Palestinian Rock Attacks Caught On Camera

Footage from rock attacks caught on camera. Somewhat miraculously, no one was injured in this particular incident, but others have died, including this last September, because of rock attacks like this one. This is terrorism and it must be exposed, condemned, and stopped.
Posted by StandWithUs on Wednesday, November 25, 2015

United States: Senator Comes Out With List Of 12 Vetted Refugees Who Joined Jihad

From Breitbart:
Sen. Jeff Sessions is out with a list of 12 vetted refugees who quickly joined jihad plots to attack the United States.

He’s spotlighting the refugees-turned-jihadis because he’s trying to prod GOP leaders into halting Congress’ normal practice of giving the president huge leeway to import foreign migrants and refugees into the United States.

This year, Obama is promising to bring in an extra 10,000 low-skill, potentially difficult-to-integrate Syrian migrants into the United States. Sessions and other critics fear he’ll use his many powers — and Congress’ autopilot funding for refugee programs — to bring in far more than 10,000 migrants.

In fact, from 2010 to 2015, Obama has allowed more than 200,000 low-skill migrants from Central American to enter the United States, and then disappear into the nation’s growing population of at least 11 million illegal immigrants.

Obama says the new refugees will be vetted. But top security officials say the Syrians can’t be vetted because the U.S doesn’t know what they were doing in Syria before they applied for refugee status.

Besides, many of the jihad attempts in the United States are launched by the children of Muslim refugees and migrants. That list include the two Chechen brothers who bombed the Boston Marathon, and Anwar al-Awlaki who was killed by a U.S missile strike when he fled to Yemen after the 9/11 atrocity. That means the Americans’ federal government is actively importing national-security problems that will eventually cost billions of dollars to manage, but cannot be eliminated.

Congressional leaders will set funding levels, and possible curbs, during the December appropriations debate.

“This list — which only covers 2015 and not the many jihadis from prior years — illustrates just how incapable our government is of vetting refugees or predicting post-entry radicalization,” said a Hill aide. “Yet the president wants a completely blank-check [in the appropriaitons bill] to fund not only all of these existing refugee programs from across the globe, but to add a permanent Syrian resettlement program to it — funded directly out of Americans’ paychecks and retirement accounts,” the aide said.

The new — but incomplete — list of refugees-turned-jihadis include [...]

Tunisia Declares State Of Emergency After Terror Attack That Killed 12 People On A Bus

From France 24:
Tunisia declared a nationwide state of emergency and a curfew in the capital Tunis on Tuesday after at least 12 people were killed in a bomb attack on a presidential guard bus in the third major attack claimed by the Islamic State group this year.

Another 17 were wounded in the attack, according to an interior ministry statement.

The blast struck as presidential guards were boarding the bus on the capital’s Mohamed V Avenue to be taken to the presidential palace on the outskirts of the city, security sources said.

"I was on Mohamed V Avenue, about to get into my car, when there was a huge explosion. I saw the bus blow up. There were bodies and blood everywhere," witness Bassem Trifi told reporters at the scene.

Mohamed V is a major boulevard usually packed with traffic and pedestrians, with several hotels and banks.

A government official said initial investigations showed the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber wearing a backpack who blew himself as he got onto the bus.

“According to the preliminary details, the attacker was wearing a bag on his back. He had on a coat and was wearing headphones. He blew himself up just getting into the door of the bus with military explosives,” Hichem Gharbi, a presidential security official, told local Shems FM radio.

The Islamic State (IS) group claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement posted online on Wednesday.

It said a jihadist identified as Abu Abdullah al-Tunisi carried out the attack after infiltrating the bus.

State of emergency

President Beji Caid Essebsi, who cancelled a trip to Switzerland planned for Wednesday, declared a state of emergency throughout the country and a curfew in the capital.

"As a result of this painful event, this great tragedy... I proclaim a state of emergency for 30 days under the terms of law, and a curfew in greater Tunis from 9 pm until 5 am tomorrow," he said in a brief televised address.

Troops and armed police were seen patrolling the city streets and setting up checkpoints searching vehicles and pedestrians in the hours following the attack, while security was stepped up at Tunis international airport.

The United States condemned the attack and offered to help the Tunisian authorities with their investigation.

US Secretary of State John Kerry "was proud to stand with Tunisian leaders earlier this month in Tunis and reaffirm our countries' extensive economic, governance, and security cooperation", a spokesman for his department said.

The UN Security Council urged its members to help bring the perpetrators to justice, adding that "no terrorist attack can reverse the path of Tunisia towards democracy and its efforts towards economic recovery".

Challenge of extremists

Islamist extremists have become a major challenge for Tunisia, a small North African country that was hailed as a blueprint for democratic change and success story in the region after the Arab Spring uprising in 2011 ousted autocrat Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

The country has already suffered two major terror attacks this year. A militant killed 38 foreigners at a beach hotel in June, while gunmen killed 21 tourists at the Bardo Museum in Tunis in March. The IS group claimed responsibility for both attacks.

Tunisia has had free elections and is operating under a new constitution and a broad political consensus that has allowed secular and Islamist parties to overcome a crisis that threatens to overturn their young democracy.

But several thousand Tunisians have also left to fight in Syria, Iraq and Libya with the IS group and other militant groups, and some have threatened to carry out attacks at home.

The army has also been fighting against another Islamist militant group in the mountains near the Algerian border.

Video: U.S.-Backed Syrian “Moderates” Scream “Allahu Akbar” Over Body Of Downed Russian Pilot

From Jihad Watch:
A SHOCKING video has emerged online which allegedly shows a Syrian rebel group as they gleefully chant “Allahu Akabar” [sic] over the corpse of the Russian pilot killed when Turkish warplanes shot down his plane.

Filmed by rebels in Syria’s Turkman Mountains, the horrifying video shows dozens of men as the discover the bloodied and bruised body of one of the pilots, dressed in Russian military fatigues.

The Russian Sukhoi Su-24 was downed by F16 Fighting Falcon jets belonging to Turkey, after it was warned 10 times in five minutes to leave Turkish airspace.

The sickening footage shows armed Syria-Turkmen rebel soldiers as they cheer and shout “Allahu Akbar” – “God is great” as the man’s lifeless body lies slumped on the ground.

It was said to be filmed by a rebel group operating in an area populated by Turkman – Syrian citizens, but ethnic Turks – and is the target of a current Syrian government offence, where President Bashar al-Assad’s troops are supported by Russian airstrikes.

At the time, two pilots managed to eject from the jet and were seen landing with the help of parachutes.

However the bodies of both pilots have now been recovered by Syrian rebels, who are fighting against al-Assad, according to reports….

ISIS To Georgian People: “Soon there will be time of beheading you”

From Georgian Journal:
A video address to the Georgian people on behalf of the Islamic State has been released on the internet. Fighters speaking Georgian address the Muslims living in Georgia, calling on them to support the ‘Islamic Caliphate’ and threatening to establish a ‘Caliphate’ in Georgia.

“I would like to address the faithless people living in Georgia that have been fighting Islam for a long time. Everybody who has acted against Islam, no matter in Iraq or Afghanistan, will be judged by God’s law.

God is very strict; therefore we call on you to stop persecuting Muslims. Your actions against Muslims will not go unanswered. Everybody will be held accountable for it.

Soon there will come the time of your beheading. You consider yourselves very far from the Caliphate, thinking we cannot reach Georgia but I would like to remind you of the period when the Caliphate was established in Georgia. The Georgian people were much more courageous then than the enemies of Islam governing Georgia now. The time will come very soon, thanks to God,” one of the fighters declares.

Another fighter threatens Muslim Khojas and Muftis living in Adjara, accusing them of misleading people. “You are not Muslims yourselves. You follow Tahuti and the people also follow your path. Are not you afraid of Allah who has created you by a drop of blood? You will die and appear before Allah. You will pay for what you have done. Be afraid of Allah but not the dirty leaders. Don’t be afraid of their orders you fulfill without hesitation,” the fighters say.

The video was published by Furat Media.

Palestinian Hate Speech: Al Aqsa Sheikh In His Own Words

Sheikh Khaled Al-Mughrabi, teaches Islam twice a week in the Al-Aqsa Mosque:‎

‎“Allah can annihilate all the Jews down to the last one, throughout the world. But what ‎does Allah want? He wants us to fulfill His command. If we ask ourselves: ‘How can I ‎fulfill Allah’s command?’ The most important thing I can do to fulfill Allah's command ‎when I am in the Al-Aqsa Mosque is Ribat (i.e., religious conflict/war over land claimed ‎to be Islamic) in the Al-Aqsa Mosque… ‎

The Prophet [Muhammad] says about the Martyr: ‘His sins are forgiven with the first ‎gush of blood.’‎
Some privileges are bestowed upon the Martyr. The first: ‘His sins are forgiven with the ‎first gush of blood.’‎

The Martyr's second privilege: ‘He marries two of the Dark-Eyed (i.e., virgins) of ‎Paradise.’‎
His third privilege: ‘He advocates on behalf of 70 members of his family.’ […]‎

Let’s compare the privileges that are bestowed upon the Ribat fighter to the privileges ‎of the Martyr: ‘The Ribat fighter marries 70 of the Dark-Eyed (i.e., virgins).’‎

The Martyr gets two of the Dark-Eyed, while the Ribat fighter gets 70. 35 times more ‎than the Martyr. ‘He marries 70 of the Dark-Eyed, and can advocate on Judgement Day ‎on behalf of anyone he wants.’”‎

‎[Al-Msjed Al-Aqsa YouTube channel, Oct. 27, 2015]‎

ISIS Claims Bomb Attack On Tunisian Presidential Guard That Killed 12

From CNN:
ISIS has claimed responsibility for bombing a bus carrying members of Tunisia's presidential guard, the latest deadly attack to roil a country once hailed as one of the few success stories of the Arab Spring.

Twelve people were killed in Tuesday's explosion in Tunis, according to the Interior Ministry. A suspected suicide bomber also died.

The blast hit when the vehicle was parked near a main artery in the capital where guard members are typically picked up and dropped off, according to the official. Authorities are investigating the event as a terrorist attack.

ISIS, the Islamist extremist group that has taken over vast swaths of Syria and Iraq, claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement released Wednesday.

CIA director anticipates more ISIS attacks 'in the pipeline'

The statement said a suicide bomber blew up his explosive vest on the bus.
It contained a photo of the alleged suicide bomber, along with the message: "Tyrants of Tunis must know that they will not be safe, God willing, and we won't stop until the law of God rules Tunis."

The Tunisian government has not commented on the ISIS statement. CNN cannot authenticate the ISIS claim.

Italian Prime Minister Announces Adding One Billion Euros For Security

From Breitbart:
Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi announced Tuesday that the government would be allocating an additional billion euros to beef up its security forces throughout the country.

Renzi’s announcement came just two weeks before the opening of the Jubilee Year of Mercy called for by Pope Francis, which is expected to draw millions of pilgrims to Rome.

The Prime Minister spelled out a series of measures to meet the new security requirements, including an investment of 150 million Euros for cybersecurity and another 50 million euro to upgrade police equipment, as well as five hundred million euro allotted for areas of strategic military defense.

He also announced an 80-euro bonus for all police and security employees.

Speaking from Rome’s City Hall, Renzi said that ISIS would not succeed in cowing the Italian people.

“We will not change our way of life, nor resign ourselves to terror, nor surrender before them,” he said.

To emphasize his point, the Prime Minister said that the government would be matching the outlays for increased security with a similar uptick in spending on culture, to show the Islamists that Italy is still Italy.

“What happened in Paris marked a qualitative leap in the cultural battle that we are living,” Renzi said.

“They imagine terror, we respond with culture,” he said. Otherwise, “We risk that the Paris attacks leave Europe as collateral victim,” Renzi said.

All this increased spending comes at a price, and Renzi said he would delay corporate income tax cuts until 2017 to enable the added spending on security and culture.

Renzi’s spending plans may come up against other obstacles as well, such as the European Union’s Stability and Growth Pact, which limits the spending of member states.

Brussels has cautioned Italy, as well as three other EU countries, that their draft 2016 budgets may break the rules. Italy’s public debt is second in the euro zone only to Greece’s.

Picture of the Week: Muslim Rally Against Terror

From The Religion Of Peace:
Of the 800,000 Muslims in and around New York City, fewer turned out to protest the attacks in Paris than the number of victims killed there.

SDSU: Muslim Brotherhood-Linked Student Group Rallies Not Against Jihad Terror, But Against “Islamophobia”

From Breitbart:
Members of the Muslim Students Association at San Diego State University (SDSU) held a rally Monday rally against Islamophobia after a reported attack that the group is highlighting as a “hate crime.”

A list of demands posted on Monday to the SDSU Muslim Students Association Facebook page includes: zero tolerance for “Islamophobic” speech; mandatory training for faculty, staff and students; increased coursework offered on Islam; more money for the Center for Intercultural Relations; and “that the SDSU administration address, alleviate, and eliminate systems of oppression that disproportionately target students of color, womyn [sic], and all marginalized students on campus.”

The incident referenced in the demonstration happened last Thursday. According to local ABC News affiliate 10 News, campus police say that a yet-unidentified twenty-something white man pulled off a woman’s headscarf in a campus parking lot and hurled racial comments at her. The report indicated that she was not injured in the altercation.

The Muslim Students Association called for students to come forward with information, while urging students to “create a more inclusive campus climate by promoting tolerance and acceptance between different cultures and religions.”

Ironically, SDSU has hosted anti-Israel events in the recent past, as has the Muslim Students Association, which supports an ongoing campaign for divestment from Israel.

SDSU has also experienced other problems with anti-Israel rhetoric. In 2013, the professor of an Arabic language course at SDSU eliminated the country of Israel on a map. The instructor replaced Israel with “Palestine.” After the pro-Israel group Stand With Us called out the professor and demanded action on the part of the university, SDSU issued a statement calling the map “inaccurate” and “unacceptable.”…