a and questioned family members following the attack. Qabha’s brother was arrested, and the Israeli work permits of several family members were revoked. [...]

Colombia Detains Cuban Accused Of Planning Attack On U.S. Citizens

Far-left and far-right ...

From Reuters:
(Reuters) – A Colombian judge on Thursday ordered the detention of a Cuban man who police suspect has links with Islamic militants and who was allegedly planning a bomb attack on a Bogota restaurant frequented by U.S. diplomats.

The judge’s ruling came a day after Colombian police arrested Raul Gutierrez Sanchez, 45, whose mobile phone allegedly contained text messages with details of the planned attack. One text message said he might conduct a suicide attack, police said….

“I’m not Muslim,” Gutierrez told local news media after leaving the hearing. “I fight against the new world order, especially against Americans.”…

Texas: Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Filed By Father Of Clock Hoaxer Ahmed Mohamed

From Jihad Watch:
Islamic supremacists traffic in intimidation in attempting to silence their foes and all critics of jihad terror. Far from being discriminated against, after his false claim Ahmed Mohamed was showered with adulation from “Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and Google co-founder Sergey Brin,” while “Tweets, think pieces and daytime TV segments were dedicated to dissecting how Ahmed’s situation typified racism and Islamaphobia [sic] in America,” and he “visited the Google Science Fair, met with Sudan’s President Omar al Bashir, posed with the queen of Jordan at a United Nations Summit, appeared on the ‘Doctor Oz’ show and last night, made it to the White House.”

Ahmed Mohamed became the darling of the political and media elites and met Obama. He was celebrated everywhere as an innocent victim of “Islamophobia.” He became an international hero. This lawsuit was a naked attempt to continue the intimidation efforts that his clock represented. His clock, which looked like a suitcase bomb, was a strike against the dictum “If you see something, say something”: after Ahmed’s clock, school officials and others will think twice before committing career suicide by questioning suspicious behavior by Muslims. After that, Ahmed and his family moved in for the kill, trying to intimidate people into not even daring to criticize Muslims who engage in these intimidation tactics, for fear of being slapped with a lawsuit.

“Judge dismisses lawsuit of Muslim boy’s dad with prejudice,” Associated Press, March 15, 2018:
DALLAS – A judge has dismissed with prejudice a lawsuit filed by the father of a Muslim boy arrested after taking a homemade clock to his Dallas-area school.

The decision Tuesday by U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay of Dallas means that Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed’s lawsuit cannot be refiled again based on the same claims. The judge also ordered the family to cover all of the costs of the lawsuit.

The family of Ahmed Mohamed had complained that the Irving, Texas, school district discriminated against the boy, then 14, in 2015 because of his race and religion.

Ahmed was charged with having a hoax bomb. Police later dropped the charge, but he was suspended. His family didn’t send him back to the school.

His case drew international attention, and then-President Barack Obama invited him to the White House.

UK: Teenager Ahmed Hassan Found Guilty Of Tube Bombing Attempted Murder

From The Telegraph:
An Iraqi asylum seeker has been found guilty of attempted murder over the Parsons Green Tube bombing.

Ahmed Hassan, 18, who came to Britain illegally in 2015, had denied intending to cause harm with the blast, telling jurors he made the device as a cry for attention.

He claimed he was “certain” it would not explode, having tested a sample on the kitchen table – and maintained that the idea of killing someone had never crossed his mind.

But the prosecution said the student was moved by “anger and hatred” when he planted the 400g of ‘Mother of Satan’ explosives on a packed District Line carriage on September 15 last year.

Hassan was known to the authorities having told Home Office officials he had been ‘trained to kill’ by Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (Isil).

He was taken in by foster parents Penny and Ron Jones MBE, and studied media and photography at Brooklands College in Weybridge.

Hassan was also enrolled on the Government’s de-radicalising, Prevent, programme, but counter-terrorism officers, claimed he had deviously kept his evil intentions secret.

During his trial at the Old Bailey, it was revealed that he had told a college mentor it was his “duty to hate Britain”,after his father was killed in Iraq.

But Hassan, who had been living with foster parents in Sunbury-on-Thames in Surrey, had denied attempted murder and using the chemical compound TATP to cause an explosion that was likely to endanger life.

He was convicted by a unanimous verdict and will be sentenced next week.

Following the verdict, Commander Dean Haydon, head of Scotland Yard’s Counter Terrorism Command, confirmed that a review into the Prevent programme in Surrey was now taking place with a view to implementing “any necessary recommendations”.

Mr Haydon said: “I describe Hassan as an intelligent and articulate individual that is devious and cunning in equal measures.

“On the one hand he was appearing to engage with the (Prevent) programme but he kept secret what he was planning and plotting. We describe him as a lone actor.”…

Florida: Honduran Man Converts To Islam, Attempts To Provide Material Support To ISIS

From the Washington Examiner:
A Honduran man living in Miami has pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to the Islamic State terrorist organization, the U.S. attorney for the Southern District of Florida announced Thursday.

Vicente Adolfo Solano will face up to 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine for planning to bomb a local shopping mall in 2017, the attorney’s office said in a statement.

The 53-year-old man told an undercover government source in early 2017 that he was unhappy with the United States as a whole and wanted to carry out an attack in Miami. He later said he wanted to join ISIS, according to the court complaint.

Solano later told two undercover FBI agents and the confidential source that he was plotting to place and detonate an explosive device in a central part of a busy mall.

He obtained what he thought was an explosive device, tried to arm it, then took it to a mall to carry out the attack. Solano did not know that the device was “inert” and would not detonate. He was arrested before he entered the mall….